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Win a Copy of Spouse in the House

Welcome to the blog tour for Spouse in the House by Cynthia Ruchti and Becky Melby! Over the next couple of weeks, my blog tour team will be reviewing this new book that will help all married couples make room for each other. Learn more here about the book and authors, read an excerpt, and enter to win a copy of your own. About the book: A frank and funny look at what to do when together is too close Two’s company, especially for those who love each other. So what happens when—due to retirement, working from home, or even running a business together—spouses find that being in the same space all the time is awkward, complex, annoying, and just plain challenging? How can partners coexist without co-exhausting each other? Cynthia Ruchti and Becky Melby know all too well how adjusting to a new, all-the-time closeness can cause the bliss of marriage to form blisters. Drawing from their experiences, and from men and women across the country in the same situation, the authors take a deep

Win a Copy of The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady

Welcome to the blog tour for Sharon J. Mondragón's The Unlikely Yarn of the Dragon Lady ! This book had me itching to get out some yarn and my crochet hook. My blog tour team is reviewing the book over the next few weeks, and I cannot wait to read the reviews!  Here is a little more about the book, and at the end of the post, you'll have a chance to enter to win a copy of the book for yourself. About the book: A knitting group’s change of scenery changes lives in unexpected ways Margaret, Rose, Jane, and Fran had a good thing going: meet every week in the quiet of their peaceful chapel and knit prayer shawls. No muss, just ministry. That is, until their pastor boots them out of the church in his last-ditch effort to revive the dwindling congregation. Uptight Margaret isn’t having it. Knitting prayer shawls where people can watch is the most ridiculous idea she’s ever heard of, and she’s heard plenty. Prayer belongs in the church, not out among the heathen masses. How are

Blogger/Reviewer Call for Build on Jesus

Click here to request a digital review copy.     Anyone who has tried it, even for a day, knows that children’s ministry is challenging. Pastors Deepak Reju and Marty Machowski have been in your shoes and they want to help. Drawing on decades of family ministry experience, they have a passion to help children’s ministry directors, pastors, and volunteers remember the “why” of children’s ministry and gain a fresh vision for the “how” of effective discipleship and proactive nurturing of the next generation. As you recruit volunteers, organize materials, set up safety policies, and manage the many needs that come your way, you may feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and wonder if your ministry is even effective. Reju and Machowski have a passion to help those involved

Now Available for Review: A Biblical Counseling Process by Lauren Whitman

Click here to request a review copy or fill out the form at the end of the post. What makes counseling  biblical ? What does the biblical counseling process entail? What is the focus of each stage of the process? Lauren Whitman, an experienced CCEF counselor, addresses these questions and more in  A Biblical Counseling Process,  sharing a process from start to finish that will help guide counselors in reaching the hearts of their counselees and connecting them to Jesus, who brings hope and change. Although there is not a one-size-fits-all formula for biblical counseling, Whitman captures the scope of a counseling process and identifies two major tasks for the beginning, middle, and the end. Each of the chapters works together to explain, describe, support, and illustrate these tasks. The author

Reviewer Call for Making Sense of Forgiveness

  Click here to request a review copy or fill out the form at the end of the post. Clichés, glib answers, and quick solutions are shared all too often with those who are struggling to forgive or embrace forgiveness. We know Jesus calls us to forgive, but it can be hard to know what that looks like in complicated, messy relationships. Pastor and counselor Brad Hambrick helps readers to understand that forgiveness is the start of a journey that doesn’t erase the past, but honestly confronts hurt and clears the way for a hope-filled discussion on how to move toward healing.  Too often forgiveness is viewed as the culmination of a journey, but when someone says, “I forgive you,” they are not saying, “Things are all better now.” They are saying, “I have decided to relate to your offense towar