A funny story from my Zombie Day

Here's a funny story from last night. I don't share many funny stories these days. (Telling stories about talking to myself would be pretty odd, and I haven't gotten out much lately.) It was a highlight from a day I will refer to as my Zombie Day.

In class (these kids just started 3rd and 4th grade) I was asking them about Mephibosheth who we had talked about before. Strangely several times before in the weeks I have taught. After talking about who he was,  I asked, "What was wrong with him?"

"He had a really long and weird name?" I said, "Fine, I'll call him Phibby..." (We're big on nicknames in class.) That, however, didn't move us along.

"No, it wasn't weird back then anyway. What couldn't he do?"

Finally, after trying to herd the cats, I get the answer, "Walk." OK. "Why couldn't he walk?"

One of the kids answered in what sounded a bit like Forrest Gump in phrasing and delivery, "He didn't have no legs."

To which I respond, "Wrong. He was not Lt. Dan."

The class erupts in laughter which I found a bit disturbing. I say, "Please tell me none of you know who Lt. Dan is."

No one did, but I really appreciated the comedic timing of it all. Now, this leaves me to wonder how funny they actually think I am, what jokes they have gotten, and if it's always courtesy laughs.

It was my last night with this crew before they promote up. Kind of sad.

I skipped my usual dinner out because I was exhausted. As I said, it was my Zombie Day. I was in bed by 9:30 PM and asleep by 10:00 PM. If you know me, you know I was tired.