And so ends another season of #TheBachelorette

It's no surprise I am trying to finish off my nacho salad during the commercials as I blog about The Bachelorette. I planned all day the hours I was going to work, then go run an errand and pick up dinner. Still didn't give myself enough time to do it all.

Next week, when I'm not trying to live blog, I'll probably be more "on time." I'll watch Bachelor in Paradise, but I am not going to blog about it.

Chris Harrison promises a dramatic finale that may be the most emotional ever.

The Maldives is a great place for Becca to finally tell one of the guys that she loves him, but which one? She still doesn't know.

Blake has been the consistent relationship from the get go, but with Garrett, she's learned more and more and could see their lives together. She's determined not to make the same mistake that Ari did by telling more than one person she loves them.

Becca wants to know her family's opinions on who is the best in the long run. She tells her mom and uncle that she loves them both, but has not told either of them. She fills them in a little bit before going to get Garrett, the recipient of her first impression rose.

Garrett is shaking, but he says it is because he is excited, not necessarily nervous. They talk about their first date and giving her a fishing fly. Her family loves to fish, so... 

Mom takes off Becca to talk. Mom wants to know if Becca really wants their insight or if she's going to figure it out on her own. Becca does want to know if there are concerns from them. They talk about what her dad would have thought. Mom wants to know what different than how she came in happy with Ari.

The very tough uncle takes Garrett out to grill him. He asks Garrett about his previous two month marriage and how he would do things differently if similar circumstances were to arise. They talk about going through tough times and how he loss family members to cancer and his mom's illness. He tries not to get emotional. Garrett almost makes uncle cry.

Sister and Garrett talk next. He gets emotional with sister too. When sister and Becca talk, Becca is surprised to find out Garrett cried when they talked. This makes Becca tear up. Sister thinks Garrett is fabulous.

Blake is honest about being nervous to meet the family. He's been waiting for this for a long time. 

They talk about going on the first one-on-one date and how he didn't get his next one until the last night in The Bahamas.

Sister Emily takes Blake off to grill. He repeats himself a lot. Like a lot a lot. She asks about challenging moments. Last week was the first week he realized how strong some of her other relationships were and he got scared. Emily can see him as a future brother-in-law.

Emily talks about how different they are. She loves Garrett's silliness and that he would be a great father. However, Blake talked more about being attracted to a strong woman, and Emily feels like he would be more of a teammate. Becca breaks down that she always thought it would be Blake, until Garrett came on the scene. She feels guilty about having such strong feelings for Garrett given how long she thought it was Blake.

Mom listens Blake to drone on next. Blake gets in his head when her mom says, "You'll be fine if it isn't you."

Uncle asks Blake if there's anything he should be concerned about regarding Garrett. I was waiting for him throw Garrett under the bus.

Blake admits in the interview to over-thinking. He sensed something was off with Becca and his gut is always right. He has his low, whiney voice. I can't listen to that all night.

Becca asks her family for thoughts. The family thinks Blake seems more like a matched pair except the tough uncle Chuck who likes Garrett, but thinks he may be the tougher choice.

Mom and Becca talk more one-on-one again. What would Dad think? Mom tells her she needs to look at what she really wants. Becca knows she may have to look at it like, "Who can I see my life without." She doesn't want to hurt anyone, but like her mom says, it's going to happen.

It's time for final dates with each. First up is Garrett. Becca likes that it evolved slowly and wasn't all overnight. On a boat, in the ocean, they talk about the conversations they had with family. They were deep in conversation when they see dolphins swimming along with them. I'm not sure the producer were able to manage interrupting the conversation so well. ;)

Garrett isn't nervous. He's ready to get down on one knee. He claims he's never felt like this before. They jump off into the water where there's a buoy marking the Equator.

They dry off, change clothes and go into the night portion of the date. He gets ready to put everything he needs to say into words since it's the last time they will talk until proposal (or not) time. They recap the day, and he imagines the day-to-day future. She talks about embracing the quirky in each other and being their selves.

Becca is worried about him being a big snorer after the fantasy suite night. They talk about constantly touching in their sleep. She asks if he has any questions before the end. Garrett claims if it isn't him, she just wants him to be happy. Becca talks about her dad and how Garrett reminds her of her dad.

Garrett has it bad. Really bad.

The next date with Blake may put me to sleep. Blake's mumbling turns me off. They sit on the beach talking about what her family said, how Becca is in her head. 

I guess I was checking my phone during the earlier part of the date because I don't know what really happened, but it's already night time and meeting back up. Blake has a gift he made. Becca thought he made the wooden box. Nope, he didn't make that. It's a time capsule which is actually a memory box. They look over pictures and captions together.

I don't like Blake or his voice, so I'm looking up gossip online about Garrett since I've been too busy to hear gossip up until now.

Becca can see professing her love back to Blake. Does that mean it will be Blake? His facial expressions annoy me too.

The next morning, Becca is faced with making her big decision. Her sister left her a letter that has her weepy. 

Meanwhile, Garrett goes to pick out a ring. Then, Blake picks out one. 

Becca is still weepy, but knows who she can't see her life without. She gets ready. The men get ready.

She should have gone to one of them to have a conversation first, but she's going to have the conversation on the dock.

As we go into the segment where Becca sends someone home, Chris Harrison says what we are about to see is raw and he's never seen anything quite like it. Becca says it's going to make her feel like a monster.

The first to arrive is Blake. He just thought they were going to have an incredible future together. He goes down to the beach where Becca is waiting and he starts spilling all his emotions and compliments her on all he loves about her. He is sweating up a storm. He gets to his proposal, and she interrupts him. She starts her speech. Because they were so solid, she tended to overlook other relationships. There's one piece she isn't ready to give up yet. She says she saw him there at the end for so long, but she thinks there is someone else for both of them. I don't think that's tears dripping off his nose. It's straight sweat.

He leaves after Becca walks him to the road. Becca hyperventilates. She thought it would be him for so long...

Now Blake goes from sweat to tears. He weeps.

Blake joins Harrison live to watch his own departure. Ok, I give it to him that he loved her, but anytime Blake opens his mouth, it's dramatic. 

Harrison talking to Blake is pretty painful in and of itself. Harrison asks if Blake still loves Becca. Becca has shaped Blake for the rest of time. Now he has to go through this all alone. That's what he repeated afterwards.

After commercial, we come back to Harrison reminding Blake he will see Becca again. Out she comes. Blake tells Becca he remembers her saying she understood so much more when she watched her first season back. He tried to do the same, but he didn't see a moment of when it happened. Becca tells him there wasn't a single moment. Was there something about their future that worried her? He's still second guessing and overthinking everything.

My eyelids are getting heavy as Harrison starts to ask Becca questions too.

Back to the beach. It's time bring Garrett in from the boat. Becca can see their future together. 

And meanwhile Twitter is mad about some things Garrett liked on Instgram. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't. I still like him better than Blake.

Garrett doesn't seem to be near as sweaty as Blake was. He pauses or maybe he got his speech out to where he was supposed to be according to the script. She starts her speech. Not only had he gotten the first impression rose, he was the first one she had written about in her journal. She finally gets to say, "I love you." With that go ahead, he gets down on his knee and presents her with the uglier of the rings. Much kissing follows, and finally, the final rose.

So, now it's 30 minutes of Becca and Garrett with Harrison, I guess.

They talk about if he knew it was him going into the last day. Becca realized there was something special during hometown week and running into his sister and niece at the airport over a crappy breakfast quesadilla.

They talk to Becca's sister out in the audience. They bring up Becca's dad. They talk about similarities.

We get a clip reel of Becca and Garrett on their secret meet-ups while the season is still airing. One trip anyway.

Harrison asks the about the past couple of months. Instead of hem-hawing about it, Garrett talks about the social media thing. He apologizes for liking some things on Instagram. They had talked about it. They worked their way through it.

For an engagement gift, Harrison is sending back them to Thailand and gave them an old beater of a minivan.

To end the night, we get a preview of Paradise. Actually, I think it is more like hell.

By the way, there is no announcement of the next Bachelor.