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Fiction Scavenger Hunt

Ever been on a scavenger hunt? Our Christian Campus Center in college did a couple and they were so fun. (I was not the one that got to kiss the fireman, by the way.) I'm so sure that I am ineligible for the prize in so many ways (such as promoting a book by the host of the first stop and others I am sure), but I think this sounds like great fun and am going try to find my way through the scavenger hunt. The prize is 23 autographed new Christian fiction releases! It starts here at Lisa Bergren's blog (I'll be posting about her new book Glamorous Illusions tomorrow). Here's more info: Welcome to the first ever Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt! IT BEGINS AT NOON MST 5/31! Make the loop to discover 23 new or upcoming novels, and write down the clue at each stop. When you know what the clues say, return to my site to fill out the Rafflecopter form by June 4, 2012 (midnight EST), and you could be in the

The next vacation countdown

I'm ready to start a vacation countdown. That can be dangerous, but I'm more than ready. Rakia and I started making our non-plans tonight. We're going to try to fly by the seat of our pants which may be pretty literal. The first thing taken care of was the passport. Yea, I have it! Now, I have graciously received some flight passes. Hurray! We'll be flying stand-by and will likely have to make some stops, but we have passes. As Rakia says, that's going to be part of the adventure. Of course, that means we may end up in Florida instead of Seattle, but hey, we're going somewhere! The only thing plan to plan is going to see the Rangers play the Mariners at Safeco Field. This could change. At this very moment, the Rangers are being slaughtered 21-8 by the Mariners in Arlington. This could get me on a rant of what the heck happened to the Rangers pitching. The month of May has been brutal, but that is beside the point. (Tonight I turned on the TV when the score

Jenny's slug and my almost heart attack

Jenny has a slug. No, that's not code for another boyfriend. At least I don't think so. Her text message said, "I have a nasty slug living in my water heater closet." Of course, I could be naive. Nah. I don't think so. At least not about that. In our text conversation, she told me she had a slug. I told her I needed to blog. She told me to mention her slug. So, there. Jenny, this blog is dedicated to you. Goodness knows I don't know what else I planned to blog about. I'm kind of in a funk to tell you the truth. Sudden change in subject. As I was typing this blog, I looked over at my phone and it was showing a new number on the Caller ID. I hit it to see who it was. What I see is **** ***** = the Timmy the Fly residence. I freaked out. I call "Rebekah" in utter panic. She assures me that it was his mom calling to ask people to bring snacks to a church gathering and that Timmy the Fly would have called from his cell. Good to know. I was

The Memorial Day I remember

Other than the really big holidays, I don't normally do a lot, in case you haven't noticed. However, one Memorial Day that will always stand out from the others was in 2006 when I was in Washington DC. The day itself, we spent at Mt. Vernon and a trip to the National Zoo that is worth it's own somewhat lame  blog entry. However, we arrived Saturday afternoon of the Memorial Day weekend and were able to witness the Rolling Thunder. I've never witnessed such a gathering of motorcycles. In honor of that weekend/trip, here are some of my favorite photos. Happy Memorial Day!  

Why I hate negotiating around this town

All residents of Corsicana are ready for 7th Avenue to be finished. It's the main road through town on which 75% of the restaurants in town are on and it's a pain when all lanes are open. People on the north side of town are also ready for Forest Lane to be open. It's been one way for months, and it's the wrong way in my opinion. It makes it very difficult - a big pain - to get over to my parents and because I don't want to mess with it, I just don't go over to their house. Today, once I finally got out of their neighborhood, I had an experience with one of the other pains of this town. The trains. There are three different sets of tracks that go through town, and some turn and change direction so you can avoid a train once, drive through town and get caught by it elsewhere. When I went to school out at Mildred in high school, if I went down Beaton, instead of out Hardy Avenue, I would have to sit through the train trying to get out of town, and then wait

A Happy Saturday Surprise!

I just assumed since all the other finales had come and gone that the last episode of The Firm  had already aired as well. Audra's doing the happy dance because there are two episodes tonight! There are 6 episodes left with the finale not airing until June 23. Then there's a chance of it getting picked up by another network. Why am I blogging? I need to be watching TV! (Yes, I know I'm getting overly excited about this, but my day consisted of going to Walmart and the Corsicana outlet mall. Give me a break!)

Some people should not get married

A couple of days ago, I saw two things online regarding people getting married that left me shaking my head. People never cease to amaze me. The first of the two bumfuzzling instances regarded a Facebook friend who is actually an acquaintance. A contact I have worked with in the past. I've actually met this person, and she is quite the character. I won't go into all the details as to why she is such a character. All of that is really beside the point. Anyway, her post that caught my eye was, "I'm going to be a June bride!" Curious, I clicked on her profile, and she is marrying a partner in her ministry who I've also met. I thought, "Alrighty then. Makes sense. Opposite personalities from what I've seen. I bet he sits there and says, 'yes, dear' to whatever she says." Another one of her comments was something like, "In June, I'll be changing my name for the last time." This leads me to believe this is not her first marria

Growing Up Ziglar: A Daughter’s Broken Journey from Heartache to Hope

An interview with Julie Ziglar Norman,  author of Growing Up Ziglar    Julie Ziglar Norman often says her dad is the king of “doing life right” and she is the poster child for “doing life wrong.” In Growing Up Ziglar: A Daughter’s Broken Journey from Heartache to Hope, Norman shares how for 25 years she lived every day with regret, shame, guilt, and depression while trying to keep up the positive outer appearance that was expected of her as the daughter of popular motivational author and speaker Zig Ziglar. Q: What was it like growing up as Zig Ziglar’s daughter? My dad was not famous most of the years I spent growing up.  He was a salesman working on straight commission so he traveled a lot.  Dad was (and still is) a good father.  He always gave it his best effort.  He taught me to obey the law, tell the truth and work hard, but he didn’t become a Christian until I was a few weeks shy of being seventeen years old. Until then, Dad couldn’t have known everything he neede

Finales and cancellations

I want the networks to tell me why, realistically, truly why half of the shows can't air January-June and the other half July-December. In my mind, then more shows would make it. Starting this week, and next week for sure, there's going to be nothing on TV but the Rangers, and they are going to have to get their act together if that's it. Other than people wanting to hear my take on Grey's Anatomy , I received no other requests for my takes on finales. The runner-up to the most terrible ending, in my opinion was NCIS. I firmly believe that Ducky died. I was backed up three episodes on the DVR, and started each one about three different times whether in the morning while getting ready, at lunch, or at night. The three episodes kind of ran together, so I can't tell you which of the last three episodes it was that Ducky went to Gibbs asking him to be executor of his estate. I'm telling you, that wasn't to have us think Ducky was dead. Ducky is dead. As

Nolan Ryan has a sense of humor - who knew?

In general, I've not never really thought Nolan Ryan had a sense of humor. Nor did I think he would be much of an "actor." Well, he still might be an actor, but I was very amused by this commercial. Each take has a different ending. It's late, it was softball night, so Nolan Ryan commercials are the best I'm going to be able to pull off tonight. You can actually get the punch lines by seeing the image frozen on each. That kind of takes the fun out of it, but... I wonder how this one with Josh Hamilton is going to turn out.


I escaped my 85 degree stuffy house for the 91 degrees direct sun at the softball fields. So much more comfortable. Poor Peyton took one to the face.

My much awaited take on the Grey's Anatomy finale

Sorry it's late and I promised this post would happen over the weekend. It's Sunday night, the night I am most likely to entertain as we once again tried to figure out the reasons why anyone would want Sister Wives . First of all, when I heard that someone was dying and started seeing some of the hints, I called who was dying. I may not have called it to all of you, but I did tell my mom. From all the posts I saw on Facebook, lots of people missed why all of the doctors were all together and going somewhere. They gave the reason why the week before. It wasn't talked about in a real memorable way. The team of doctors was going to Idaho to separate conjoined twins. I think that twins usually go to where the doctors are, but who knows. The way I have it figured, with the combination of people, they had to have Derek for all the nerve stuff. Mark for any reconstructive needs. Christina was the only cardio person that was going to be involved (Teddy made a point of this th

Trust me... opposites don't attract

I'm not going to start a series of posts on the number of reasons why I am, and barring a miracle, will always be single. There's no point in discussing why I am like citronella to mosquitoes when it comes to guys. I know this. I accept this.  Still, I do have a profile on two singles sites. I've always been at the free level on one of them, and on the other, I've had a paid membership a few times. What this currently means is that I cannot communicate back with anyone who emails me (or read the emails for that matter). However, I can view the people that look at my profile.  Previously, the only guys who emailed me were either mentally not all there, mentally not all there with a booger hanging out of their nose when they took their own picture because I told them I wasn't talking to them until they at least put some info and pic up on their profile (fair is fair), or a foreign national living in another country (think along the lines of my sick aunt Tulu needs

So not a match and Grey's Anatomy angst

Tonight is a softball night, and I'd probably forget to blog when I got home if I don't make a quick post now. The teaser to tomorrow's blog is "The kind of guy that I attract." I have you hooked, don't I? This weekend, I will also be blogging about the number of things wrong with the Grey's Anatomy season finale. So,   if you have any comments about bad matches (fix-ups, online profile matches or blind dates), post them here because I want to hear them. Also, post your gripes about season finales that just made you made when they ended. I'm open to talk about more than just Grey's Anatomy . Or what show isn't coming back that you are going to miss? I promise to talk about it all this weekend!

How do you explain "Brotherly Love"?

Teaching the 5th grade Bible class at church is an adventure all it's own. I'm sure this doesn't do anything for the rowdy problem we have most Sunday's in class, but I've instituted rules much like Gibbs on NCIS . They go a little something like this: No one can talk to CB, and CB can talk to no one. Get a Bible as soon as you get in the room if you didn't bring one. TS cannot try to be funny. CH cannot say the word "cousin" or talk about any of her cousins. ER cannot tell any more stories about the funeral home Christmas parties, and no updates on who they "picked up" over the past week. PJ cannot play with my clothes or kick me under the table.  KO cannot randomly interrupt to point out that I'm not wearing purple.  PP cannot draw Cowboys in other people's workbooks. Give me your iPod Touch because I think you're on You Tube, not You Version. Put all four of your chair legs, plus your own two on the floor.  Ru

Would you be interested?

I'm not sure what I think about how my latest project is progressing. It ended up with a bigger variety of colors than I originally intended. The lighting is terrible, and you can't tell the real colors. At this point, I'm making just because I can and planning to sell to any interested parties. How big this one ends up is based on if anyone is interested, and how big they are looking for. (Then how big determines the price.) What do you think about it? I kind of think it's uglier than the ugly blanket.

An interview with Beth Vogt - and an iPad giveaway!

Win an iPad2 from @BethVogt!  Celebrate the release of Beth Vogt's new release by entering her Wish You Were Here Giveaway! One "happy" winner will receive: A brand new iPad with Wi-Fi (The must-have, do-everything gadget!) Wish You Were Here by Beth Vogt (Swoon worthy.) $15 iTunes Gift Card (Music, books, apps, and more.) Hurry, the giveaway ends on 6/4/12. The winner will be announced 6/6/12 on Beth's website ! Just click one of the icons below to enter! Tell your friends about Beth's giveaway on FACEBOOK or TWITTER and increase your chances of winning. An interview with  Beth K. Vogt,  Author of  Wish You Were Here When Allison Denman kisses her fiancé’s brother just days before her wedding, she’s not sure which is the mistake—the kiss or the wedding. It won’t be easy, but Allison is determined to find out. In her debut novel Wish You Were Here , Beth K. Vogt provides readers with a happily ever after woven through with

Judy Baer talks about her Forever Hilltop Series

Win a Kindle for you and one for a friend!  One grand prize winner will receive: • A brand new Kindle Touch for you AND one to giveaway to the friend of your choice • Forever Hilltop by Judy K Baer for you and a one for a friend Hurry, the giveaway ends on 5/22/12. The winner will be announced 5/24/12 on Judy’s blog! Enter Today - now through 5/22!  Click on the picture below to find out how!   An interview with Judy Baer, Author of Forever Hilltop Life is more than just a series of experiences. It is the people we meet along the way that make life more interesting and teach us the most important lessons. City dweller turned country pastor Alex Armstrong learns this first hand in Judy Baer’s Forever Hilltop . Forever Hilltop is a 2-in-1 book that includes Baer’s An Unlikely Blessing along with the previously unreleased sequel Surprising Grace . The charming and often hilarious Forever Hilltop series follows the adventures of protagonist Alex Ar

Sister Wives did not live up to the new season hype

Happy Mother's Day all! I was the good daughter who went with my mother to my grandmother's. For all of you who may have forgotten, I can't post any Grandmother stories here. Not that there were really any to tell from today. At least funny ones, but... Anyway, so four friends and I sat around watching the  Sister Wives premiere tonight. Did NOT live up to any ounce of hype. They're so boring now. They try to make everything dramatic. Nothing was dramatic. Something has got to give. We all concede the whole lot of adults are crazy and stupid. The kids are going to be screwed up for life. We can't figure out what kind of marriage counselor you can find and go to that will be supportive of a polygamist marriage. Of course, all the women want their own house/space. What do these people do to earn money? Does Kody ever work? Why do they need a special house to celebrate Christmas in? They celebrated Hanukkah. Why? I really don't know. I did point out in a priv