The woman of mystery

I think I will drag out last night's dinner into a couple of blog entries. My life has been quite boring lately, as I am sure you have noticed, so this will give me something to talk about for the day or two.

Besides, my family behaved very well for my family yesterday, and I really don't have anything to say about them. I know - shock!

(By the way, all involved, including the Yankee himself knows this is up for blog discussion. Jenny asked earlier if I had started posting about it yet.)

Ok, so I came into town to make it for the pinning ceremony. When I arrived, Jenny and her mom were waiting in the foyer for "the Yankee" to arrive, and her mom explains as much. I did tell her that meeting him was actually my main reason for attendance.

Jenny's brother, dad, aunt and three other friends were already in the auditorium. I sat behind "Ginger" and "Ziva" when I came in since the row was full, and so that I could get caught up on the scoop.

Let me just say right here, that Ginger has read my blog before and knows that I sometimes change the names. She specifically asked to be Ginger, so how can I deny that?

Ziva runs background checks and investigates people for a living. I'll get to more on why her name is appropriate later.

Before the ceremony, I did not have a chance to talk to "Asian CrossFit Beast" since she was further down the row and talking to Jenny's dad beforehand. I asked her just a few minutes ago via Facebook what she wanted her name to be. I do hope she realizes that by the time I get finished with these posts, her name is likely to be shortened to "Beast". Just a warning, Asian CrossFit Beast.

Prior to yesterday, this is the total of what I knew about "The Yankee". Actually, it's all any of us knew.

  1. He's a Yankee. From New York, so that makes it official, even though we are in Texas, and anyone north of the Red River normally fits that definition.
  2. I know where they went on their first date because Jenny called me from the parking lot, ready to bail before they met. (Just nervousness!)
  3. He supposedly has a small head and freakishly small hands. (Jenny was way exaggerating on that. I want to defend his head right now, and say I really wouldn't have come up with that. I'd already dropped Pinhead from his name in referring to him anyway.)
  4. He drives a Prius. Duh, he's not from Texas, so he doesn't drive a truck.
  5. He lives up around Cedar Hill. 
  6. He does have a name. I had to ask that though because I didn't know it until a week or so ago. 
  7. He's Jewish. 
So, anyway, when I sat down behind Ginger and Ziva, I said, "we're all just here to meet the Yankee, right?"

In comparing notes, we found that all any of us knew about him were these details here. And each of us had to ask what his name was because Jenny always just refers to him as "the Yankee." I'm not sure if this is to protect her privacy or his. 

I'll add here the thoughts behind the blog title. Jenny can be a very private person and give out very few details of her life. In talking among her friends yesterday, we came to the realization, that she normally only tells us each certain things and then all of us never congregate together to compare notes. 

I thought it was just me who made up nicknames for the guys she dated. I know I was the one that came up with "The Nazi Mobster". However, I found out that she always has nicknames, or is it code names, for the guys. Maybe this is some kind of psychological thing. I have a theory...

Ziva did ask Ginger if Jenny (she gets no nickname because she's made too many appearances on the blog, by the way) did tell her parents he was Jewish before today. We confirmed that she had. That is in no way anything against him. We're in Texas, and there just isn't the largest Jewish population around here. 

Anywho... We also talked about whether or not we've ever met any of the guys she's gone out with. I've come to the conclusion, Jenny wasn't being just mysterious with me. The only ones any of us ever met were ones we knew before she went out with them. Or the one I met after the fact that everyone hated from just hearing about him. (Yeah, Jenny, you know who we're talking about.)

The Yankee arrived just as the ceremony started, and sat right next to me. Yet, since it was just starting and the place was dark, I didn't get a chance to make any observations through the ceremony. Oh, other than his surprise at how tall Jenny's dad is when he stood up. With Jenny's height, that really shouldn't have been surprising...

Oh, and I do think I heard an "Oy Vey!" 

After the ceremony, we all gathered out in the college courtyard for a reception. Jenny and Yankee were talking to some others before they got to the four of us friends, so we shared our first impressions and compared some more notes.

Ginger and Ziva started plotting to get them out to dinner with us. We weren't so sure Jenny would necessarily want to go along with this. I turned to Yankee and said, "do you and Jenny have plans? We were talking about going to Applebee's. Can ya'll come?"

His answer was, "how am I going to be able to say no to all of you?"

Poor Yankee! To meet a woman's parents, brother and four close friends all in one day. That's pressure. Real pressure. Especially if you know anything about us friends. And such the gentlemen. 

As we all headed off different directions to our cars to head to Applebee's, Ginger and I admitted we thought that he was cute (yeah, we still said that about a 35 year old guy...). And he was funny. (Ziva was told this tidbit prior.)

First impression: So far, so good. 

Stay tuned for the Great Inquisition.