Sister Wives did not live up to the new season hype

Happy Mother's Day all! I was the good daughter who went with my mother to my grandmother's. For all of you who may have forgotten, I can't post any Grandmother stories here. Not that there were really any to tell from today. At least funny ones, but...

Anyway, so four friends and I sat around watching the Sister Wives premiere tonight. Did NOT live up to any ounce of hype. They're so boring now. They try to make everything dramatic. Nothing was dramatic. Something has got to give.

We all concede the whole lot of adults are crazy and stupid. The kids are going to be screwed up for life. We can't figure out what kind of marriage counselor you can find and go to that will be supportive of a polygamist marriage. Of course, all the women want their own house/space. What do these people do to earn money? Does Kody ever work? Why do they need a special house to celebrate Christmas in?

They celebrated Hanukkah. Why? I really don't know. I did point out in a private joke moment to Jenny that the Mormons could give her a lesson in Hanukkah. Christine taught us NOTHING.

I did a mini lesson in crocheting (as promised) afterwards, talked to one of my guests for a while, and now need to watch three hours of Survivor. I'm hoping in the background at some point I can catch Harry's Law and the grand finale of Desperate Housewives online in the next few days.

I have a feeling Monday is going to be a Monday tomorrow. I've dismissed my Monday morning frappachino to start the week off right because I've gotten hung up on what a strange place the coffee shop with the slot machines is. I think I'm going to just bite the bullet and do it tomorrow. I have reason to believe Monday will be a Monday.

Note to self: stop checking your Blackberry first thing when you wake up, especially on Sundays.