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Survivor: Winners at War: Peanut Butter is Not Worth Two Million Dollars

Jumping right into tonight's episode because I'm starting at 10 PM instead of 7 PM. Not that I went anywhere, but I was finishing up some work stuff today because I assembled the frame for a raised flower bed for my front yard today. Someday, hopefully soon, I'll get back to posting more with pictures and such. Maybe, this weekend, I'll make a post. I've been intending too. But enough rambling, on to the show! It's night 28 Koru after the tribal council.  Ben is mad that his move to get Jeremy didn't work out. Sophie went home instead. (Side note: I don't really remember Sophie at all from her season, whenever that was. I know I watched it, but I don't know what I was doing while I was watching it. Not paying attention, obviously.) Sarah calls the move grimy. She accuses Tony of sinking her game. She is HOT. Tony thinks she needs to put her man panties on and get on with it. Keep your cool? So much for that plan. 😂 #Survivor pic.twitter.

Erica Vetsch’s new series transports readers to Regency England

Do You Know Anyone Who Isn’t Ready for a Getaway? Erica Vetsch’s new series transports readers to Regency England Who doesn’t need to be swept away to another place and time every now and then? After all, there’s never a bad time for a good story. For readers ready to take a trip back to early nineteenth-century England, The Lost Lieutenant (Kregel Publications/April 21, 2020/ ISBN: 9780825446177/$15.99) by Erica Vetsch is a perfect means of transport. The first release in Vetsch’s Serendipity & Secrets series, The Lost Lieutenant tells the story of Evan Eldridge and Diana Seaton. Evan never set out to be a war hero—he just wanted to fight Napoleon for the future of his country. After being injured while saving another man on the battlefield, all he really wants is to get back to his regiment. Instead, his act of bravery leads to him being made the Earl of Whitelock. When the life you save is dear to the Prince

Blue Skies and Rainbows

One of these kids I get to see on a regular basis since he lives next door. Another I have seen when doing a porch pick-up for something I had for her. Until we can get out of the house, enjoy this video from last year's crew.  Blue Skies and Rainbows By Gary L. Mabry Blue skies and rainbows, and sunbeams from heaven, Are what I can see,  When my Lord is living in me. Chorus: I know that Jesus is well and alive today. He makes His home in my heart. Never more will I be, all alone since He, Promised me that we never would part. Green grass and flowers,  all blooming in springtime, Are works of my master,  I live for each day. Chorus Tall mountains, green valleys, The beauty that surrounds me, All make me aware, Of the One who made it all. Chorus I’m not ashamed of  the Gospel of Jesus, For it is the power, That saves us today.  Chorus

Wave the White Flag of Surrender

Part 1 of an Interview with Barb Roose, Author of Surrendered If COVID-19 has taught us anything so far, it’s that we are not in control. When life gets hard, aspects of the future are uncertain, and we’re at the mercy of other’s decisions, we want more power over the situation. However, those are precisely the times when we need to learn how to surrender, just like Jesus did. In Surrendered: Letting Go & Living Like Jesus , Barb Roose leads readers in a study of Jesus in the wilderness to show that when our need to fix things takes over, that’s when we need to embrace God’s plans rather than our own. Roose wrote the Surrendered Bible study for the weary woman who needs to let go of control-loving behaviors and learn to live like Jesus in the midst of the hard times or during the heartbreaking circumstances each person will face at some point in life. There are problems in life that can can’t be fixed no matter what we do, and living out the phrase “Let go and let God

Your kids have the questions, do you have the answers?

Part 1 of an Interview with Janelle Alberts and Ingrid Faro, Authors of Honest Answers: Exploring God Questions with Your Tween Who would have thought a month ago that we would be facing so much fear and uncertainty? There are so many unknowns, so many questions, and if we have them, we know our kids have them too. And they are going to be asking a lot of them in the coming weeks, including questions about God’s goodness and if prayer works. Are we prepared to answer their questions concerning faith? Janelle Alberts and Ingrid Faro set out to help parents confidently have these hard conversations with their new release, Honest  Answers: Exploring God Questions with Your Tween ( Kregel Publications) . The tween years present an incredible opportunity to build trust with kids and to keep them coming back to their parents for answers rather than finding other sources. With the tools and conversational tips in Honest Answers , moms and dads can engage in a hopeful conv

Survivor: Winners at War: Extortion and Inflation

I am having a tremendously hard time this week with knowing what day it is. This whole stay at home thing, and I've been working a lot since I have a lot to do has turned into late nights and work whenever, and today, I am so discombobulated. I haven't been setting an alarm lately because I have been getting up just fine. Not this morning. I looked at the clock this morning at 9:22. I had a weekly Zoom meeting at 9:30. I messaged I would be five minutes late, grabbed the first set of clothes to fall out of the dryer and set about my day. After blogging on Survivor tonight, I may go straight to bed. It is Wednesday and Survivor night, right? Ok, so if I'm remembering right, Tyson went back to Edge of Extinction with the tribal council vote last week. It's been a long week. Night 25 at Koru... Jeremy waits for everyone to arrive back from Tribal. He left, using his advantage not vote, but have immunity. He asks what happened when he left. They are slow to talk a

The Lost Lieutenant by Erica Vetsch - Enter to win a special giveaway

Go to the end of this post to enter! For the next few weeks, my team of bloggers will be tour The Lost Lieutenant by Erica Vetsch, the first in her new Serendipity and Secrets series. Learn more about the book below, and be sure to enter to win the prize pack which includes: - A copy of Erica Vetsch's The Lost Lieutenant - A Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice scarf - A "Just One More Page" 12x12 pillow - A "Between the Pages" book inspired candle All you have to do to enter is to fill out your name and email address, but there are lots of ways to earn BONUS entries. It's completely up to you how many you want to do. About the book: He's doing what he can to save the Prince Regent's life . . . but can he save his new marriage as well? Evan Eldridge never meant to be a war hero--he just wanted to fight Napoleon for the future of his country. And he certainly didn't think that saving the life of a peer would mean being m