I might ought to do something about my Christmas list

The annual bah humbugs have settled in again. It was bound to happen.

I won't go into all of the reasons as to why, but now I'm going to point to the shopping part. I have one thing for each of my parents, but want to get something else to go with what I bought. I take it back, I did get Dad a book on Amazon earlier.

I'm debating upgrading Mom's Kindle. She wants an upgrade to a Fire. If I hadn't already bought one thing, I wouldn't debate at the great sale Amazon has on one right now, even though they are no longer buying back her model. I could get it as a Christmas/Retirement present.

I need to buy Peyton what she wanted, and make the scarf she picked out yarn for a couple of months ago. And a headband. So, once I finish the hat I am working on, I need to get on that for her.

Then, I really need to get Paige's canvas painted that was the only thing on her list for me to get her. I'm ready to get the box of all my paint off of the kitchen table and clean up the kitchen so I can make candy. The ingredients have been stacked in one place for probably two weeks now. Which reminds me I should have checked the peanut butter ball recipe before I went to the grocery store yet again.

Then, the annual debate of what to get my brother. I've told my parents that when he calls them to see what I want that if he doesn't have something specific on his list for me to get him, then just tell him we can both save some money and not exchange gift cards this year.

Dad says that's no way to be. Mom says the girls will want to get me something. I say bah humbug.

The older I get the more Scrooge-ish I become.

I'm so utterly tired of every year our scheduled being dictated by what parent has the kids when. I'm sick of the debate on whether or not we get to Grandmother's house because of it. Even if you complain about family the whole ride home, that's supposed to be part of Christmas.

I even dread the annual debate of what movie to see with Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve because I'm not into Hobbits and have decided I won't see anything more than PG-13 with them.

What really needs to happen is for me to decide that I can and want to take a vacation by myself so that I can mix it up next year... So that I will have something besides moping to look forward to!