Survivor: Winners at War: I'm Not Crying, You're Crying

This week's episode starts with a challenge. That would also describe my work day, but I digress.

It's family time! Not just one loved one, but FAMILIES. Every last player is crying. The players get to spend time hugging on their family as all the other families come out one by one. Everyone watching in the midst of social distancing at home is jealous.

Jeff talks to everyone as they come out, so the first players to see their family are sure going to get some extra time.

By the time Tyson and Jeremy's family come out, I'm crying. I'm craving some hugs over here in quarantine land.

For the challenge, all the adults and teenagers are swimming out in ocean while the kids play in the sand...

Jeff let's them know he's just kidding! No challenge. Everyone is going back to camp to experience camp life together.

It's a burger feast for all and playing in the ocean.

Out on Edge of Extinction, everyone is laying around when a boat arrives. Rob and Ethan think it's something bad. Then, Natalie screams out realizing it's their families. Everyone RUNS to shore.

Now, I'm really crying. This is the first time everyone has gotten a loved one visit since everyone except Sandra is still here.

Now, there really is a challenge.

It's a wobbly table with a rope challenge. They have to stack blocks spelling IMMUNITY.

Winner gets immunity and two fire tokens.

The rope is long, so it may take forever. When Michele did it, it lasted over an hour. When Sarah did it in her season, it only took 14 minutes. It's taking forever for most of them and their first blocks. The men are going faster than the women (mostly).

Jeremy gained ground, but played too loose with his rope, dropping four letters.

Kim is one of the leaders, but looses a stack of five or six.

Tony and Tyson lead at the six letter point. Tyson drops. Jeremy drops again. Nick drops.

Tony and Ben lead. They have seven. Just one letter left.

Tony can barely reach his last letter. If he wins, it's his first career individual immunity. Ben starts to close the gap, then he drops all 8 letters.

Now, it's scramble time. 

Tony is obnoxiously happy. He thinks he's in power now and people will come to talk to him. Jeremy tells Tony he wants to split up Sarah and Sophie. Tony tells him no.

Sarah comes to Tony wanting to send Kim home. No, he wants to send home Tyson.

Tony, Ben and Nick make a plan. Tony thinks Jeremy is sneaky.

Jeremy and Kim bring Tyson in. Kim think she doesn't have friends (though Sarah thinks Kim has everyone in her back pocket). Kim says she's got an idol, so they can go after Sophie. Kim talks to Denise about using the idol for someone else.

Ben comes to Sarah telling her it's Jeremy. So does Tony.

Jeremy is thinking about using his safety without power advantage. Sophie talks to Sarah about Sarah using her "steal a vote."

Time for tribal...

Whispering starts early like as soon as the first person, Nick, starts talking.

Then, the jury starts whispering.

Jeff asks what triggers this kind of thing. He then points out how everyone is a player, so no one can play their game like they did before. Without much talking, Jeff is going to let them vote now. Sarah and Jeremy both call out to Jeff when it's time to vote. Then, neither want to talk. He starts to tell them again. Both speak out again.

Jeremy stands up, walks up to Jeff. He hands him his advantage. Jeremy is going to leave tribal. He can't be voted out. He won't vote though. He grabs his torch and leaves.

This means everyone starts whispering again.

Sophie stands up and calls her group of five saying, "Let's go make a decision." This leaves Tyson, Denise, Kim and Michele trying to figure out what they are going to do.

The jury observes that Jeremy abandoned ship leaving the group of four a man down.

Kim tells her group that she has to know who they are voting for. The group of five says they aren't saying a word. Sarah goes to use her advantage. She's going to steal a vote. She's going to take Denise's vote and vote twice.

It's time to tally votes.

As Jeff comes back, Kim grabs her bag and pulls out her idol. She says she is going to play it for Denise. Wrong move?

(two votes unread)

GRRRR. Tyson's second time getting voted out. He has no fire tokens to bequeath to anyone.