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The Bachelorette: Hannah B. - Week 11

Well, I’m not starting off The Batchelorette on time for a number of reasons. It’s not going to post right afterwards either because I don’t have internet.

I was supposed to have internet last Thursday when it got turned off at my old house. Long story, but not getting it until tomorrow. My “equipment” which was just phone cords and Ethernet cables got delivered to the old house which promoted call #5 to make sure the tech was coming to the correct address tomorrow. Sigh.

Between having to get up early and syncing my work laptops that had not downloaded email since last Wednesday night and going back two more times (once around 1:30 PM and again around 7:00 PM) to send and receive more email, I put in an 11 hour work day that was not as productive as it could have been with use of the internet because everything requires the internet these days.

I am so glad to be moved all the way in with the other house empty. I’m even more glad that after a long day, there isn’t three hours of blogging ahead. I had anticipated two hours of episode followed by an hour of “The Men Tell All,” but it’s only two hours of tell all. With all the ya-ya-ya blah-blah-blah, it’s probably going to be a light blogging night with lots of commercials.

Chris Harrison promises that tonight will be a very different kind of “Tell All.” We are going to pick up first where last week in Greece left off.

Even though there were four last week and Luke was sent packing, she needs to get it down to two men, even though she loves all three in different ways.

Peter arrives. Tyler arrives. Jed arrives. They wonder about Luke.

The voice over of Hannah shares that she finally saw what the other men had been saying about Luke. She doesn’t want to see him ever again.

However, Luke still loves her. He knows Hannah loves him, even if she never said it. Luke believes Hannah has made a big mistake. He can’t leave without talking to her again. He’s headed her way with a ring in hand.

Luke arrives and stands next to the other men like nothing ever happened.

Hannah arrives, knowing what man she is going to let go. She is shocked to arrive and see Luke standing among the men. Luke steps forward and he asks why he is there. He wants to talk. She flat out says no. She tells him to go. She also says some other things that are bleeped. She warns Luke that she is about to go psycho. He needs clarity and closure. She doesn’t care.

Luke is making it all about him. His heart isn’t broken yet. He isn’t going anywhere. She moves the rose podium to get in front of him. Finally, all the other guys step in to tell him what for. Tyler and Jed are vocal while Peter tries to comfort her, keeping mostly quiet. Luke still doesn’t get the point. Luke said her emotions were leading her, that it was not her character. Hannah proceeds to repeat back exactly what Luke said. He claims to have not said it word for word (which he did).

Luke says he knows she still has feelings for him. Hannah says she finally found her clarity and got it when he said what he did. Luke claims he was misunderstood.

Chris Harrison comes up to ask Hannah what she wants. She says she wants Luke to leave. She looks him in the eye (as asked) and confirms she has no feelings for him.

Chris tells Hannah that Luke had a ring in his pocket and was ready to propose to her.

Jed is convinced all is right with the world now. I think Jed’s going home now. I think he’s in for disappointment.

Peter comments that the Puke show is over. Peter is pretty confident without saying it. That’s what time in the windmill will do for you.

Alas, we don’t find out at this point who else was sent home. I’m guessing next week starts there. We now jump into “Men Tell All.”

First in the hot seat is Luke. When he is introduced, no applause whatsoever. Total silent reception.

Chris points out that we had never witnessed what just happened before. Chris asks what he was looking for. Luke wanted clarity and/closure. He just thought he was being sent home because Hannah thought he was judging her. Chris points out he did have his say the night he said what he did. Luke tries to backtrack and change what the conversation was. We could go back to the video, but…

Everyone in the audience tilts their head puzzlement.

Luke said he was taking like it was a single relationship. He doesn’t “get to see her straddle or mount or swap saliva with other guys.” He continues that it wasn’t easy, he was getting fit for a proposal suit and he found out the night before that his potential future wife was having sex with other guys. Chris asked why he didn’t just walk away. Luke said he made a mistake. He made Hannah out to be the perfect one for him, Hannah though there was something about him (love at first sight) with him. He went back thinking she made a mistake. He thought there were mutual feelings that were still there.

Chris points out that the discussion of how they view faith (not often discussed before) ended up being the parting of ways. Luke tries to come up with language to make it clear. There is a lot of silence.

I guess this is supposed to make for good TV, but I’m over this. He thinks that Hannah calling him a narcissist was taking things a little too far. Luke still has feelings for Hannah, but he knows she is not his person. Chris asks if Luke thinks he has made any mistakes. Luke said he wouldn’t change a thing if he could go back.

After a commercial break, Luke backtracks again saying that he would change a lot of things. He asks with the guys or with Hannah? Chris said maybe it all started with the guys. Luke P. says maybe it all started to go with Luke S. In watching back, he didn’t like the guy he was either.

Luke said he was on a rescue mission for Hannah (from the guys). Chris asks for clarification and Luke has to back up again. None of the other men have come out until now. Devin comes out to confront Luke. Devin says that there are two kinds of men: One that wants and independent woman and another that wants a woman he can control. Luke was the latter. Luke asks if he is going to get a chance to respond as Chris thanks Devin for coming out and dismisses. When Chris does give him a chance to answer, he needs some time to get his thoughts together. “The last thing that I want, and the last thing I will ever do is control a woman and I do want an independent woman in my life as my wife.” He continues on, but I don’t believe it. He tells the “contestants” that he is not there to argue, but they can bring it on.

After commercial, a bunch of men come out, including some that barely lasted a moment and we all forgot about long ago.

Luke is still in the hot seat, possibly away from the men for his own physical safety.

Chris asks Luke about why he couldn’t ever fix it with the guys. Luke said it was because he was the front runner and it would have ticked any of them off. He had a target on his back.

Mike points out that Luke put his own target there. He calmly points out how Luke has not changed.

Connor gives him props for showing up because he is about to step into a firestorm. He tells him to get ready for it.

Luke said it was hurtful to watch himself over the season and that he realizes how bad he was. Mike asks why anyone would forgive him because he changes his story constantly.

Grant (remember him – yeah, me neither) points out how Luke owes Tyler, Jed and Peter an apology because “No means no.”

Everyone has a little something to say.

Cam thanks Luke for making him (Cam) look like a saint.

More comments are made. More of the same. Luke does ask for forgiveness before moving on.

After another commercial break, Luke is sitting with the men, but still wants to have one more say before moving on. He says the men don’t really know who he is.

Next up in the hot seat is John Paul Jones. Why? No clue. What ensues is a montage of his few moments. I could be unpacking a box right now. A crazy woman with WWJPJD (what would John Paul Jones do) on her shirt asks to cut a piece of his hair like Hannah got to do on the show.

Moving on, the moments of Mike follow. I liked Mike. But I feel like I could be changing out loads of laundry right now.

At long last, Hannah arrives. After a little chit chat about facing all your ex-boyfriends, she jumps into talking about Luke. She will never say her feelings weren’t real, but there was a lot of insecurity in being THE Bachelorette. That first night, Luke made her feel like he was there for her, and she held onto that for too long.

They move on to talking about faith. She felt it was weaponized against her in the end. Luke shakes his head as Hannah talks about him. She then moves into her talk of plans or lack thereof for the fantasy suites.

She moves into being tired of being slut shamed and grace. Not on board with all she has to say. She is adamant that fantasy suites aren’t all about sex.

When they come back from the next break, Luke is gone. Supposedly, he’s catching a flight. We’re all ready to move on anyway.

Garrett apologizes for what went down and his part in it. You know, bologna tossing.

Finally, we end up with bloopers. The best part is Jed being freaked out by the cameraman zooming in on a makeout session. The reel wasn’t very long and there were no bugs involved this time. Bummer.

It closes with Hannah apologizing for a season of so much Luke. She shouldn’t have had him around so long, and she’s tired of talking about him.

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The Bachelorette: Hannah B - Week 10

As usual, I'm running late on getting started. I needed to run over to the new house to check out my selection of paint color (one of the bedrooms is finished now) and to water plants. I cut my quit time too close.

I'm so ready to be moved in (which will happen by the end of the week) and finish cleaning this one out. I have soooooooo much going on. I have to figure out when to work at some point this week in between everything else going on. However, it's all coming together.

On to the topic at hand, fantasy suite week on The Bachelorette and sending some people HOME.

This week, Hannah and her men are in Crete. She's a little too excited about fantasy suite week. She thinks she could see herself with any of the four men. She says it's been a long time since she's been physical with a man, but I'm going to call that a matter of exact definition --- both of what a long time and... She's gotten pretty hot and heavy if not all the way with some of these guys already. She claims the fantasy suites are not about sex, but connection without cameras. However, unless every last one of the preview teases for the entire season is wrong...

Of the four guys left, Peter had the slower start, but they have started to take off. He has his stuff together. 

Oh dear goodness, please stop singing about the fantasy suites. It's scary.

The date with Peter is out on the water in a sailboat where they do their best Titanic "I'm the king of the world" bit. On deck, their makeout session with his hands all up and over her butt is interrupted by the deck hands raising sail. Let's just say I don't need to see all that.

After cleaning up and changing, they meet up again. They talk about his family last week and how invested his family is now. You think he is going to spit out his "I love you," but he changes the subject to flying with her. You think he's going to do it again, then he changes direction again. Finally, he says, "This reminds me of how falling in love with you I am."

Peter reminds me so much of a cross between Ben Higgins and Colton Underwood appearance wise. I may be crazy.

She hands him the fantasy suite card. Their suite is in a windmill. Peter thinks Crete is known for windmills. I thought that was Holland, but I could be wrong.

The cameras could not leave soon enough.

If Peter were the Greek god, Zeus, she would be Aphrodite, the goddess of love. She does some weird hand dance I wish I never saw. At least she didn't sing.
The morning after, Peter claims last night was the best night of his life. He's giddy in love.

It's on to the next city and next date. A day with Tyler. 

After hometowns, he has no doubts. He's ready to get down on one knee.

Their date relaxing at a spa. She's walking around in crazy high shoes with Daisy Dukes. It is a challenge going up the spiral staircase. Clonk, clonk, clonk.

As they get ready for their massage, they talk about Jupiter last week, his family, his brothers being her kind of people. after the massage therapists start, while she's not looking he gets up, the masseuses leave and he takes over. He just wanted to rub on her. Again, the cameras need to leave a little to the imagination.

Hannah has no doubt the physical is there, but needs the emotional to catch up.

At dinner, Tyler talks about all of their dates being easy. Hannah agrees on the fun and easy part. She explains how she wants it to be more than physical between them. She tells him she doesn't want to go all the way in the fantasy suite. They have to talk if they go to the fantasy suite.

Tyler thinks he has grown as a man in 9 weeks. He can respect her boundaries.

Their suite is on a boat.

The next morning, they agree that they had a great night talking and making out, but stopping.

Next up is Jed. Jed has a chip on his shoulder after the rose ceremony last week. 

How long until he brings up his nemesis? He was talking pre-date about Luke. Maybe he can wait a while.

They join a Greek family gathering, dance with them, eat with them, etc. The patriarch of the family says they look fully in love. The more they are questioned, the more uncomfortable Jed gets as Hannah talks about how she isn't sure yet.

Jed asks Hannah to go talk. He needs clarity on Luke. Jed has seen Luke lie, be deceptive and so on. He wants to know how she can still be in to that. She doesn't want to hurt Jed, so asks how honest he wants her to be.
From the get go there was a connection she cannot explain. She knows Luke is there for her and believes he is a good girl. Jed wants to know why she is holding on to something so uncertain. Hannah knows she has seen sides the men have not seen. She kisses Jed to reassure him. As they walk back to the party, Hannah says Jed has to let her figure it out.

Hannah knows Jed had good intentions with his questions. However, the dinner portion starts awkward. She thanks him for the conversation from earlier in the day. Their conversation goes back to Luke, and Jed calls him toxic. Jed is concerned that Hannah has a hard time letting go of things that aren't good for her in her life. It makes him feel uncertain. Now Hannah is really uncomfortable. A little TMI for her. Hannah trusts Jed, but she wants Jed to trust her. After sharing that he doesn't see how she can like him if she likes Luke, she gets up to get some air and space. However, he follows her out, defeating the purpose. He's afraid to give her space.

They come back to the table, and again, Hannah says Jed has to trust her to figure it out. The relationship she has with Lucas has nothing to do with her feelings for him.

All of a sudden, like BOOM, they are back on a good page once they get back to the table. She kisses Jed and gives him a fantasy date card.

The next morning, Jed describes their night as the best slumber party ever where they never slept.

Last up is Luke. Fireworks and ugly snotty tears are sure to come. 

Luke is too confident for his own good in all his talk pre-date.

They are headed to Santorini via helicopter. They land and take in the views. Hannah reveals that Luke is the best kisser. As they dance, she decides her eyes look deep into her soul.

Hannah appreciated hearing his family describe who they know Luke to be. Luke sees Hannah as his future life. He doesn't take marriage and the L-word lightly.

So far, so good, but we haven't gotten to dinner yet.

Hannah has on the biggest earrings ever. It is distracting me. She's smiling away. Then, Luke starts talking about what he wants and wanting it the way he wants it. They talk about each being spiritual leaders in their families. He moves into talking about sex. Her look is more solemn. He is talking about abstaining for a few years now. He wants to hear her say she has the same morals. He talks about fantasy suites. He wants to make sure she isn't going to be intimate with the other men here. He says if he found out she had slept with one of the other guys, he would send himself home. (He doesn't know he is the last guy, evidently.)

The way he said what he did made her mad. She feels that he is judging her when he doesn't have the right. She says sin outside of marriage may be a sin (IT IS!), but so is pride. She thinks this is a pride thing for him. He tries to back track what he said, saying he is willing to try to move past this if she did something with all three guys if he is the last date. He can understand a slip up, but "ALL OF THEM?"

I don't disagree with what Luke is saying, but he has unrealistic expectations for what this show is. He also doesn't express his words well.

Hannah goes off saying that he raised all these red flags and throws out all these things that could have gotten him kicked so far. She is very angry now. No one owns Hannah.

He keeps calling her choices "slip-ups." She turns it on him by bring up the story of the adulterous woman from the Bible.

Hannah points out how he has not respected the guys there or her. It's obvious to her now. There have been so many emotional moments for her. She prayed for clarity and feels like she got it. Hannah does not want Luke to be her husband. Luke asks for a chance to speak. He is denied. She asks if she can walk him out. He still wants to share some words, clarity or not.

It is pouring down rain now. It is windy the weather is getting bad. She says it is over and that he needs to come on and leave. He feels Hannah owes her a moment to share. Hannah says she has given him many chances and that she owes him nothing right now. She gets madder and madder.

Luke says he wasn't condemning her, he was trying to tell her the ideal. He still sees a future with her. He refuses to get in the limo. As if he didn't get it before, she spells out that she has been with someone there. She opens the car door and asks what he's waiting for. He wants to pray over her before he leaves. Denied.

She finally feels the weight lifted off of her shoulders. She doesn't have to deal with him again.

The previews for next week reveal the guys when they realize Luke is gone as they gather for the rose ceremony. However, Luke does show back up, and she yells at him to leave.

Monday, July 8, 2019

The Bachelorette: Hannah B - Week 9

Weekly disclaimer... I quit work in time to start the blog on time. I still had time after going over to the other house to water my plants. Then, I went and grabbed something to eat. Starting a few minutes late, I decided I could eat and blog at the same time. Then, I wasn't 15 minutes in and I heard back about my painting bid. I ended up stopping to finish dinner and head back over to the house for something and leave a note. I'm an hour behind. Story of my life.

Tonight is sure to be full of drama. It's hometown date week on The Bachelorette.

We're jumping right in today. Hannah is in Peter's hometown Westlake Village, California. 

When Hannah was playing Barbies as a little girl, Peter was her dream man. Her handsome pilot. He didn't necessarily catch her attention right away, but Peter snuck up on her.

His car is his baby. He wants to take her for a ride. She starts going through the console to snoop on him. She asks, "Why do you have a rubber in here?" She says it's only kissing and hand holding in the car. Yeah, right.

He takes her to the airport where they are going for a flight in his little plane. He flies her over the Bachelor mansion. Once they are back at the airport, they chat a little bit before heading over to his parents' house.

They arrive to meet Dad (Peter Sr.), Mom (Barbara) and little brother (Jack). Bro asks where they have been. Peter tries to start talking, but Hannah interrupts telling about something unrelated. She shares how at first he said he took a while to open up, but she wouldn't let him. They never did get back to where they had traveled because they head to the dinner table.

Dinner starts with a German blessing. Peter gets teary eyed talking about how much it means to be there. Jack gets a little more watching Peter. It's Jack that takes Hannah off first. He shares how Peter goes all in.

Mom talks to Peter, asking if Hannah is the one who makes his heart make weird noises. She makes the sounds which are odd. Peter knows how he feels about her, but isn't sure how she feels about him. He has not said, "I love you." He doesn't want to get hurt.

Mom gets emotional talking to Hannah, sharing that she knows Peter has fallen bad for her.

Sr. talks to Jr. Peter knew after his flight today that Hannah was his person. The fact that he is a hopeless romantic keeps coming up. Dad asks if he is prepared to not continue the journey, after all, there are three other men left. Now dad loses it, sobbing about only wanting the best for him.
They talk again, but he still doesn't spill his true feelings.

Next up is Tyler, in Jupiter, Florida. 

Tyler strikes me as always drunk. The way is talks has a slur to it.

They are going to explore the city by boat. That includes rubbing each other all over with sunscreen. She thinks he's hot and gets flustered talking about him. After touring around, they have to jump off in the water to cool off and make out. He shows her the house he grew up in.

Their pre-family conversation includes talking about his dad that has been really sick. He has a paralyzed vocal cord and his situation has been pretty serious. They dance at the outdoor bar. Hannah plays the air guitar with the band. She seems a little off.

There is A LOT of family there to meet Hannah. The story starts with the limo driving up. Hannah thought Tyler was a stud. With all the small town watching, Dad just hoped Tyler wasn't cut on the first night.

Dad and Tyler talk. Dad sees Tyler and thinks he may be in love.

Brother sees a change and Tyler and thinks maybe now he could see him getting engaged.

Mom and Tyler talk. She is excited to see their chemistry. Does he see himself proposing? Sometimes it scares him, but he thinks he could do it.

Hannah has Dad worried about Tyler. Dad didn't expect Tyler to be in love because he doesn't let anyone close to him. Hannah asks if he thinks Tyler could be serious at the end of this. Is he ready? Dad thinks he could be.

Tyler follows Hannah into the back seat of the car when she gets in to leave. It gets awkward right behind the driver.

I am not sure I am prepared for the crazy that is Luke's hometown of Gainesville, Georgia.

It must have been that he was the first to tell her that he was falling in love with her that drew her in. He is a jigsaw puzzle for her. She has the corners down, but the middle has her confused.

They head off to a restaurant where they are holding a Sunday school class. Luke gives his testimony. He says he was a respectful guy. He was always him. In high school, he started drinking. In college, he was chasing sex. Then, in the shower, he felt like God was telling him to let go of his sin and shift his focus. Luke feels God has drawn him to Hannah.

They break into small groups to talk. She goes around talking to them about Luke. They all think he's great and they close that time together with a group prayer with everyone putting hands on Luke and Hannah.

Dad, Mom, Brother, Sister-in-law (also named Hannah), his grandmother, his great grandmother and some others. They sit down to talk about it all started. Hannah shares about how Luke got into it with another guy. He shares how Luke got himself in trouble. Dad isn't sure how he would have gotten in that situation if he was being himself.

Dad and Luke talk. Luke says the past week and a half has been great. Their whole conversation is weird.

Hannah talks to the brother and sister-in-law. Sometimes Luke is great. Other times, he sees the same thing the guys saw. His family assures her that the bad things are not who Luke really is. His brother says that Luke is a humble guy.

I think Luke has his family fooled too.

Hannah says she couldn't let him go because she saw his heart. Luke's brother believes Luke is everything Hannah is looking for. Hannah asks Dad if he thinks Luke could be ready for engagement at the end. Dad seems to hem haw.

Mom asks Luke about some of the things Hannah said over dinner. Luke says it is because he was being cautious. Mom gives him a big hug when he says he loves Hannah.

Luke and Hannah chat on the front porch before she goes. He apologizes for the struggle they have had. He sees a future with her, without a doubt he can say he loves her.

In Hannah's interview, she says she is falling in love with him. For the life of me, I sitll cannot figure out why.

Last up is Jed's family in Knoxville, TN. 

He takes her to a music studio. They write a song together talking about all their moments together. He thinks Hannah is a natural at this after all, she's so good at everything. *insert me rolling my eyes*

Hannah tries to sing with him, but she needs to stop. It's bad because she can't sing. Because she can't remember the words. It gets awkward because they are carrying in front of the guys in the sound booth. Jed tells Hannah he loves her.

They head to Seiverville, his actual hometown. As someone posted on Twitter, he should have taken her to Dollywood. That would have been less painful than the singing.

There are lots of people there to meet Hannah, including the parents, a sister and grandparents. They start their story of time together in Boston and him making an over the head basket on the Celtics practice court while kissing.

There are two picnic tables full of people there to eat, but the two tables aren't right next together so it's kind of awkward.

As someone on Twitter said, Jed's dad kind of looks like a country version of Luke's Dad. Dad isn't so sure about all of this, even though Jed says that he's falling in love with Hannah. They talk about how Jed still wants to have his career in music and that Hannah is supportive. Chances are, he's just on the show to launch his career.

Jed's mom is less than impressed. Mom says that Jed is just one of the guys. She questions Hannah when she says she is falling in love with Jed. "Have you said that to all the guys?"

Jed has lived his life. Been in love. Been through a lot. Mom is kind of like whatever. She talks about his path being different because of how he pursues music. This kind of scares Hannah. She brings it up with Jed's sister. Sister doesn't think that Jed possibly falling in love with Hannah is a good thing.

Mom tells Jed it doesn't seem realistic to her. She's surprised Jed is falling in love with Hannah. Mom tells Jed that she told Hannah she didn't think Jed was ready for marriage.

The night did not go the way Hannah thought it would go. She didn't get the validation she needed. She now thinks that either their relationship or his music will suffer. She's confused now. Hannah leaves without really talking to Jed.

Everyone is gathered back at the mansion. The four men are lined up waiting for Hannah. 

Chris welcomes her home. He asks how the week has gone. Hannah says it is hard to compare apples to oranges to kiwi to cantaloupe. She's hoping when she sees the guys she will be able to make a decision.

She enters. Makes her speech about meeting their families and seeing what her future may look like.

Hannah picks up the first rose. Peter.

She picks up the second rose. After a moment's hesitation, Tyler.

Chris comes in to state the obvious. This is the final rose of the night. He turns around, as usual, and walks off. She picks up the rose. Fidgets with it. Tries to speak. cant. Walks out of the room with it.

Tyler and Peter whisper with Jed. Chris comes to check on Hannah. Hannah is picking off the petals of the rose.

Hannah says she has four great men. She just doesn't know who her future may be with because she hasn't had time to dive in.

The other men leave Luke alone until Hannah re-enters, without the rose she ripped apart. She still doesn't know what to do. Until now, she knew what decisions to make. She can't give out a final rose, but gives them each one. Chris brings out two roses. She wants to continue on with all of them.

Third rose goes to Luke. Fourth rose goes to Jed.

Jed feels like he didn't really get a rose because it felt like a toss up between him and a scumbag. jed is now unsure about all of this.

Cue previews for next week in Crete.

Monday, July 1, 2019

The Bachelorette: Hannah B. - Week 8

Ok, so this week, I'm starting late again. I was trying to finish off a few things for work that I needed to have done last week, but there was that whole, close on buying a house thing going on at the end of last week.

Today, my work got interrupted by trying to get a start on getting utilities in my name for the new house and a final meter read date for this house. Let's not talk about paying electricity for two houses for the month of July. In Texas.

Moving on.

The day also involved going down to the city and having to talk with the City Manager because the water department would not let me have two water bills lap more than two weeks unless I owned both properties. I want to pay them for two bills, but they didn't want to let me. The City Manager thought it was odd too. They are going to let me do it, but I didn't have my copies of the closing papers to be able to finish that task. So, I'll have to go back and finish that off. Hoping that goes smoothly next time.

So, now, at 8:00, I get to start blogging an hour late. At least I casually hinted with Dad that I really wanted to have my TV night tonight, so we aren't moving the rest of my plants over to the new house. Those cattle syrup buckets turned planters are HEAVY. That's going to be a lot of work. At least it isn't 100 degrees yet.

All I have to say is that Luke really ought to go home tonight. I may have to count the number of times someone says, "Stay in your lane."

This week, they are in the beautiful Netherlands. I love all the tulips. I want to go there. I don't care if Amsterdam is a great place to fall in love or not. I just want to see the tulips.

This week, for Hannah, is the week that she needs to be opening up to the guys. Hannah arrives to meet the remaining seven men. This week she determines which men get hometown dates. She says a date starts now. No date card needed, she invites Jed along.

I find Hannah's voice annoying anyway, but she's hoarse, so it's bad.

When Jed and Hannah leave, the men send some barbs Luke's way about wasting time this week.

First stop is a chocolate store. Then, Jed gives her a pansy. It's a lame moment. Hannah drives a boat along the canals. They dance to a wind up organ cart. They sit down at a street cafe and the locals can tell Hannah and Jed are not. The woman says, "You're not a Netherlander." Jed says they are English. Hannah corrects him, that they are Americans. The old couple has been married 54 years after only knowing each other 10 days.

Jed is stupid.

Moving on. Hannah tells him she is slow to open up, but she is trying to protect her heart. She finds it hard to articulate her feelings. Maybe it's just me, but the poor girl has a hard time articulating period.

Maybe she is getting hoarse because her mono is flaring up again.

Back at the hotel the date card arrives. Connor, who sounds like his sinuses are stopped up, had the first one-on-one of those there and it didn't go as planned because of Hannah's mono unnamed illness.

"Tyler - Will you ride into the sunset with me? - Hannah"

Connor sulks. 

On to the evening portion of Jed's date. He brings her tulips.

Last week, Jed told Hannah that he loved her, but she's been tight lipped about her feelings. She's going to try to be as open as she can. She has feelings for multiple people, so she doesn't know what to do. She doesn't want to hurt anyone.

Jed says he sees the drama of the other relationships. That was an attempt to be smooth. But it was too obvious to me.

Hannah recaps their magical moments of the day, then tells Jed that she is falling in love with him. However, she doesn't know how this is going to end. He need not get his hopes up too soon.

Jed gets his date rose. She can see a future with him. Then she mumbles on in her producer interview about stars. She does hand gestures weirder than the ones my kids and I make up in Bible class, but for that reference, you have to be there.

Onto Tyler's date in The Hague. 

Blah, blah, blah, time for me to open up. Tyler arrives to explore the city. 

Tyler is ready for Hannah to meet Nana and Momma. Until then, he has to knock off his nervous energy and ride the horse he is scared of. Yet, he'll do anything for love. They have no idea what they are doing. They can't get their horses to walk at first. Hannah wants waffle, but the horse won't go that direction. They try to get ice cream from a vendor, but they have a hard time coordinating that too.

The horses stop at the pickled herring cart. This is one of Tyler's greatest fears. She gets her bite down. He does not. He gags.

Their boring blah, blah, blah chat includes a discussion of how Tyler thinks she needs the cocktail parties, but they get ruined for her. She wants to know more about how he sometimes gets in his own head.

That night, she wants to know the dirrrtty and the raaaawww. The conversation starts with his nervousness with the horse. They move on to talk about his parents' divorce. His biggest fear is a feared marriage. Her parents are still married, but she doesn't want their communication style in her marriage. That's why she is digging for info. He ultimately gets the date rose. She wants to meet his family. At this revelation, he says Tyler says he is falling in love with her and can see himself proposing.

At the hotel, the next date card arrives. "Mike - I'm drawn to you. - Hannah" 

Connor leaves the room, pouting that he doesn't feel confident since he's on this group date. It's been too long since they had their last one-on-one. Peter checks on him and has to subject himself to this. My bet is Connor goes home this week. 

Side note: A jump from seven down to four in one week seems huge. I don't think the cut is usually that large. 

Connor goes to whine to Hannah about not being on the date card. He says he was upset when his name wasn't on his date card. Hannah points out he has faded in the group dates. Does he feel that? He's been holding on to the one-on-one. He knew he was feeling those feelings of falling in love then, even though it was cut short.

The men chat around the room. Luke doesn't see a future for any of the other guys. He sure knows how to make friends and influence people.

Hannah tells Connor he should have been stepping up in group dates. They have had some good moments, but Hannah tells him that there are other relationships that she feels further along with. She doesn't know if she can see it with him. He didn't want this to be goodbye, but it sucks that it is.

Oh my goodness, hand the man some cheese to go with that whine.

And then there were six. 

The next day, Hannah is a little wobbly on her bicycle as she rides to meet Mike. He's a better rider than she is. They stop at a gallery and view the paintings. The artist joins them. Their date will involve painting each other. After some bad drawings of one another, the artist then draws the two of them.

Mike is open with his feelings. Mike always does that and it's what Hannah wants from everyone. However, she doesn't know how she feels about him. Right now, she doesn't know.

That night, the date continues at an art museum. Hannah looks so seriously at the Vermeer. She starts ugly, snotty crying looking at the painting of a woman with a sword in one hand and a Bible in the other.

When Mike arrives, she just wants to sit down and talk. She's been there for a little while and got to look at all the art and was overwhelmed by the beauty. She starts talking about the painting and the men fighting in the background behind the woman. Hannah thinks it encompasses what she's going through right now. Mike just wants to give her a hug. She is not ok. He's been a rock through this whole thing for her. He starts to see where this is going. She talks about how he has talked about the three ladies in his life (mom, sister and grandmother) looking for his fourth. Hannah just doesn't see herself as the fourth. He thanks her for being honest.

And then there were five. 

Hannah says that was the hardest goodbye so far because Mike was such a good guy.

I think she just wiped her snotty nose on her sleeve like a four year old boy.

At the hotel, Luke talks about how all the guys are in his way and how it would make his day for someone to come get Mike's suitcase. 

Tyler calls Luke a villain. Luke says he gets along with everyone except him, even Garrett. Garrett is like, I don't think so. Someone comes to get the suitcase. 

Two of three on the group date will get a rose. Who will be the odd man out?

The next day, the date is on. 

The men meet Hannah. She knows it's going to be hard, but wants them to try to have fun. Hannah hopes her head can be comfortable with what her heart wants. Luke takes Hannah off first, before they really even do anything.

Luke starts trash talking without naming names, until he does. He says he isn't going to name names, but then he does. First he names Jed as trash talking him. Then, he moves onto talking about Garrett. Hannah wants to know why everyone picks on him if Luke has no part in it. Luke thinks they have something special because they have had to deal with all this crap. Hannah is trying to figure out what she thinks is true.

Garrett tells Hannah he hasn't been sleeping well since ho great their last date was. Hannah brings up Luke and what he shared about the night before. Garrett says it isn't fair for anyone for it to be the Luke Show and they are all frustrated with it.

Garrett is mad. He's going to play passive aggressive to an extent. Garrett says, "Didn't you tell me last night you were going to stay in your own lane? I wasn't going to bring you up, but Hannah brought you up." Trash talk follows. Garrett accuses Luke of being the fakest person he knows. Garrett is so immature. Luke gets aggressive again. Garrett calls Luke a weasel or snake. Luke yells at him and throws a pile of bologna in Garrett's lap. Then Garrett calls Luke bologna.

Luke finds Peter who is minding his own business outside. Luke says he had no intentions of saying anything about anyone, however, Hannah asked. Peter throws out a "stay in your lane." Peter gets mad that Luke has stirred up Hannah and he (Peter) hasn't even had a chance to talk to her yet.

Peter talks about the clarity he had after their date. He is filled with happiness thinking about taking her home to meet his family. He asks how she feels. She's excited. Peter wisely keeps the other guys out of it and focuses on her.

When it comes time for the rose, Peter gets it. They leave the room again, leaving Dumb and Dumber alone together. Luke gives Garrett an intense stare. Garrett winks at him and tries to play mind games.

After Peter gets the rose, he heads back to the safety of the hotel. The last rose will go to whoever survives dinner with Hannah. She doesn't want drama that night. That's not wanting a lot.

Luke takes Hannah off first again. Luke talks about his stupid youth. He chased drinking and sex. He was unfulfilled and had a come to Jesus moment in the shower. Since then, he has been on fire to become what his future wife is looking for.

They have a sharing of faith moment followed by a makeout moment. *insert eye roll*
Jed and Tyler welcome Peter back at the hotel. Peter thinks Garrett will be back. 

Garrett gets his time. He's excited for her to meet his family. He feels like he has grown with her. Kissy kissy. He says, "I love you." She kisses him again.

She's going to send home one of the guys she is making out with.

Garrett is the first person to actually say, "I love you," instead of falling, etc.

However, she had a faith bonding moment with Luke.

Given how people have started messaging me with angst, I know she's going to keep Luke. That's what her cut and heart is telling her.

Hannah walks Garrett out as Luke laughs to himself.

Garrett is shocked as he rides away. He knows Luke is going to talk his way into Hannah's graces for the rest of his life. He is legit concerned.

The men at the hotel watch in anguish as someone comes to get Garrett's suitcase.

And the whole of Bachelor Nation groans in anguish thinking, surely next week will be the week.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

I have a house!

I wasn't so sure it was going to happen this week (or maybe at all), but I officially have a house!

After spotty communication with my lender, getting insane last minute documents submitted, two different closing dates, and two different closing times yesterday, I finally signed all my paperwork.

There was very little pomp and circumstance. There were no real estate agents involved, my lender wasn't local and the seller lives out of town. It was just me and the attorney I have known since I was in fifth grade sitting at a table going through the forms.

Not that I wanted it, but there wasn't even a picture with the big house photo frame that sat in the office.

The seller's sister gave me the code to get in the house and my keys were in the kitchen drawer.

After finally getting my papers signed, I picked up some Sonic because I was hungry and it was after 2:00. I went to the new house because it felt like I should, so I ate my first meal at the house standing up at the kitchen counter. Mom and Dad came over because they could.

My first non-parental visitors were my next door neighbors -- my preacher and his family. He came with a cup asking for sugar. I told him he was out of luck unless he wanted a bite of hamburger. That's probably true of my pantry after I move too.

I'll post some pictures soon. I forgot to take pictures the past couple of days. Just absent-mindedly forgot.

After the going-ons of the past month, I'm just glad to have a house!

Friday, June 28, 2019

It’s never too early to teach that bad choices lead to bad consequences

Part 2 of an interview with Marty Machowski,
Author of Don’t Blame the Mud

For young readers and families, Don’t Blame the Mud (New Growth Press) paints a vivid and accurate picture of sin and God’s plan of redemption. Written by best-selling children’s author Marty Machowski, this beautifully illustrated picture book teaches children how to recognize the lure of temptation and the truth that bad choices lead to bad consequences.

One day, Max takes the muddy path along the creek home, disregarding his mother’s reminder to keep his school clothes clean. After crashing into a mud puddle, he tries to hide his mistake and discovers the stain of his sin goes deeper than the mud he can wash away. In this lovable, relatable, and heartwarming tale, Max learns his heart needs to be cleaned, and Jesus is the only one who can wash away his sin.

By clearly articulating the gospel, Don’t Blame the Mud helps parents create an environment of confession so kids can own up to their own mistakes—in the freedom of Christ—rather than place the blame elsewhere. Parents, teachers, and caretakers can help children identify with the real-life draw of temptation and the real-life consequences of sin, understanding the value of God’s salvation through the cross. Instead of teaching kids how to deal with a problem, Machowski uncovers the real issue of sin and provides a gospel answer.

Q: Why did you choose to personify sin and temptation as the character Mud?

I wanted a situation that would work for all kids, all around the world, no matter what culture they came from. From my experience, just about every kid in the world has heard his or her mom or dad say, “Don’t get your clothes dirty,” and all kids have faced the decision as to whether or not they are going to obey that command. I remember times as a kid where I chose to play football in a muddy field, telling myself I could keep my good school clothes clean, only to end up getting them muddy. That’s where the idea for the story came from. In fact, in the first draft, I had Max playing football in a muddy field—a picture of me as a kid.

I wanted a fun character that would bring interest to the story and help children identify with the real-life draw of temptation and the real-life consequences of sin. The Mud character does both of those things.

Q: Why is it important to teach young children about sin?

Without an understanding of sin and the holiness of God, our children won’t understand the value of God’s salvation through the cross. Unless you see that you have a problem, you don’t think you need a solution.

Q: How should parents use the story with their children?

I think Don’t Blame the Mud is a story families can read again and again. The theological explanations at the end of the story are designed to help children understand the underlying biblical truths presented by the story. So, reading Don’t Blame the Mud again and again will help children learn those underlying truths.

Q: What advice would you give parents who desperately want to see their children become Christians and follow Jesus, but their children aren’t responding like Max in your story?

I wanted Max to become a Christian in the story as a part of the gospel presentation to teach children how the gospel is meant to affect us. But yes, you are correct to point out life is rarely that simple. I would reassure parents with the words of the Apostle Paul, who encouraged the Galatians, “Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up” (Galatians 6:9 ESV).

For parents with struggling children, I wrote a devotional book to encourage them called Parenting First Aid. In it I share my own personal parenting stories and tales of folks I’ve met along the way. I connect the stories to scriptures in a way that’s designed to blow a fresh wind of faith into the struggling parent’s heart.

Q: Don’t Blame the Mud is your first venture into writing a short picture book. How was the experience different than the other books you have written?

Even though there are far fewer words in Don’t Blame the Mud than any of my other books, it took me ten times as much time per word to write. I took the better part of six months and hundreds of hours writing Don’t Blame the Mud. I have more than twenty rewrites in my working files. It started out as a rhyming book similar to Dr. Seuss since it’s a book for that audience, an early reader book for the younger elementary grades.

However, I later changed it back to prose as I didn’t want to have to force the important sections to rhyme. I left a few of the rhyming lines in the book as I think they help those lines to stand out.

Learn more at He can also be found on Twitter (@MartyMachowski).

Click here to order your copy!

Monday, June 24, 2019

The Bachelorette: Hannah B. - Week 7

As usual, I'm running a bit late getting started with my post because I was fixing something to eat, waiting for my computer to start back up, then needed to forward an email I just got to someone.

I'm going to have to eat during commercials because I didn't want to burn my tongue. Warning from the previews: I may do some slut shaming. I don't know what else to call it.

But we'll jump on in. They are in Latvia where Hannah hopes she gets a fresh start and reminds her why she is here: To find love and be romanced by these men.

She wants these things in a man: Goes on adventures with her and makes her feel loved.

In regards to her fresh start, it sure as heck would have helped if she had gotten rid of Luke.

Oh to be young and stupid, and think you are in love. (Like I would know, but I digress.)

The men are chomping at the bit to see Hannah. Once they gather around the room and start chatting, Luke talks about not getting to spend enough time with Hannah last week. That's his fault. He had a one-on-one and still didn't make the most of it.

There's a knock at the door. The date card.

"Garrett -- Can I trust our love? -- Hannah"

Luke says that Garrett getting this date card is the first time he legitimately felt jealous. He knows for a fact that no one feels for Hannah the way that he does.

They meet out in the middle of nowhere. It's cold and there are no leaves on the trees. I don't know why they are walking through the leafless woods.

Soon they see a cable card where a couple has bungee jumped out naked. She wants to know why they are naked. She knew they were bungee jumping. She didn't know about the naked part. The couple gets down off the cord and talk to them. There's a lot of black box action going on since they are only wearing harnesses. They free themselves from the harnesses and frolic off into the woods.

Hannah just decides, "While in Latvia..." She keeps telling herself to be courageous. They snuggle up in their robes as the cable car gets out over the river. She's freezing. They get their cords around their feet. Her last step is to take off her bra. They huddle up and finally jump.

Once they are back on land, she decides it was freeing. The people in the cable car toss her bra out in the river. They hang out by a fire in their robes. Hannah calls Garrett strong. Garrett says he is glad to see Hannah happy, especially after the other night. Her crying pulled on his heartstrings.

Later that night when finally completely dressed again, they are warmer. After the adrenaline, she hopes they are able to have a more serious conversation.

Except, how serious you can be starting the conversation talking about "a ding-dong," I don't know. You can figure out what that was about as she recapped out their date started off.

She blathers on talking about having the weapons for the fight.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, the next date card arrives.

"Mike, Jed, Tyler, Dustin, Luke, Connor, Dylan - Let's discover Riga. - Love, Hannah"

That leaves Peter for the other one-on-one. Mike reminds Dustin and Dylan that there are two one-on-ones next week, and that might be their week. 

On the date, Garrett talks about his football family and going into playing golf. After comparing their relationship to the leap they took earlier, Garrett says, "I'm falling in love FOR you." Awkwardly worded, yes.

She felt so free falling today, and when falling in love, sometimes you have to take that leap. He gets the rose.

Their conversation was so shallow, by the way. Their makeout soundtrack on the street is courtesy of a violin player.

The next morning, the guys ask Garrett about his date. He says that his fear was correct... it involved heights. He then goes into the story of the naked bungee jump. Luke refuses to believe Garrett's story. He thinks there's no way Hannah would do that.

Hannah is cautiously optimistic about her group date with the seven men. They have some moonshine and pickles at the local market. Tyler buys her some flowers.

They head out to the street and do a street dance with the locals in costume. From there they arm wrestle in a pub. On the bus ride to their next location, Hannah tells about yesterday's activity.

Luke is deflated when Hannah confirms the naked bungee jumping thing. Luke is pissed. He considered it a slap in HIS face that she got naked with another man. Luke believes Hannah is HIS future wife.

Now, let me insert here, from the standpoint of Luke's religious beliefs about her body being a temple and intended for her future husband. Yep. I agree. However, he has no control over her. She is not his. If she's the kind of person who is going to get naked on the nude beach (which she says she would do), then he has to figure out if SHE is the kind of girl he wants. If not, he needs to ease on down the road.

If she didn't want to do it, she could have refused.

Moving along, that night, they head off to a palatial room for the cocktail party. She feels like the day has been a reset. She's proud they all put everything aside and had a good day. She's hopeful for tonight and the rest of the journey. After the toast, Tyler jumps in to be the first one to pull her away. He tells her about a moment he had seeing her stand up for herself. They go after it pretty hot and heavy. Think lap dance. Luke would have died if he walked in.

Jed plays the piano for her. They don't do it on the top of the piano, thank goodness.

Luke talks to the other guys about how he did not approve about the getting naked thing. Tyler defends her.

When it's Luke's turn to talk, he warns her that she isn't going to like this conversation. Luke asks if she's ever felt cheated on. He says that Garrett blurted out a lot of stuff about their date. He tells her it pissed him off to think about being bare chested with Garrett. He says it made him sick. Luke goes into taking her home to meet his family right into he will support her in whatever she does, even if it is making a bone-headed mistake. Luke says regardless, they will get through anything. Hannah's expression is pretty interesting the whole time.

When it comes time to give out the rose, Hannah gives it to Tyler. Luke is steaming because he was honest with her. His reasoning though is he will be getting the final rose, and that's all that matters.

The next day, it's Peter's turn. Hannah can see Peter pushing the stroller. 

Their date is going to be a Latvian spa day. The couple that serves as their hosts in their broken English awkwardly explain what they will be doing. It's a chance for them to get closer. Hannah and Peter just thought the woman's song was over and thank her, but she's not finished. She sings the next verse. They mix some honey for their bodies. The language thing makes it all really bizarre. They finish their cleansing ceremony and head into a sauna. They make a wish as a part of the sauna ceremony. After the other couple finally leaves, it gets even steamier as if that were possible.

After all that, they head out to the hot tub and talk. None of the conversations are interesting.

At 8:05, I have now caught up through the commercials.

Over dinner, it's time for more less than stimulating conversation. She knows there is chemistry, but she wants to know if there is substance there. Hannah tells Peter she is the most introverted person in her family.

Hannah asks Peter how his flying around the country for work has impacted his dating life. It hasn't worked out well for him. It has also been hard for him to take his guard down after his last relationship. Ok, this conversation seems a little deeper than some of the others, I must admit.

Hannah has been engaged twice already. Maybe she falls for guys too quick. Time to head outside for a fireworks show.

The guys talk around the hotel, and we learn from Garrett that it was hard for him to read Peter's date card last night that said something about heating things up. As Peter shares about his date, Jed puts on his ugly coat and gets ready to go find Hannah.

He takes his guitar and sings his song (that he sang at the drag show the first group date) underneath her balcony. He gets an invite in. She's impressed.

They sit on the bed as he sings more for her. After another song, she makes out hot and heavy with the fourth guy of the night. They better watch or they are going to crush his guitar.

Maybe I have short term memory issues, but I don't think one woman has ever been all over so many men like this. Maybe one or two, but not four or five or six.

And here, I have to take an hour break from blogging because of house closing disclosures I need to sign to start the three day clock. I'm a nervous wreck, y'all!

Because some people can't keep their traps shut, Garrett confronts Luke about Luke going to Hannah with his (Luke's) disapproval of his (Garrett's) date. They get in a conversation about going into each other's lanes. Luke tells Garrett he should not bring this conversation here into the rose ceremony tomorrow. Send them all home!

Luke kicks Garrett out of the room so he can go to sleep, then tells Garrett if he doesn't want Luke talking about what Garrett does, then to not talk about it. Ok, I have no clue if you could just follow that sentence, but there are too many hes involved.

The guys are sitting around the next day and as usual, Luke is yammering along. Hannah shows up and asks to talk to Luke. He jumps up and heads out. She isn't peppy when she arrives, so everyone suspects this isn't good.

Hannah has been thinking about the conversation with Luke when he brought up his disapproval over the jump. She appreciates him coming to her with a real conversation and sharing concerns. However, the talk didn't sit well with her, especially the language he used. Hannah tells Luke the naked thing wasn't a sexual thing. (Not sure how it wasn't, all things considered.) Even if it was, Luke isn't her husband and doesn't own her body. He tries to explain himself better, but seems to dig a deeper hole. He doesn't want to know anything about her and the other guys. He then accuses her of twisting her words.

He feels like their train is on the tracks. She's not so sure. Luke tells Hannah that she misunderstood some of what he said. She's still trying to figure out how she feels about him and everything.

Luke would be so controlling to any woman. At least that is what it seems like.

Hannah needs to know who the true Luke is. "Why is it so hard with us?" He grows more and more unattractive.

Let him go! Let him go! Leave him out in the snow!

Sorry. I have a thing about singing randomness.

Garrett tells the guys about talking to Luke the night before. All the men talk about the inability to drive in your own lane when you are looking out the side at other cars.

Luke walks back in and shares that he and Hannah talked about something that was just between he and Hannah. It's no one's business and he's not talking about it. He tells Garrett none of this would have happened if Garrett had not shared details about his date. Luke says Hannah needs everyone to stay in their own lanes.

Then Luke gets into it with Tyler. I can't even tell you all the ya-ya going on. They are worse than a bunch of high school girls.

Enter Chris Harrison. He just saw Hannah who was a little emotional. There will be no cocktail party. Only a rose ceremony because she knows what she wants to do. Chris tells everyone to get dressed.

We see the men walking through the streets on their way to the ceremony. Lots of men in loafers without socks.

Garrett, Tyler and Peter have roses. There are four roses left and two going home.

Hannah arrives and says it really was a great week. She is starting to believe her husband is there.
  1. Jed
  2. Mike
  3. Connor
  4. Luke
Hannah whispers to Luke, "There is goodness in you. I see it."

That sends Dylan and Dustin home. I thought his name was Devin. Did Chris Harrison call him the wrong thing? Has Hannah been calling him the wrong name all this time? I don't see how they got this far, especially since neither I nor Chris Harrison know who they are. There was a Devin at one time. I did Dustin's name right above on the date card. That's just because I was typing as he was saying it. 

All the guys are annoyed with Luke still being there. Chris Harrison, in hushed tones, even asks Hannah what she likes about Luke. Her answer? "I'm either falling in love with Luke or Luke is making me go crazy. I'm not sure which one."

Oh, it's quite obvious to me. 

The best part of the whole episode was the scene during the closing credits that included this: