Countdown to The Bachelor

The commercials are already starting teasing Chris Soules, aka "Prince Farming," and the latest season of The Bachelor which starts January 5


And every time a new season starts I wonder why I am going to submit myself to this:

The good news for me though is that I have a new laptop so that I don't have to write notes and post the next day.

While I am on the subject of being able to blog while sitting in my living room like I am now, I have to say that a laptop with a touch screen seems about twice as heavy as one without. Not that I had to have a touchscreen because I know I won't use it a lot. I don't use it on my desktop I got about three years ago either. My legs may go to sleep during a two hour show though.

Hopefully, by the time The Bachelor starts I will have bugs worked out. Every time this computer does a Windows 8.1 update, it craps Microsoft Office 365 up. You would think the two would play nice together.

Back to The Bachelor, you can go to the show site and get a preview of the 30 women. You can make a guess at which one has a pregnancy test when she arrives.

Not surprisingly, there are two Ashleys amongst the 30. Because where there is one, there is always two. 

A Britt and a Brittany. A Nikki and Nicole. A girl whose parents could not spell - Juelia. What seems to be the one token non-Caucasian woman. There might be a Latina. I can't tell because of all the spray tan on the pictures.

In all honesty though, I look forward to the day I can relax and do something mindless like watching The Bachelor.