Survivor: Winners at War: Extortion and Inflation

I am having a tremendously hard time this week with knowing what day it is. This whole stay at home thing, and I've been working a lot since I have a lot to do has turned into late nights and work whenever, and today, I am so discombobulated.

I haven't been setting an alarm lately because I have been getting up just fine. Not this morning. I looked at the clock this morning at 9:22. I had a weekly Zoom meeting at 9:30. I messaged I would be five minutes late, grabbed the first set of clothes to fall out of the dryer and set about my day.

After blogging on Survivor tonight, I may go straight to bed. It is Wednesday and Survivor night, right?

Ok, so if I'm remembering right, Tyson went back to Edge of Extinction with the tribal council vote last week. It's been a long week.

Night 25 at Koru...

Jeremy waits for everyone to arrive back from Tribal. He left, using his advantage not vote, but have immunity. He asks what happened when he left. They are slow to talk about it.

Jeremy tells Ben that he (Ben) is in trouble now with Tyson gone. Ben thinks Jeremy is a bigger threat than he is. Tyson was Jeremy's shield, and now that he's gone...

Michelle and Kim are talking about how their minds are blown and really didn't know what was going on.

Day 26 at Koru...

Everyone is still asleep, except Tony. Tony decides this is the time to go hunt for idols. He thinks since an idol was played last night, it's back out for grabs.

Nick must have the same idea. He asks if Tony has combed a certain area. Tony considers his style cramped.

Tony whoops when he finds a package. He's a little loud to be secretive. He runs off into the woods to read the message.

Sarah is painting with the leftover flag paint. She's thinking about what happens after she's a cop (kind of weird phrasing). She says everyone thinks she's smart and funny and pretty, but she's creative too. She can make clothes. While out on Survivor, she's started her own clothing line. I don't know where she got the fabric. I think she's lost it.

She talks about how she and Tony play very different. She plays a social game unlike him.

They do a fashion show. Maybe that's what you do when people are around and you get board.

Tony decides he needs to go undercover. He goes out where Jeremy is roaming around and shares a little about what happened at tribal. Then Tony talks to everyone, pretending to be on their side. I don't know why anyone trusts him.

Michele and Jeremy say they want to work with Tony. He thinks they have a thing with Denise, Kim and Tony. Denise and Kim don't' seem fooled. Kim thinks Tony is her biggest enemy.

It's Day 27 on Extinction. 

I just have to ask this question. Is it somehow colder on Extinction than it is 200 yards away on the other island? The castoffs always look so much colder than the others. Is it old age or something?

Tyson talks to Wendell about how some people go home and have struggles with not winning the game for years. He thinks Adam is going to have a hard time.

Parvati is hungry and looking for wood for a fire. She and Natalie find a wine bottle with a clue. They agree to not tell anyone. They try to figure out what the clue means and head up to the high point to see if there is anything along the way. Then, they realize what they are looking for is under the bed because everyone is laying there all day.

Finally, at sunset, people wander off to go watch the sun. Parvati distracts them while Natalie digs for it.

It's an extortion advantage. It gives them the opportunity to block one person from participating at the next immunity challenge and from voting at the next Tribal unless they meet the demands. They can try to extort as many fire tokens as possible for someone. Who do they want to mess with? Do they want a lot of tokens or do they want to intentionally mess up someone's game?

Koru, Day 28

After discussing Nick's vampire features, Tony sneaks off to read the scroll he saw down in his bag that morning. He's giddy. He loves the word extortion. He thinks he can extort someone. He's all excited until he reads that this is being played AGAINST him. They want 6 tokens. He only has 3. He has to figure out how to pay by the time tree mail arrives.
Denise reads the mail with the clue for the immunity challenge.

Tony approaches his "fake alliance." Michele doesn't have any. She has to come up with a story that she has an advantage once she gets to Extinction. That cost her four tokens.

Now, Tony starts rambling about inflation. Michele asks for the paper to show Jeremy. Worried that they need Tony to vote with them, Jeremy gives one of the two he has.

Now, he has to go to his real alliance. Nick is willing to give him one. Ben agrees to give him one. He has his six now, so pays up.

Today's challenge involves standing on a balance beam and holding an idol up with a long pole. As they move further down the pole, the harder it gets.

Kim's statue falls first.

After a certain amount of time, everyone gets to relax as they step back a step.

In the transition, Michele and Denise drop. Sarah drops.

Nick drops. Sophie loses her balance.

Jeremy wobbles. Ben has a nice save, then down. Jeremy drops for who knows what reason. It looked like he gave up. Tony wins.


Kim didn't want Tony to win, but two wins in a row puts a target on his back. She knows Tony's playing Jeremy, so she's figuring she has to join forces with the people she doesn't trust. The plan is to split votes between Jeremy and Michele.

Jeremy knows they are after him. Kim and Denise throw out the idea of voting Ben, thinking they have Tony.

Denise is in cahoots with Kim to blindside Jeremy.

Everything Ben does now annoys Jeremy. He goes to Michele about it.

Michele and Ben talk about how fast a million dollars goes. Interesting (not).

Most of the strategy talk quietens.

But, then, Tony decides he it's time to blindside someone else. He goes to Nick to team up with Jeremy and Michele to get out Sophie.

Tony tells Jeremy that Denise and Kim aren't with him. He gives Jeremy the plan to vote for Sophie. He tells Jeremy that otherwise, it's Jeremy gone. Jeremy doesn't know what to believe anymore.
Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to tribal council we go!

Jeff asks Sophie about everyone coming last time with all their weapons and what to expect (or not) this time around. Jeremy says that everyone is always telling half-truths and you have to figure out who you trust more than others. Sarah says everyone is trying to build their resumes now. Jeff asks Nick if there are ever times you don't want credit.

Jeremy talks about timing, and Jeff asks about leaving tribal last week. Jeremy said he would be sitting in Tyson's seat if he didn't. He knows this week may be the same. Ben said it was quiet around him today too. Is he next?

Sarah talks about having to change things up.

It's time to vote.

Jeff tallies the votes. Does anyone have an immunity idol they want to play?


She proclaims, "Idol in my pocket!" Then, she almost catches her hair on fire as she drops her torch into place. It's time to distribute fire tokens. She gives them to Sarah and Kim.

She is traumatized to be blindsided.