Those are some mighty big flies!

As though I didn't know this before, in the past six weeks, I have especially realized there are not enough hours in the day. My to-do list and want to-do lists are both in direct conflict with reality.

Some days with everything going on, it's been a struggle to get all my hours in at work where I have plenty to do too.

In middle of all my craftiness with orders to fulfill before Christmas, I'm still trying to add to the decorations in the classroom at church. I never did post a picture of the section of ceiling Joseph's dream about his brothers.

In the next there weeks, the lessons of the 10 plagues and the Red Sea are coming. The Red Sea that Rachel and I are building this time isn't going to be as grand as the one that Jenny and I built about 12 years ago. However, it needs to be put together by the first Sunday in January.

While I'm sure not going to do something for all 10 plagues (I'm skipping the bloody decorations with possibly the exception of something red on a door frame and lice - for sure skipping lice), I do plan to put paper frogs all over the walls. And flies. I bought flies! They are going to hang from fishing line coming from the ceiling.

They are labeled "mini," but they are far from mini! I'll post pictures when I get them up in the room.