Maybe not the most productive use of my Saturday night

I spent most of the day trying to catch up on a lot of work related stuff, then went to Walmart because I decided I had to torture myself. I needed some groceries before being at home a couple of days without a car since I'm going to go get my bumper fixed that I'm really not all that concerned with getting fixed. (Remember that bump into a truck a few weeks ago at the end of my driveway? I won't express my angst I still have about it all.)

After typing up the schedule for the next two quarters of my teaching rotation at church, I was planning on catching up on about 10 days of my blog here. (I've been really busy and really behind). Instead, I decided to update business cards so I could order them. Since I wanted to put our fall schedule, I totally revamped them. It took more time than I anticipated because the VistaPrint website was not cooperating. I really didn't want to make my total computer hours for the week hit around 80, but I get side-tracked when I have the laptop downstairs. I tend to avoid what I brought it down here for to begin with.

I really want to wait on until they come in to show Dad, but I know I'll end up showing him at lunch tomorrow after church. I think he's going to like them.