Just call me Alexander

Growing up, my Grandmother didn't have many children's books around the house, but she had Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day. Anytime we were up at her house, especially with my cousins, we read it.

Just call Alexander b'mecause I've had one of those days.

All. day. long.

It's not even worth talking about. It was frustrating.

All. day. long.

I can't remember if I broke down in tears two or three times.

After making pancakes for me and Paige after I picked her up from her UIL meet out at the school at my parents house, I am trying to chill in front of the TV to watch Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.

However, I need to make my grocery list so I can go shopping tomorrow after work. I need to print the recipes of what I want to cook so that I can figure out what I need.

After today, I'm || this close to buying every kind of melt-able chocolate on the baking aisle and finding something to dip in it.

I'm just thankful for my laptop so that I can sit on the love seat with my feet propped up and print wirelessly while watching TV.