I feel so old

Tonight, Paige had some friends out to her Dad's house for a Christmas party. He had a cattle emergency he needed to tend to and was running late to get back home for the start, so he asked if I could run out to the house until he got there.

Other than the Google Hangout very non-festive "virtual party" I had with my co-workers today, this was my only party of the season. No offense to my co-workers, but it was very low key, and I'm not sure that it counted.

Being around 13-14 year olds is a sure fire way to feel like a fuddy duddy (and just saying it makes me one for sure).

It also makes me thankful I do not have children of my own because there is entirely too much to worry about.

I kept hearing about "friends" coming over or "all these girls" are supposed to be at the house. I was a little surprised when the boys arrived. I don't think anyone was trying to be sneaky, I just don't think dear old dad was listening. I learned that the night before when I said something to his face to face and he claimed he didn't know an hour later.

One thing is for sure, I can tell which will be trouble sooner rather than later. I'll keep that under wraps for those who may be reading this and know the people in question.