Child, you do not need cough drops!

A certain 8 year old would have gotten a spanking if I weren't driving down the road at the time.

Dear, usually sweet Peyton came close to driving me nuts today. Paige has been sick, and Peyton wanted to go to church this morning, so their mom texted and dropped off Peyton so that I could take her and arrange to get her back home later.

Before I took Peyton home though, I needed to pick up some cold sore medicine for Paige. On the way to the grocery store, we were about ready to run over a woman doing her best turtle crossing the road impression.

Let me just say the two worst people to take to the grocery store have names that start with P. I'm in the pharmacy of the grocery store, looking everywhere for this cold sore medicine. Up and down the aisles.


"Do you like cough drops?"

"What's your favorite kind of cough drop?"

"Oh there they are."

I finally called a friend that works there (just not on Sundays) and asked where the cold sore meds were.

Finally, I corral my shopping companion to the checkout.

"Do you want something to drink? Earlier you needed a drink."

"No, I don't want a drink. I want cough drops."

"You don't need cough drops, come on."

This whole search took so long that the turtle we almost ran over on the way to the store had walked all the way to the store (about 3 blocks, but at the pace she was going...).

We had to go about 15 minutes to her house. Most of the way was, "*fake cough* *whine* I wanted those cough drops."

On and on. I threatened her as she fake coughed. She almost drove me over the edge.

The child did not need cough drops. I don't know where she picked up on this annoying string of unnecessary behavior. I finally told her I would get her cough drops for Christmas if she would just cut it out already.

So, I need to remember to go buy some in the next few weeks.

I'll be seeing her a lot this week. I know for a fact, I will hear about these cough drops.

No wonder stores card you for cough drops these days. Maybe I shouldn't buy the cough drops.