That's what time off is for?

I always have the greatest of intentions.

I have had all of this week off and will not be back in the office until next Wednesday. In that time I planned to do so much.

Read at least part of several books so I could crank some press kits out when I get back to work.

Work on some blog posts that Caitlin has been patiently waiting for me to write so that she can post on the Litfuse blog. (she has been waiting for months)

Start a new blog that I am collaborating with several others on.

Work on the Shutterfly scrapbook I have been working on since July.

That reminds me of the pictures I need to print for Paige.

Wash out my new canisters and arrange my kitchen counters.

Rearrange my overcrowded office.

Troubleshoot my phone synchronization to get my calendar fixed.

Go shopping with Paige to use some of our gift cards.

At this point I am just thankful all my Christmas decorations are put away and I've read 25 pages (maybe more) of one book.

All I have done today is lay around and cough. I guess it's a good thing I didn't have to work. But I sure would like to have the energy to get off of the couch. I don't even feel like crocheting, and I would like to do a project or two along those lines too.

But all that is going to move me right now is the need to turn down the heater because I am hot now.

What have you not done that you planned to?