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The Battle Belongs to the Lord

I went way back six year's ago on this one. This was on Peyton's 10th birthday, and she turns 16 next week. I won't talk about how hard that is to believe. All these kids are going to be sophmores and juniors when school starts back. 

My first week of meal box cooking

So, after one week, I still hate cooking. With EveryPlate, all the ingredients come in a box to make meal planning easier, but you still have to cook. I think the recipe cards lie. It takes way longer to cut, chop, prep and cook. It's definitely not a time saver, but I'm going to keep at it for now.  Here's what I thought about this week's recipes as I venture to cook more.  My first recipe to try was the sloppy joes.  I was a little leery of the soy sauce. I'm not a fan of Asian flavors. I also don't know anything about cloves of garlic. My phone camera takes horrible pictures as proven here. If you squint in to focus, it looks pretty good. I've also never been a fan of homemade French fries. The roasted potatoes were so-so. Probably going to take some practice to get them right. For a first meal, that was really good. Not something I would usually fix on my own, but would be easy to recreate again. I like the texture of the

Find, Fellowship, Forgive and Fortify One Another

Part 2 of an Interview with Amberly Neese, Author of The Belonging Project Miss part 1? Read it here ! In The Belonging Project , speaker and comedian Amberly Neese combines Bible study with delightful humor to create a refreshing and engaging experience that will encourage and equip women to pursue deeper relationships and true belonging by loving and serving one another. She describes The Belonging Project as an exploration of the New Testament as it pertains to biblical community. “God has designed us to live in mutually beneficial relationships and has given us the blueprints to do so in his Word. The study is designed to encourage, empower, and equip participants to thrive in the community to which God has called them,” she shares. Neese provides biblical and practical help for cultivating meaningful relationships that glorify God through an examination of the many “one another” scriptures throughout the New Testament. She groups more than fifty of them into theme

Kind Words Are Like Honey

Part 2 of an interview with Bonnie Clark, Author of Taste Your Words Teach kids about the power of words and the importance of kindness with Bonnie Clark’s charming picture book, Taste Your Words (Worthy Kids) , that cleverly illustrates why we should think before we speak. Amera’s having a bad day. Her best friend ruined her cupcake and they both said mean things. When Amera brings her bad mood home with her, her mom tells her to “taste her words.” Amera’s mean words taste like rotten eggs, spoiled milk, and lemons! As Amera realizes that her mean words make her feel bad and others feel worse, she starts saying the kindest, sweetest words she can find. Taste Your Words is an excellent resource for parents who want to teach their kids to think before they speak. With humorous text and lively illustrations by Todd Bright make it easy for even the youngest children to understand the power of their words. Q: The concept of tasting our words is Biblical. Where can we

Small-town minister John Cross can’t seem to keep himself out of danger

  Part 1 of an Interview with Andrew Huff, Author of Cross Shadow All journalist Christine Lewis wants is the truth. There’s always more to the story, and she can’t rest until she uncovers it. All pastor John Cross wants is to avoid the truth. Given his prior life, he thinks hiding the truth can protect those he cares about. A journalist out for the truth and a pastor avoiding it sounds somewhat backward, but that’s where Christine and John find themselves in Andrew Huff’s Cross Shadow (Kregel Publications), the second installment of the Shepherd Suspense series. When Christine hears that her stepbrother has been arrested for murder in Texas, she vows to get to the bottom of the crime and prove his innocence. Christine wants to investigate on her own, but when John arrives, they team up again to discover the truth about the crime. Untangling a web of intrigue, the couple finds themselves in the center of another dangerous situation and in trouble far deeper than they expec

Kum Ba Yah

Another throwback video that was originally titled, "Dead People Don't Get Treats." You never know what might come up in class. 

Going to give EveryPlate a try

I don't enjoy cooking. I can't say that I ever have. Yet, I have done more cooking the past three months under "Stay at Home," "Safer at Home," "Quarantine," or whatever it is we are calling it than I have as a poor college student who rarely went out to eat.  At first the first of all this lockdown mess, my parents or I would go pick up something on Sundays after doing livestream of church. Then, we backed off that. Seeing the ins and outs of employees without masks at some places was cringe-worthy. Also, the food we've gotten just hasn't been that good.  As far as ordering groceries, I can only handle so many chicken strips, baked potatoes and breakfast for supper. I don't order groceries well, I get stuff, then I don't want to cook it, or if I do cook, I end up with so much food I have to eat it so many days in a row. So, I decided to try meal delivery. I'll only have to eat whatever I cook twice (instead of

Are You Living by the Line or the Spout?

Part 1 of an interview with Shannon Popkin, Author of Comparison Girl Click here for  part 2 . I wish I were tall like her. If only my kids got along the way her kids do. Why does she always seem to have it all together? Women compare themselves constantly. On social media, in their neighborhood, at church, at work, even in the school drop-off lane, they glance sideways and ask, “How do I measure up?” Behind all this comparison is an enemy gaining tactical advantage. In her new Bible study, Comparison Girl: Lessons from Jesus on Me-Free Living in a Measure-Up World (Kregel Publications), author and speaker Shannon Popkin invites women to leave measure-up comparison behind and connect with those around them by choosing Jesus’s me-free way of living. It’s a real chance to break free from the shackles of comparison. Q: In your previous release, Control Girl , you confessed to your struggle with needing to be in control. Is it safe to assume with the release of Comparis