I have now seen it all

I have watched too much TV while sick. And way too many bad commercials.

Did you know you can get the equivalent of pantyhose for your arms to push all your arm fat together and keep it from flapping around?

Whatever this contraption is, it goes over your shoulders and buttons just below your bra. It gives you sheer (or lacy) sleeves under a sleeveless top.

Because it is more stylish to wear this thing than just wearing sleeves of you don't want to show off your flabby arms. Not.

I may not be a style maven, but I know that Stacy and Clinton would not approve. (I know Clinton is doing The Chew, but what is Stacy up to these days besides holding Lee jeans with tummy panels?)

I guess you can wear this with the camishaper from the creators of the Genie bra (that commercial is on as I type). It smoothes out everything from your shoulders to hips.

Add in some Spanx and you will be all smoothed out. But having all your fat mashed in has to get uncomfortable. I mean tight jeans do me in really quickly.

I have news for everyone. Just buy a size bigger. You'll look better in clothes that fit without the lycra.