My much awaited take on the Grey's Anatomy finale

Sorry it's late and I promised this post would happen over the weekend. It's Sunday night, the night I am most likely to entertain as we once again tried to figure out the reasons why anyone would want Sister Wives.

First of all, when I heard that someone was dying and started seeing some of the hints, I called who was dying. I may not have called it to all of you, but I did tell my mom.

From all the posts I saw on Facebook, lots of people missed why all of the doctors were all together and going somewhere. They gave the reason why the week before. It wasn't talked about in a real memorable way.

The team of doctors was going to Idaho to separate conjoined twins. I think that twins usually go to where the doctors are, but who knows. The way I have it figured, with the combination of people, they had to have Derek for all the nerve stuff. Mark for any reconstructive needs. Christina was the only cardio person that was going to be involved (Teddy made a point of this the week before - a way to woo her into staying). Arizona was there because a member of the AZ/Callie relationship had to be there and as a pediatric surgeon, it made more sense than an ortho doc. Meredith had to be on the plane because it is GREY's Anatomy, and Lexie had to go because she was going to die in the plane crash.

What bugged me the absolute most is that even though Owen told his assistant no calls that day, do you really think the hospital in Idaho would just keep leaving messages and not demand to talk to someone? That the doctor wouldn't demand to talk to someone to see what was going on?

And when Owen did start listening to his messages, he paid ZERO attention to what the message was saying because he was having the ridiculously dramatic interaction with Teddy, firing her so she can go on to bigger and better things. (Seems like to me, she could have died in a plane crash if she was going to leave, but... Never was a big fan of her anyway.)

Oh, and let me just throw in that I had been trying to finish something up so started watching it late and ate just before watching. BIG MISTAKE. I was very queasy with all the bloodiness. Seriously.

Most of the time, when a plane crashes like that, everyone dies. Of course, it's just a TV show, but they all still might die because they are going to bleed to death. Surgeons or no surgeons. At the very least, Meredith would be hobbling when she pulled the hunk of metal out of her leg, and she was getting along pretty well.

Arizona is hacking up blood, but no biggie. Derek's hand is going to be mangled for life since he couldn't give himself a nerve operation on himself with the dental floss someone packed for a day trip.

Christina had the whole dislocated shoulder moment like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon 1, 2, 3 and 4. Really? That's all that's wrong with her. Really? However, she did have the best lines, including the one about being in a plane crash after a shooting and all this other - she was getting out of there as fast as she could. Oh, and "I have PTSD, I'm really not the best person to answer that question" or something like that.

And Mark... Maybe if he hadn't tried to lift half of an airplane off of Lexie, he might have been alright. Surely that must have hurt before he went unconscious. I guess his grief kept him from being aware of his own injuries.

Lexie dying so early in the episode was rather anti-climatic, don't you think? And do they really have to kill all of Meredith's relatives? How on earth is Meredith going to be able to deal with Thatcher? And did they really have to kill her? I know she was a year behind and not moving on like everyone else, but it was so "ah, she's dead" that it just seemed like something they checked off the list.

Are they seriously not going to find out what happened to the plane in how many hours? A helicopter is going to fly over more than once if there was a beacon. And if the beacon wasn't working, if they were simply searching for them, if there were a lot of trees, they'd make a few more passes. You know they had to file flight plans and knew the plane left Seattle. They aren't going to figure out something is wrong in Idaho?

How long were they really out there anyway? Separating conjoined twins could last longer than anticipated, not that I really know anything about that. They actually had a time they were going to be back? I find it hard to believe they were on a private plane and had a set arrival time back from a surgery that required at least 6 surgeons.

I really don't get how they're going to resolve all the residents no longer being residents and dispersing. That's the real thing that happens (the only real thing about the show), and they've spent all this time talking about where everyone is going. However, the core cast is remaining. You know they aren't going to have the show continue at 6 different hospitals.

I just hope the season premiere is in September rather than October like it has been in the past.

Well, now it's really late (later than the post time says), so I'll have to talk about NCIS and Scandal tomorrow. And anything else I might have watched that you want me to rant about.