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Let's just move on

Let's just move on past this Happy New Year stuff. I know, you expect that coming from me. I have a love/hate relationship with the last 6 months of the year. In a way I love the fall for the weather it is supposed to bring (some years, nature doesn't bring it). However, with the seasonally shorter days and every other excuse there is, the end of the year (starting with mid-November around my birthday) puts me into a funk. More dealing with family situations, more reminders of another year that has gone by without much change from the last, people going on about how they plan to improve themselves. Oh, my goodness, can we get to January 2 already? In 2011, I feel short of reading my Bible every day by one day. December 31 was the only day I missed. If only I did so well in 2012. I know I missed a week. The only resolution I may have met this year, and I'm not sure it started off as a resolution or a formal goal, but all 366 days of 2012, I posted on this blog. Now,

It's more than a cute hat... it's safety wear!

One thing's for sure... Side story: When my parents owned a sports shop for a number of years, a kid used to come visit my dad a lot. I think he was a little slow and a lot lonely. He always said, "one thing's for sure." Of course, he said it so much that many things must have been for sure. If I had felt like reading or crocheting while I've been down for the past 4 or 5 days, I would have gotten a lot done. A lot. Here's my new hat model. Which reminds me, my mom owes me a picture of a hat I made a couple of weeks ago for a family friend. If I had it, I would post it. The star was a little larger on the head than I had intended. But, she loves it, and that's all that matters. Peyton told me today that she wears it outside when she shoots her BB gun she got for Christmas. Who needs a hunter's vest when you have a hat like that. Safety 101!

A Promise to Protect

I was trying to create a meme of the World's Most Interesting Man. In fact, I did create it. It just won't upload to this blog. Just picture it... "I don't always read Love Inspired Suspense... but when I do, it's by Liz Johnson." Did you catch the interview with Liz I posted a couple of weeks ago? If you missed it, just click on the link in the last sentence. The post also included an excerpt from A Promise to Protect .  I love suspense. It's romance that I'm usually not so big on. It depresses me. (I know it shouldn't. Stop lecturing me!) I don't want to fall for all the guys in the stories.  I always fall for Liz's men. Who can resist a strong, muscular, handsome Navy SEAL? A protective guy who watches out for you... But Matt isn't perfect, he's also human.  I admit... It took me a little while to get into the story which seemed to start a little slow. But I think that has more to do with me right now than anything. I&

I have now seen it all

I have watched too much TV while sick. And way too many bad commercials. Did you know you can get the equivalent of pantyhose for your arms to push all your arm fat together and keep it from flapping around? Whatever this contraption is, it goes over your shoulders and buttons just below your bra. It gives you sheer (or lacy) sleeves under a sleeveless top. Because it is more stylish to wear this thing than just wearing sleeves of you don't want to show off your flabby arms. Not. I may not be a style maven, but I know that Stacy and Clinton would not approve. (I know Clinton is doing The Chew, but what is Stacy up to these days besides holding Lee jeans with tummy panels?) I guess you can wear this with the camishaper from the creators of the Genie bra (that commercial is on as I type). It smoothes out everything from your shoulders to hips. Add in some Spanx and you will be all smoothed out. But having all your fat mashed in has to get uncomfortable. I mean tight jeans do me

That's what time off is for?

I always have the greatest of intentions. I have had all of this week off and will not be back in the office until next Wednesday. In that time I planned to do so much. Read at least part of several books so I could crank some press kits out when I get back to work. Work on some blog posts that Caitlin has been patiently waiting for me to write so that she can post on the Litfuse blog. (she has been waiting for months) Start a new blog that I am collaborating with several others on. Work on the Shutterfly scrapbook I have been working on since July. That reminds me of the pictures I need to print for Paige. Wash out my new canisters and arrange my kitchen counters. Rearrange my overcrowded office. Troubleshoot my phone synchronization to get my calendar fixed. Go shopping with Paige to use some of our gift cards. At this point I am just thankful all my Christmas decorations are put away and I've read 25 pages (maybe more) of one book. All I have done today is lay around

The decorations were packed away on the closet with care

When do you take down your Christmas decorations? In my family, we start putting up the day after Thanksgiving, so they come down the day after Christmas. They get their time for a month. I don't understand the put up the day before tradition. It is just too much work for just a few days, especially with as much stuff as I have on mine. All three of mine are down, back in their boxes in my dad's truck (if he has not unloaded them yet), and the decorations neatly organized and back in the closet. Now, I just have to vacuum the masses of fake needles all over the floor. I've had so many needles on the floor that I am surprised my trees aren't bare. When I was younger, I used to always get sick around Christmas. This year, the tradition returned, and now I am having a hard time convincing myself to just hurry up and finish straightening up the living room. It would only take 5 minutes to vacuum if I would just do it. But for some reason, I just hate vacuuming. Anyone e

Merry Christmas Ya'll

We actually saw snow in Texas today. Up at my grandmother's house there were big, sloppy, wet snowflakes. Close to being a Christmas miracle! It was a great day, but I gave my parents some grief over it. My dad said that regardless of when Brian and family got to come over, the three of us would open presents on Christmas morning. I got to their house, we had brunch food, then someone forgot what they said. Everyone loves getting and giving so yes I did want to open presents this morning! I made my parents open what I got them before we headed over the river and through the woods. In a mad rush, we opened presents with 9 people simultaneously about 5 tonight. I really am not sure what everyone got quite honestly. But the girls loved their hats. I don't have a picture on my phone, but I will try to post in a day or two. This whole month flew by, and I can't believe it is time to box up the decorations already. That is not the part I look forward to.

The Guilt Trip

Although I am sure to have the kind of guilt trip you are thinking of tomorrow, today, my parents and I went to our annual Christmas Eve movie. This year, our selection was The Guilt Trip. Dad was worried becuase the critics had given it bad reviews. All I can say is that the critics had never traveled with their parents, or they were parents who couldn't see the humor in how they really act. We all found it hilarious. A few awkward moments. Some language could be cut. In the restrooms, a guy who had also seen the movie said that he didn't think he could travel with either of his daughters. I'm not really sure what my dad said in return.

Got them done!

I finished my Christmas gifts last night, but I have no clue how they are going to fit. Cross your fingers and say a prayer! I hope they look as cute on.

The race is on... As usual.

Any time I crochet anything for Christmas, I am always racing to get it done by Christmas. I am cutting it close. I have to do a flower for the one on the left and it will be finished. I should have all but the flower on the orange one done tonight. What do you think?

Choreographed confusion

I admittedly forgot to upload this yesterday. The third graders, being the oldest kids in the program, had the hardest choreography. This may have been a little too much for most of them. Here's Peyton's lollipop dance.

Checking out Jerry's World

I have to admit, the only reason I was showing my school spirit at the State Championship football game was that I wanted to see Jerry's World aka Cowboys Stadium. The Mildred Eagles should be proud for making it to the championship. Unfortunately, the East Bernard Brahmas were crazy good. As was their mascot in a Santa suit. Professional sports teams don't have mascot suits that good. Jerry's World is still shiny and new, and pretty impressive. Goodness knows you can't ever get in there for cheaper than the $12 tickets were to the high school football championships. I'll never have seats like we had for anything I'll go to. And when we left (shortly after half time), we had a personal escort to the swanky elevators, then on the golf cart directly to our car. That was service! And I think the staff was bored since there were less than 7000 people there verses 90,000. Just inside the doors... The abstract football lighting... I'm

I made it out alive!

Tonight I made it through my 7th straight Mildred Elementary Christmas program, thankful that they only go through 3rd grade due to space. Peyton is in 3rd grade. Of course, Layton starts kindergarten next year. We'll have to talk about that later. I will post dancing video tomorrow. Poor Peyton would have benefited from suspenders for her jeans that were rolled up 8 inches. Watching the attendees is an interesting observation on society and human behavior. Like why this one guy didn't have the good sense not to wear his grimey-est tank top showing off his naked woman tattoo in a gym full of children. (And I have watched enough Ink Master to tell you how badly done it was.) Or my mom commenting on how old one of my former classmates looked in the face. And every year I am still surprised to see how some people are able to find people to marry. Each year is a reminder of how old I am getting, right along with my greying classmates, and that Christmas is somehow just days aw

I'm so over Christmas that I am planning for next year

Christmas has become so routine that I'm already planning to do something different next year. The farthest I ever venture from home is about 45 miles away, so I'm going off somewhere. Somewhere cold rather than pushing 80 like it was today. Somewhere it is realistically possible to have a white Christmas. Somewhere it isn't as far fetched to be dreaming of a white Christmas as it is to win the lottery without buying a ticket. Somewhere I can roast chestnuts over an open fire rather than in the front window of my office during the afternoon sun. Where can you find sleigh rides in the snow? Next Christmas I won't be buying or making anyone any presents. No worries about wasting my money on something that is going to be shoved in the corner of a shelf for at least 6 months where it got crammed when it was brought home. No more spending time making something with love and attention to only be put in a storage box somewhere never to be seen again. No more wrecking my br

Funky, Funky Christmas

This song came up tonight at the Litfuse Celebrate and Be Merry celebration. You really missed it if you weren't there. The person who brought this up as the worst Christmas song ever won the prize I was giving away. When the New Kids on the Block Christmas album came out, I was in junior high, and my mom wouldn't let me listen to this song with her because FUNKY sounded like a bad word. I remember riding down the highway with her and having to skip the song in the tape deck. It's really quite stupid. But worth a laugh when Santa Claus burns his butt.

A somewhat productive but lazy Sunday

I actually accomplished a lot between church services and my nap today. What I did not figure out is how to melt the white bark and food coloring without it hardening instantly. I still lack the skills to become a professional chocolate dipper, but maybe my parents' friends will be impressed. However, I finished off a crochet project and didn't take a picture of the hat. Can you believe that? I was in too big off a hurry to think about it because I was handing it off tonight. I really wanted ear flaps and a pom pom on top as a joke, but I don't have a pom pom maker and the ear flaps would have been dorky. It was probably dorky enough. I wish you could have seen it when I tried it on. Sigh.

Shopping completed? Maybe...

I may have gotten my Christmas shopping completed today. Maybe. I'm really not impressed with anything I got anyone other than my parents. But, I think I got my family finished today. Kind of a long story in more ways than one. I finally decided to crochet the last two family projects. I guess I better do that instead of sitting her blogging or doing Google searches. The race is on! Are you like I am about Christmas? I kind of dread it. Yes, I have three trees, making my halls and house quite decked. That still doesn't mean I'm not Scrooge. I'm over the hype. I feel like the Grinch. But at least my purple tree is pretty.

A Promise to Protect - An interview with author Liz Johnson

The book that I'm currently reading is Liz Johnson's A Promise to Protect. I promise that a review is coming, but in the meantime, I'd like to share this sneak peek and interview with Liz. Excerpt:             “Tristan is the closest thing I have to a brother. He’s worried about you, and so am I. Let me help.”             Fear flickered through Ashley’s eyes as she whispered, “Someone almost ran me over.”             “Tristan said something about a letter,” Matt pressed.             Ashley nodded. “When I got home that day, there was an anonymous note saying that someone wanted his property back.”             His gut clenched. What kind of jerk threatened a battered women’s shelter? “Listen, I’m in town for a few days. Let me look into things.”             She smiled up at him. “Thanks, but I got the note more than a week ago. If there was any danger, something else would have happened by now.”             As they reached her car, her smile d

Spend a year At the Feet of Jesus

An interview with Joanna Weaver, Author of At the Feet of Jesus     Author Joanna Weaver confesses to being a fellow struggler when attempting to find a quiet time for study and reflection. She understands the challenges we all face. In her latest release, At the Feet of Jesus: Daily Devotions to Nurture a Mary Heart (WaterBrook Press / October 2, 2012 / hardcover / ISBN: 978-0307731005 / $ 15.99 / also available in e-book) , Weaver gives readers the structure they need to grow closer to God. This 365-day devotional encourages and inspires women who want to deepen their spiritual lives as they spend a year at the feet of Jesus. At the Feet of Jesus combines a conversational tone, real-life stories and insightful Bible teaching to engage readers at an emotional and spiritual level. Each page-per-day devotional includes a brief inspirational reading, a short Bible passage and a reflection question designed to create a greater hunger for intimacy with God. Q: You admit

Easiest Christmas candy. Ever.

I'm getting a post ready for the Friday Favorites on the Litfuse blog, so I thought I would share it here too! I had one of those weeks last week when I was just about ready to dip everything in chocolate. Thankfully, my excuse was a Christmas party at my house. I spent most of my Saturday melting and dipping chocolate. And believe me, I had plenty left over that I have been eating on all week. I’ve had to pace myself on leftovers. But these treats can keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First, I’ll share the absolute easiest Christmas candy ever. Really, seriously, ever. You’ll need a microwavable mixing bowl, a spatula, big spoon and cookie sheet covered in wax paper. You may want two cookie sheets because you’ll probably run out of room.   Pour 1 bag of chocolate chips (depending on your favorite: dark, semi-sweet, or milk) and 1 bag of butterscotch chips into the bowl and melt in the microwave for 1 minute.  

Join the Litfuse Chicks for a Christmas Party!

Merry Christmas from the Litfuse Chicks! To show our appreciation for our readers, bloggers, media friends, and clients, we're hosting a very merry celebration of the season, and you're invited!  Join us on Facebook on December 17, come with your questions about us, what we do, the publishing industry, and our Christmas traditions! Plus, we'll be giving you the scoop on the new 2013 blog tours that you'll be able to participate in! We'll be joining you via video, so it will be like we are all right there in the room with you.  As a thank-you, we'll be giving away prizes, including custom Christmas gift packages from each of us chicks, filled with our favorite items. Come prepared with photos of your ugliest Christmas sweaters, best cookie recipes, and other holiday favorites.  Don't miss it! RSVP here for our end-of-the-year celebration.

A Christmas Homecoming - Enter to win a Kindle!

Grab a copy of MaryAnn Diorio 's " A Christmas Homecoming " for JUST .99!  MaryAnn is celebrating the release of her new book by giving away a Paperwhite Kindle! Details below! One "merry" winner will receive: A Paperwhite Kindle A Christmas Homecoming by MaryAnn Diorio Enter today by clicking one of the icons below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on December 22nd. Winner will be announced on 12/23/12 at MaryAnn's Blog . Tell your friends via  FACEBOOK  or  TWITTER  and increase your chances of winning. About the book:  Seven Christmases have passed since Sonia Pettit last heard from her daughter Jody. Since Jody’s departure, Sonia’s world has been turned upside down. Her husband has died of a broken heart, and her son, bitter over his sister’s destructive actions, has become rebellious. Her greatest desire is to have her family together at Christmas, but after what Jody has put them all through, can Sonia trul

New project inspiration - a change of direction

I saw some cool wreaths on Pinterest that I wanted to make. Of all things, they were made from toilet paper rolls. I have been saving them and one night last week started cutting them up. Look at the mess! I got busy with other things and haven't gotten any farther. I am really tempted to trash them all and forget it. My parent's friends have even been saving some, and this morning and I told them they didn't have to any more. I think Bronny was disappointed, so I told him that I would make him something special. Then, tonight I found this card and got new inspiration. I will be mailing it tomorrow.

Put some chocolate on it

This pretty much summarizes my day. I spent most of it dipping chocolate.

A Merry Little Christmas

An interview with Anita Higman, Author of A Merry Little Christmas Often times the mere mention of Christmas stirs cherished memories and makes us nostalgic for years gone by and the ones we love. Maybe you even begin to hum your favorite Christmas tune. Author Anita Higman harnesses that sentimentality and affection for the holiday season in her latest release, A Merry Little Christmas  (Summerside Press / hardcover / $14.99) . Q: What inspired you to incorporate Jim Crow laws and segregation into your book? Even though A Merry Little Christmas is really a love story, I felt it needed some additional conflict, and some of the racial struggles of the 60s seemed to be the right choice for this particular plot. I grew up in the 60s, and I was always interested in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. In some ways I feel I’ve waited my whole life to write this book. It came easily to me in that it’s been percolating in my imagination for a long time, but it was als