Let's just move on

Let's just move on past this Happy New Year stuff. I know, you expect that coming from me.

I have a love/hate relationship with the last 6 months of the year. In a way I love the fall for the weather it is supposed to bring (some years, nature doesn't bring it). However, with the seasonally shorter days and every other excuse there is, the end of the year (starting with mid-November around my birthday) puts me into a funk.

More dealing with family situations, more reminders of another year that has gone by without much change from the last, people going on about how they plan to improve themselves. Oh, my goodness, can we get to January 2 already?

In 2011, I feel short of reading my Bible every day by one day. December 31 was the only day I missed. If only I did so well in 2012. I know I missed a week.

The only resolution I may have met this year, and I'm not sure it started off as a resolution or a formal goal, but all 366 days of 2012, I posted on this blog. Now, granted, 200 of them were not quality posts. That probably applies to all 366 days, actually.

I didn't lose the weight I wanted to lose. I didn't walk as many days as I planned to walk. Aren't those auto resolutions at the first of any year?

But here is something positive...

The best thing that happened in 2012 was that I was finally freed from a job that I needed to be freed from for my own mental well-being. It was an awesomely good thing. 

In 2013, I hope to be able to escape this neighborhood. I still may not be able to buy a house, but I at least want to graduate from this one.

I don't plan to pick a word for the year. Or make a list of goals, though if I did, perhaps I should make resolutions such as:

  • Only make one Facebook complaint about my neighbors per week.
  • Only make an excuse to get out of walking once a week.
And my mind just went blank. 

As I get ready to log-off for the evening, I debate whether or not to call back over to my parents' house to see what they decided to do. Go to a movie or not? Cook something they bought at the grocery store or not? 

With the rain and cold, I don't really care to get out of the house. If I hadn't had a cold for the past week, my taste buds might actually crave something and I might be more gungho to go somewhere. In fact, I know that would be the case. 

I wonder if my friends decided to not go to the Big D NYE because of rain. For more reasons than one, I wonder if they might not be hanging out tonight at their homes too.

Anyway, I'm ready for the next year, just to get past the holiday hoopla and on with life. It all gets so built up, then it just doesn't seem to live up to its potential. Do you feel the same way?