Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New hairy hats!

These are all sold, but I will take orders!

This hat was inspired by Frozen! It was made to match a hat from Pinterest.

I've had a friend asking for at least two years for a bearded hat, and I finally made a pair! The beard will come off so that it can be worn without it as well.

I'm also doing scarves to match headbands or hats...

This scarf/headband combo has interchangeable flowers.

Contact me if you would like to place an order!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Rachel Hauck Fires Up the Romance with “A Brush with Love” Kindle Giveaway!

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A Year of Weddings novella (Zondervan, December 30, 2014)
Ginger Winters is a gifted hairstylist with scars no one can see. The last thing she expects from the New Year is a new chance at love.
Overcoming a childhood tragedy, Ginger emerges from the pain and trauma with a gift for bringing out the beauty in others. From the top big city salons to traveling the world as personal stylist to a country music sensation, success was almost enough to make Ginger forget her she would never be one of the beautiful people.
Almost. Now that she’s back home in Rosebud, Alabama and running her own salon, the truth remains: Ginger is still that girl, forever on the outside looking in. But she needs her confidence this weekend. She’s the acclaimed “beauty-maker” for the Alabama society wedding of the decade.
When high-school crush Tom Wells Jr. also returns to town and shows up at her shop looking for a haircut, Ginger’s thinly veiled insecurities threaten to keep her locked away from love, Despite Tom’s best efforts, Ginger can’t forget how he disappeared on her twelve years ago and broke her heart. Can she ever trust him again?
When Tom challenges her to see her own beauty, Ginger must decide if she will remained chained to the past or move freely into a new, exciting future.
Rachel Hauck


Rachel Hauck is an award-winning, best selling author of critically acclaimed novels such as “The Wedding Dress,” “Love Starts with Elle,” and “Once Upon A Prince.” She also penned the Songbird Novels with multi-platinum recording artist, Sara Evans. Booklist named their novel, “Softly and Tenderly,” one of 2011 Top Ten Inspirationals. She serves on the Executive Board for American Christian Fiction Writers and is a mentor and book therapist at My Book Therapy, and conference speaker. Rachel lives in central Florida with her husband and pets.
Find out more about Rachel at

Monday, December 29, 2014

Quilts of Love | MASTERPIECE MARRIAGE – Kindle Giveaway!

Don’t miss the newest Quilts of Love book, Masterpiece Marriage by Gina Welborn. December’s QOL release celebrates the ebb and flow of marriage. Enter to win a Kindle HDX!


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masterpiece marriage cover


New from Abingdon Press’ Quilts of Love series
He wants to save his business. She wants to be a professor. But are they asking for more than they can really have?
After a flood damages the looms at Zenus Dane’s Philadelphia textile mill and the bank demands loan payment, Zenus turns to his aunt for help repurposing his textiles. Trouble is . . . his aunt has already been hired by the lovely yet secretive Englishwoman Mary Varrs.
Eager to acquire his aunt’s quilt patterns, Zenus attends the summer Quilting Bee, a social event his aunt has uniquely designed with the secret purpose of finding Zenus a wife. However Zenus only has eyes for Mary, but Mary has no such desire for him.
Though his aunt is determined to design a masterpiece marriage, both Zenus and Mary will have to overcome their stubborn ways. Can he realize that love requires stepping out of his routine? And will she recognize that following her heart doesn’t mean sacrificing her ambition?
Find out more and purchase a copy at the Quilts of Love website.

Gina Welborn


Gina Welborn is the author of several novels and novellas, including “The Heiress’s Courtship.” She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers; the president of Faith, Hope and Love; and a founding member of She lives in Cache, Oklahoma, with her pastor husband and their five children. Visit her online at
Find out more about Gina at

Sunday, December 28, 2014

He has Made Me Glad

He Has Made Me Glad

Gwen R. Shaw and Psalm 100

I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart,
I will enter his courts with praise!
I will say this is the day that the Lord has made,
I will rejoice for he has made me glad.

He has made me glad!
He has made me glad!
I will rejoice for he has made me glad.

He has made me glad,
He has made me glad,
I will rejoice for he had made me glad.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

So, I guess I lied

I knew as much as I said I was going to leave my decorations up until New Year's it wasn't going to happen. Old habits die hard. I did wait until two days after this year. That's a whole day longer than usual.

I'm not going to say it was quick getting everything down, but it's a whole lot quicker taking down than going up. While I love my beautifully decorated tree, I'm glad everything is put away. I just have to put up my craft inventory somewhere to get it out of the middle of the sun room.

I didn't count how many ornaments went up on the tree and garland down the stairs, but easily in the hundreds.

Friday, December 26, 2014

This year, it can wait

Normally, as soon as December 26 arrives, I'm ready to take down my decorations and pack them away.

This year, I've been so busy that I am seriously contemplating waiting until New Year's Day. I know that isn't unusual for most people, but it is for me. Mom said the same thing. I think decorations should be up a full month if you go through the trouble, and I didn't get everything up until December 2 this year. Plus it's all so pretty.

As big a pain it was to get everything up, I wish I had a way to tuck the tree in a closet fully decorated. Maybe I could drag it into the sunroom. ;)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

After a great day, I'm kind of stuck in my chair unmotivated to do much of anything!

Peyton was happy with her bungee chair she didn't know I was getting her, Paige loved her canvas, Brian was pleasantly surprised with his hammer (long story), Dad almost forgot he wanted a light for the work bench for a minute, and Mom promises she was not hinting for a Kindle upgrade.

After opening all of our presents and lunch, we had a 42 tournament. It's not unusual for Paige, Peyton, Dad and I to play, but Brian teamed up with Peyton. Dad somehow convinced Mom to play. We got some good laughs out of it.

I hope all of you and your families have had a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Down to the wire

It's not at all unusual for me to finish a project for a family member the day before Christmas. One year I was working on something until 5 minutes before family arrived.

I never should have made that particular item. Long story. I don't know if the gift was ever unfolded.

Anyway... This is the scarf Peyton wanted me to make her along with her requested headband. I made 3 flowers that are all interchangeable.

Usually, my parents and I go to a movie on Christmas Eve, then go out to dinner. There weren't any movies we cared to see, so we just went out to eat at Applebee's because while there is one in town, we don't go there often. I splurged on steak and shrimp. It was so good.

Since we couldn't find a movie to go to, we rented one on DirecTV Pay Per View. While watching the movie, I made the scarf below for someone I'd made a headband for. The teal, purple and pink are ribbon colors for thyroid cancer awareness. Just worked out that some of my favorite yarn fit what the lady I made it for wanted.

While we were watching The Good Lie, Dad asked how far along I was, and it was almost done.

I posted the picture on Facebook, and when I did, the buyer decided she needed it immediately - at 9:30 PM on Christmas Eve. :)

This is her headband.

In case you aren't familiar with The Good Lie, it is the story of some of the Lost Boys of Sudan. It was good, but really sad. We'd wanted to see it back several months ago when it came out in theaters.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

More from NLB Horton, author of The Brothers' Keepers

Part 2 of an interview with NLB Horton,
Author of The Brothers’ Keepers

Q: Which of the characters in the Parched series, and particularly The Brothers’ Keepers can you relate to the most, and why?

That’s a tough question. I can understand all of them — their motivations and desires — and enjoy them all, except when their conversations keep me awake at night by forcing me to take dictation at my computer! But like readers my age, I especially relate to Grace: her faith, skepticism, flaws, and humor. I agree with the reader who wrote, “I want to be Grace!”

I also identify with Grace because I am a Christian who is “in the world, but not of it.” My career, my education, my travel: each of these elements formed me, but they occurred in the midst of people whose beliefs did not always ally with mine. I am invigorated by God’s creation, as is Grace. I want to experience it! And I hope her character portrays a demographic of Christianity that is intelligent, fair, and fearless because of its belief in God’s empowerment, one attractive to non-believers because these Christians live their faith with realism and love.

Q: Every good story has an antagonist, and your Parched series is no exception. We learn some things about your villain in The Brothers’ Keepers, however, that might make readers look at her in a new light. What does Laura McAlex’s story teach us about having compassion for difficult people?

MaAlex’s past doesn’t excuse her actions and choices, but reveals motivating aspects of her psyche. Discovering her life journey makes her behavior easier to understand, but no less evil. I hope her character is a warning to guard vigilantly against becoming hardened against the greater good. God’s standards never change, regardless of our trials.

I love working with her character. It’s not that she’s sexually corrupt, as is so often the case with “the bad girls of literature.” She’s just bad to the bone in the ways most male antagonists are. How refreshing! When she and Grace lock up in book three, it’s a humorous pitting of two very different Alpha Females.

Q: You are a member of the venerable Explorer’s Club whose membership has included Winston Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt. What is the history of that organization and what does being a member entail?

I was so surprised to be nominated! Two letters of recommendation and months later, my membership was approved. The research in Israel and Jordan, an Amazon cruise (with a tarantula in the skiff), the graduate degree, and my unusual interests were important considerations for the vetting committee.

The Explorers Club was founded in 1904 and admitted its first female members in 1981. The goal was to create a place where the adventurous could gather, and the organization funds expeditions, research, seminars, and other scholarly endeavors. Explorer Club members were first to the North and South Poles, to the deepest point of the oceans, to the summit of Mt. Everest, and to the moon! I am honored.

Q: You have traversed the globe – seeing five continents and surveying archaeological digs in the Middle East and beyond – which provided research and background for your books. Tell us about your most recent trip.

I’m answering this question on a train between Vienna and Budapest, having crossed the North Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2 a month ago. I studied the Rosetta Stone and Cyrus Cylinder in London, then survived nicotine-infused St. Vitus’s Cathedral in Prague. I tried not to yodel in Lucerne, and loudly hummed “The Lonely Goatherd” in Salzburg.

I’ll be on the road for another six weeks, confirming research for book three in the series by revisiting digs and sites in Italy, Greece, and Turkey (unless ISIS invades, or the border with Turkey and Syria collapses). Grace Madison is on the move, although she’s left her beloved camels in Jerusalem.

I could not write these manuscripts without knowing their settings well, and in some instances, intimately. I can picture the Temple Mount of Jerusalem at sunrise. I know what the Istanbul spice market smells like on a drizzly day. I catch my breath at the memory of height vertigo atop Machu Picchu. I remember the taste of wild blueberries after surprising a 1200-pound grizzly bear on the Kenai Peninsula. As useful as the Internet is for the copious research behind each book in the Parched series, nothing replaces living in Grace’s tattered hiking boots.

Q: You had incredibly successful careers in journalism and marketing. What brought you to writing fiction?

Journalism, marketing, and advertising were enjoyable means to an end, but after the afternoon at tel Dan, I could not ignore the storyline that grew around Grace. No one was writing anything like the Parched series, so I decided to try to fill the void.

I have written all my life. My undergraduate degree is in journalism and my previous career prepared me to share Grace (and her friends and family) professionally, and provided daily practice with the written word.

Q: How has your degree at Dallas Theological Seminary influenced your writing?

I am VERY careful with the theology in my manuscripts! DTS is a premier institution with a longstanding reputation for excellence. My professors were peerless examples of aging joyfully and vigorously.

I returned to seminary seeking answers to questions created when what I was taught as a young woman didn’t support the life I had lived. Along with a greater understanding, I left seminary with a vast library in fascinating subjects like Israeli Religion in the Ancient Near Eastern context, Ugaritic poetry, and the Intertestamental period. My office bookshelves are a geeky wonderland!

Q: What plans do you have next for your Parched series?

I’m writing book three now, which I hope to release in the fall of 2015. Then there are two, possibly three, more adventures for Grace.

Q: What do you hope readers walk away with after they’ve finished reading The Brothers’ Keepers?

I hope they are invigorated! I pray they are encouraged. I trust they’ll want to “camel up” with Grace as she continues to love God and praise Him in her own quirky, intelligent way.

To keep up with NLB Horton, visit, become a fan on Facebook (NLBHorton) or follow her on Twitter (NLBHorton).

Monday, December 22, 2014

Meet NLB Horton, author of The Brothers' Keepers

Part 1 of an interview with NLB Horton,
Author of The Brothers’ Keepers

It could be argued there is no stronger instinct on earth than that of a mother to protect her family. The lengths she will go to do so are explored in The Brothers’ Keepers (RidgeRoute Press/November 17, 2014/ISBN: 9780991401734/ $14.99), book two of the Parched series, written by award-winning journalist and world traveler NLB Horton.

In The Brothers’ Keepers, we meet archaeologist Grace Madison who is in Brussels cataloguing looted antiquities when her son’s bride is attacked in Switzerland. Her day careens from bad to catastrophic when daughter Maggie disappears in France.

Coincidence is a luxury Grace cannot afford as history — saturated in espionage — is repeating itself.

Q: The title of the book, The Brothers’ Keepers, refers to heroine Grace Madison’s determination to protect someone important to her. To what lengths would you go to protect someone you cared about?

I would do whatever it took — and I remember the exact moment I decided that! I stood at the edge of the tel Dan (northern Israel) archaeological dig pit in 2007 with my husband and two then-teenage children. They had accompanied me on an archaeological survey as part of my master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. Heavy artillery fire began booming from Syria as staccato machine-gun reports peppered near the Lebanese border. An Israeli Defense Force camouflage-painted plane broke through an unseasonal cloud cover, circling the site. I hoped they could see we were unarmed! Grace Madison was born from this harrowing experience.

Q: The Brothers’ Keepers largely focuses on doing the right thing. Tell us about a situation in which you chose to do the right thing despite personal cost. Was it worth it?
My business was thriving, my children were young, and I had to choose between a smaller role in their lives or limiting my company’s growth. My husband was trying to transition from one career to another, and I was the family’s wage-earner.

This was a particularly difficult time because money was tight, and the decision tore at who I was as a businesswoman and mother. I chose to limit my accounts, and eventually put small school desks into my office to home school for a time. (The kids are now an attorney and an engineer, so they survived my teaching!) I’ve never regretted the choice to put family first, but it was not an easy one.

Q: Grace is in the midst of rebuilding her marriage and struggles with the commitment she made vs. still being in love. How hard do you think it is to try to fall in love again when things become difficult?

Love is a choice, not an accident. A covenant, not a commitment. Choosing to love again can be extremely difficult in a society of immediate gratification, and requires a willingness to risk transparency by trusting someone who has failed you. And the process requires an equal commitment from both partners; it can’t be one-sided.

I know that God loves me despite my failings and throughout my spiritual deserts and rebellion. He exhibits grace to me, and I’m called to act in His image. (Note that I am, at times, an “epic failure,” to use a favorite phrase from one of my characters.) Being mindful of this model of love and forgiveness is the only path I know to reconciliation.

Q: What is the difference between a commitment and a covenant?

A covenant is a binding agreement, sealed with an act of some kind.  A commitment is dedication, without the binding element, and unsealed. A covenant is much stronger than a commitment. To develop a healthy respect for the strength of a covenant, mosey through the Old Testament!

Q: Independence is important, even within a marriage. Does independence ever cause problems between spouses? How can you maintain a sense of self without living completely separate lives?

Independence AND dependence can cause trouble between spouses. There’s a balance . . . somewhere. The answer lies in both partners working to identify with the Imago Dei, or Image of God. Being Christ-like can create a healthy sense of self and appropriate selflessness as a daily act of worship. (I confess that “epic failure” comes to mind again.)

Q: The Brothers’ Keepers is the second book in your Parched series. What meaning does the series name hold for you?

Around the world, there is a shortage of water for drinking, irrigating crops, and supporting livestock. That is true even within US borders, especially in the West where I live. Historical issues aside, a huge factor in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is unequal distribution of water.

The world needs new sources of potable and economical drinking water, and we need to manage this most precious resource wisely. As a Christian and environmentalist, I believe humans are stewards of God’s creation. Parched addresses stewardship of the highest order, and I hope the series raises awareness of this literally life-threatening issue. We can live without oil, but we can’t survive without water.

Q: Many books feature youthful heroes and heroines, but The Brothers’ Keepers highlights the life of a more mature protagonist. What are some of the factors that led to your decision to write characters a little older than the norm? What kind of feedback have you had?
Readers ADORE Grace Madison. The response has been overwhelming.

Regarding the decision to write about a more mature protagonist, what’s not to love? Our decades should make us more nuanced, more self-confident, and less afraid to broaden our horizons. Middle age can be a season of richness and vitality that I hope to depict with joy and vigor - exactly the way I try to LIVE!

By developing the character of Grace’s daughter, Maggie, I have the chance to contrast their generations while ignoring neither. From the octogenarians, to Grace and her husband, to Maggie and the “twenty-somethings” (her brother and sister-in-law), each group in The Brothers’ Keepers responds to challenges in its own uniquely age-appropriate way.

Q: In The Brothers’ Keepers, we see two different women – one who raised a family and chose career later in life. The other sacrificed family life for career. Can a woman “have it all?”

Of course we can. But “having it all” can come at an almost sacrificial price and creates repercussions that can last for decades. If you’re going to “have it all,” you’ll have little of yourself left at the end of a difficult road that will probably be littered with shrapnel.

Q: Is there a right or wrong answer to choosing a family or a career as your primary life goal?

I think there are absolutes in life, but don't believe the family-versus-career talking point is one of them. Each woman has to make her choice by responding to her own situation and environment. And she has to be flexible because situations change, and marriages evolve over time. Spouses can grow in different directions, make untenable choices and act outside the boundaries established by the marriage vows.

I’d like to see less emphasis on this divisive dialogue, and more focus on women’s education and empowerment — which lead to freedom of choice and self-determination.

To keep up with NLB Horton, visit, become a fan on Facebook (NLBHorton) or follow her on Twitter (NLBHorton).

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the interview with NLB Horton!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Common Love

A Common Love

By Charles F. Brown
Used by permission. CCLI # 1132191

A common love for each other
A common gift to the Savior  
A common bond holding us to the Lord

A common strength when we’re weary
A common hope for tomorrow          

A common joy in the truth of God’s Word

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A step in officially being Christmas

Alright. It's official. I've melted chocolate and butterscotch chips and put some nuts in it. It must be Christmas.

Peyton helped me with chocolate covered peanuts and cashews. We also made peanut butter balls.

I've been trying to get to the point to clean up the craft stuff out of the kitchen and dining area to do this, so it's kind of a big deal.

Kids at church will be some of the lucky recipients since I'm subbing in the morning and decided I needed to do holiday goodie bags.

Friday, December 19, 2014

I feel so old

Tonight, Paige had some friends out to her Dad's house for a Christmas party. He had a cattle emergency he needed to tend to and was running late to get back home for the start, so he asked if I could run out to the house until he got there.

Other than the Google Hangout very non-festive "virtual party" I had with my co-workers today, this was my only party of the season. No offense to my co-workers, but it was very low key, and I'm not sure that it counted.

Being around 13-14 year olds is a sure fire way to feel like a fuddy duddy (and just saying it makes me one for sure).

It also makes me thankful I do not have children of my own because there is entirely too much to worry about.

I kept hearing about "friends" coming over or "all these girls" are supposed to be at the house. I was a little surprised when the boys arrived. I don't think anyone was trying to be sneaky, I just don't think dear old dad was listening. I learned that the night before when I said something to his face to face and he claimed he didn't know an hour later.

One thing is for sure, I can tell which will be trouble sooner rather than later. I'll keep that under wraps for those who may be reading this and know the people in question.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

We have a plague!

I haven't been able to hang up the paper frogs yet, but there are giant plastic flies in place for the lesson on the 10 plagues in our classroom! Kind of freaky when you can't see the string on the ones towards the back. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another venture

It's all about the paint, about the paint around here.

This is Paige's canvas request for Christmas. I hope she likes it.

I thought this was going to be the last of the paint before Christmas, but I have a letter to make.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I don't pick all the colors

Since it's a slow book month, I'm going to have to flood you with crafty pictures.

This request - a black and orange hat to match someone's grandson's baseball team. The camera on my phone does not do justice to the horrendous color.

In other news, when Grandmother was in town for her treatment yesterday, she almost wiped me out of what is left in my hat box to sell. I gave her one for Christmas and she bought one. That makes 5 she's gotten in the past few months. I give her credit for dealing well with her hair loss from chemo... she loves to accessorize! There must be a matching hat for every outfit! ;)

Monday, December 15, 2014

I might ought to do something about my Christmas list

The annual bah humbugs have settled in again. It was bound to happen.

I won't go into all of the reasons as to why, but now I'm going to point to the shopping part. I have one thing for each of my parents, but want to get something else to go with what I bought. I take it back, I did get Dad a book on Amazon earlier.

I'm debating upgrading Mom's Kindle. She wants an upgrade to a Fire. If I hadn't already bought one thing, I wouldn't debate at the great sale Amazon has on one right now, even though they are no longer buying back her model. I could get it as a Christmas/Retirement present.

I need to buy Peyton what she wanted, and make the scarf she picked out yarn for a couple of months ago. And a headband. So, once I finish the hat I am working on, I need to get on that for her.

Then, I really need to get Paige's canvas painted that was the only thing on her list for me to get her. I'm ready to get the box of all my paint off of the kitchen table and clean up the kitchen so I can make candy. The ingredients have been stacked in one place for probably two weeks now. Which reminds me I should have checked the peanut butter ball recipe before I went to the grocery store yet again.

Then, the annual debate of what to get my brother. I've told my parents that when he calls them to see what I want that if he doesn't have something specific on his list for me to get him, then just tell him we can both save some money and not exchange gift cards this year.

Dad says that's no way to be. Mom says the girls will want to get me something. I say bah humbug.

The older I get the more Scrooge-ish I become.

I'm so utterly tired of every year our scheduled being dictated by what parent has the kids when. I'm sick of the debate on whether or not we get to Grandmother's house because of it. Even if you complain about family the whole ride home, that's supposed to be part of Christmas.

I even dread the annual debate of what movie to see with Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve because I'm not into Hobbits and have decided I won't see anything more than PG-13 with them.

What really needs to happen is for me to decide that I can and want to take a vacation by myself so that I can mix it up next year... So that I will have something besides moping to look forward to!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Seek Ye First

They were a little bicker-y this particular morning.

Seek Ye First
(Matthew 6:33) and Karen Lafferty
Used by Permission. CCLI # 1132191

Seek ye first the kingdom of God      
And His righteousness
And all these things shall be added unto you
Singing Allelu-alleluia.

Ask and it shall be given unto you
Seek and ye shall find
Knock and the door
Shall be opened unto you.
Singing Allelu-alleluia.

Man shall not live by bread alone
But by every word
That proceeds from the mouth of God.
Singing Allelu-alleluia.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Just another Saturday of painting

At the Crafty Dad and Daughter, I for one was glad not to get up really early and have a booth today. However, I worked on letter orders. One of these is probably the coolest I've done thus far.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Countdown to The Bachelor

The commercials are already starting teasing Chris Soules, aka "Prince Farming," and the latest season of The Bachelor which starts January 5


And every time a new season starts I wonder why I am going to submit myself to this:

The good news for me though is that I have a new laptop so that I don't have to write notes and post the next day.

While I am on the subject of being able to blog while sitting in my living room like I am now, I have to say that a laptop with a touch screen seems about twice as heavy as one without. Not that I had to have a touchscreen because I know I won't use it a lot. I don't use it on my desktop I got about three years ago either. My legs may go to sleep during a two hour show though.

Hopefully, by the time The Bachelor starts I will have bugs worked out. Every time this computer does a Windows 8.1 update, it craps Microsoft Office 365 up. You would think the two would play nice together.

Back to The Bachelor, you can go to the show site and get a preview of the 30 women. You can make a guess at which one has a pregnancy test when she arrives.

Not surprisingly, there are two Ashleys amongst the 30. Because where there is one, there is always two. 

A Britt and a Brittany. A Nikki and Nicole. A girl whose parents could not spell - Juelia. What seems to be the one token non-Caucasian woman. There might be a Latina. I can't tell because of all the spray tan on the pictures.

In all honesty though, I look forward to the day I can relax and do something mindless like watching The Bachelor.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Those are some mighty big flies!

As though I didn't know this before, in the past six weeks, I have especially realized there are not enough hours in the day. My to-do list and want to-do lists are both in direct conflict with reality.

Some days with everything going on, it's been a struggle to get all my hours in at work where I have plenty to do too.

In middle of all my craftiness with orders to fulfill before Christmas, I'm still trying to add to the decorations in the classroom at church. I never did post a picture of the section of ceiling Joseph's dream about his brothers.

In the next there weeks, the lessons of the 10 plagues and the Red Sea are coming. The Red Sea that Rachel and I are building this time isn't going to be as grand as the one that Jenny and I built about 12 years ago. However, it needs to be put together by the first Sunday in January.

While I'm sure not going to do something for all 10 plagues (I'm skipping the bloody decorations with possibly the exception of something red on a door frame and lice - for sure skipping lice), I do plan to put paper frogs all over the walls. And flies. I bought flies! They are going to hang from fishing line coming from the ceiling.

They are labeled "mini," but they are far from mini! I'll post pictures when I get them up in the room.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Crafting until Christmas

The picture I teased on Monday night was the ornaments I made for my co-workers. I shipped them off earlier today, and they are set to arrive this weekend. We'll see if they read my blog daily and if I just told them what they were getting.

Birds are a part of our logo and branding.

Saturday night after the market we were at all day, we made a run to Hobby Lobby to try to find the big Christmas balls for this order. They were out! Dad had to cut these, but I like them better because they are thicker wood. 

Next up... painting these letters! Each is for a very different order, but it's the only word I could spell!