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Living Every Day Brave

The following guest post was written by Rachel Linden, author of Becoming the Talbot Sisters. If you are a media outlet interested in interviewing Rachel, contact me at .  Living Every Day Brave by Rachel Linden     Today I am choosing to be every day brave. What does that mean, you may ask? In essence, every day brave means choosing courage in the face of challenge. Believing that on the other side of fear is something better. It means embracing bravery as a mantra, a habit, a way of life, and embracing it every single day. Five years ago I took a giant, nerve-wracking step toward my lifelong dream of being a published novelist and sent query letters to a dozen renowned literary agents in the US, asking them to consider representing my debut novel. I said a prayer, squared my shoulders, and waited for their replies. Eleven responses were rejections, which I was expecting. But one beautiful response was a yes! Since that first yes, I h

New Christian Living releases focus on truth, humility and anxiety up for review

We wanted to let you know about our recent Christian Living releases and make them available for you to review. Learn more about the books below, then click here to sign-up or scroll down to the form below! Newcomers to the church community need tools to navigate the Christian faith and a guide for connecting doctrine to real life. In a world that’s increasingly relative, author Andrew Petiprin helps readers discover unchanging truth based on God’s Word.  Truth Matters: Knowing God and Yourself  shows how core tenets of the Christian faith were affirmed over the centuries by faithful biblical scholars. Petiprin helps rea

I need to stop having really great ideas

After the Mondayest Wednesday ever, I had a great idea. Side trip before getting to my point. Everyone on Facebook seemed to have the Mondayest Wednesday ever. Why? I don't think it was a full moon. Could have been, I actually have no idea where we are in the moon phases, but so it goes. So, I was looking up a meme of Mondayest Wednesday ever (which, of course, I found), and it was part of an initial spark of an idea. An awesome online idea I want to start without advertising I am a part of it, at least for now. It requires a website and social media accounts. The problem is, I can't manage to keep my blog, crafty website, or any of my social media accounts updated well. I update other people's social media for a living, not mine obviously. Oh, but it's a great idea. Such a great idea. But, I need to fix the graphics for our craft trailer so we can it done... I need to get out in the craft room... I need to stop working past prime time TV hours...

Why I need to rearrange my office... again

Back when I worked in an actual office years ago, I was kind of known for rearranging my office. Then I would move it back to the way I had it because it just didn't work. When my job situation changed back in March, I decided I needed to try something new and rearrange my set-up. I needed in the room I spend more time (waking hours especially) than any other room in the house to change with the transition. That worked for a few months... until it didn't. So, I put my office (at least my desks - not everything) back the way it was because of a computer situation. It still isn't working for me, so I've been looking and looking for a computer desk, scratch that desks plural so that I can spread out and not have tables at four different levels because I have all these tables pushed together. I need to order because I keep wasting time looking! I can't tell you how much time I have looked online! I've finally settled on two L-Shaped desks that will configure a

When being caught up on blogging lasts about 30 hours

I spent a chunk of the weekend trying to catch-up on back blogging because I had fallen almost two weeks behind, but after the post for yesterday, I was all caught up. Whoooohoooooo! Then, came Monday, and after a typical Monday, here we go again! I hate feeling behind, and then I hit a mental block. That only leads me to get further and further behind. The struggle is: I'm behind on EVERYTHING in EVERY part of life at the moment. Someday... oh, someday I might be CLOSER to caught up. I never except to achieve it. 😝 So, as far as one thing off my to-do list, have I mentioned in the past week how thankful I'm not wasting my time blogging on Bachelor in Paradise even if I am watching it.

Blue Skies and Rainbows

Blue Skies and Rainbows By Gary L. Mabry Blue skies and rainbows, and sunbeams from heaven, Are what I can see,  When my Lord is living in me. Chorus: I know that Jesus is well and alive today. He makes His home in my heart. Never more will I be, all alone since He, Promised me that we never would part. Green grass and flowers,  all blooming in springtime, Are works of my master,  I live for each day. Chorus Tall mountains, green valleys, The beauty that surrounds me, All make me aware, Of the One who made it all. Chorus I’m not ashamed of  the Gospel of Jesus, For it is the power, That saves us today.  Chorus

Maybe not the most productive use of my Saturday night

I spent most of the day trying to catch up on a lot of work related stuff, then went to Walmart because I decided I had to torture myself. I needed some groceries before being at home a couple of days without a car since I'm going to go get my bumper fixed that I'm really not all that concerned with getting fixed. (Remember that bump into a truck a few weeks ago at the end of my driveway? I won't express my angst I still have about it all.) After typing up the schedule for the next two quarters of my teaching rotation at church, I was planning on catching up on about 10 days of my blog here. (I've been really busy and really behind). Instead, I decided to update business cards so I could order them. Since I wanted to put our fall schedule, I totally revamped them. It took more time than I anticipated because the VistaPrint website was not cooperating. I really didn't want to make my total computer hours for the week hit around 80, but I get side-tracked when

Start your fall with a bountiful harvest of children's books

We are excited about our line-up of children's releases this fall and hope you will be too! Learn more about all SIX children's books coming out this fall, then head over to this form to make your review selections. Click here to sign-up! This beautifully illustrated children’s book invites kids to explore God’s design for ethnic diversity and challenges readers—both parents and children—to learn and live out counter-cultural, biblical views, fostering a lifelong celebration of diversity