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The Bachelorette: Tayshia: Week 2: An Obviously Scripted Episode

Hey! I actually quit work, ate and was ready to start on time tonight. That's an achievement. 

I'm hoping this goes by quick.

The second group date of Tayshia's first week is with Montel, Ivan, Demar, Ben, Chasen, Ed, Joe and Bennett. It's the first time for these guys to really see her since the first night. 

Two of Tayshia's friends lined up today's date, so supposedly, she doesn't know what is happening. They are in what looks like a classroom. They are going to do a Grown Man Challenge. Ash Kardash and her man Jared are leading the challenge. 

Tayshia is looking for a smart man, so the men will be tested in math and spelling. The first question calculates time. Bennett went to Harvard and thinks he is smart, but gets the first question wrong. And the second. He argues the wording of the word problem. Next is spelling. Limousine. Bennett can't spell either. Demar went to Arizona State and did better. That was his point, not mine. Nothing against ASU. 

The next challenge is tug-of-war. Man vs. man match-ups. Bennett claims an old football injury and doesn't participate. Between that and the math test, Tayshia's interest in him has waned.

After that, they do a breakfast in bed challenge where they make Tayshia breakfast in bed. Chasen needs some help, so instead of breakfast, he calls himself breakfast and takes off his shirt. Bennett in his robe tries to lay on extra charm. He feeds her, earning some points back. 

The man child of the evening has to carry a doll that cries, etc. Ed has to carry this around as long as Tayshia so desires. 

The Grown Man of the evening goes to Bennett, thanks to the last round evidently. He goes in for a kiss, and this ticks Chasen off. He thinks it's playing games and Tayshia doesn't appreciate it. I think she found it funny. 

Bennett brings his diploma with him and is still wearing his robe for the cocktail party. Chasen asks about his not competing in a physical challenge. Bennett retorts that he didn't even participate in one challenge and still won it. Chasen calls the kiss cringey like the robe Bennett's wearing. He makes a comment about dressing up for a cocktail party. Chasen is wearing a t-shirt.

Bennett tries to take Tayshia out first, but she wants to say hello to everyone first. Chasen ends up stealing her off first. Chasen talks about his little sister who is married and pregnant. 

Bennett and Ed muse over what Chasen is probably saying. Ed thinks Chasen is an actor. Granted, he's saying this holding his doll.

Tayshia's guard goes up around Ben for some reason, or so she says. She asks him why he's still single. Blah, blah, blah. He asks to kiss her. She is smitten by him. She calls him trouble. 

Ivan wins some points too. He blindfolds her, feeds her strawberries, and then goes feeds her his tongue. 

Bennett calls Chasen out on some stuff with Clare. Ed calls him a bad actor. I doubt getting into it with Chasen is going to serve him well in the long game. 

When Ed gets his time, he laughs off the baby. He says that he is 36 and wants kids. That's why he's hear. He's hear for the right reasons. He can't keep his mouth shut and brings up Chasen. He accuses Chasen of wanting Instagram followers. Back with the group, Ed admits he brought Chasen up to Tayshia and that he did tell her that he didn't think Chasen was there for the right reasons. 

Chasen's turn to defend himself. Tayshia, in fact, says he seems a little defensive. Chasen asks what was said. Mainly, that he was using the same words to describe Tayshia as Clare. After she sends him off, she needs a moment. Chasen goes back out and confronts Ed. Chasen calls himself a grown man. Actually, there's another descriptor in that title. 

Chasen is arguing with Ed when Tayshia starts coming back on the scene. It's rose time. She compliments Ben and Ivan. Ultimately, the rose goes to Ivan. 

The next night is the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Before Tayshia arrives, Chasen gives a speech saying he doesn't want any drama tonight. He gets into it with Ed again. Chasen admits that he did use one word to describe both Clare and Tayshia, but his new word is "smokeshow." Tayshia is a smokeshow.

Every man makes a face not knowing what the heck that meant. 

Ben in his awkward way gets his kiss during his time with her. He is really nerdy.

Joe brings some food. Someone brings popsicles. Demar reads a poem. 

Ed is going off to whoever will listen. Bennett cracks a joke about Chasen not being able to come up with a new adjective and instead creates a noun.

During Ed's time, he talks about Chasen being a bully the night before. Tayshia is over this drama already and calls Chasen out to talk. Chasen asks why they can't talk about this like a man instead of pointing fingers. It's so petty to her. 

Chasen comes back and calls Ed away. He admits he got over aggressive. The rest of the men can hear the whole conversation. Zac and Kenny go break it up. 

Then, Zac gets some time. He says he tries to stay out of it all. He's not there for He-Said/He-Said. Tayshia finds him more mature than some of the others. 

Chris Harrison comes in to break up the party. Tayshia has to go consider roses, so leaves the men to stew some more. 

I need a commercial to walk around so I don't fall out asleep at what a snooze this all is. 

Rose time!

There are 19 men... the ones with roses are Eazy, Brendan and Ivan. 

  1. Zac
  2. Riley
  3. Kenny (Why is he still around?)
  4. Ben (Thank goodness no more voice overs from him.)
  5. Demar
  6. Bennett
  7. Spencer
  8. Jordan
  9. Noah (He needs to shave his stupid looking lip worm.)
  10. Joe
  11. Blake
  12. Ed
  13. Chasen (You knew that was going to happen. Had to keep the drama around for the producers.)
Going home: Montel, Jay (who I keep confusing with Zac when I see him), and Peter. I couldn't figure out what his name was since he just got there last episode. She's already dissed two of the four guys that joined post-Clare. 

Chasen gives the toast. He annoys me. Why does he keep calling her a smokeshow? I'm so old and out of it, I had to Google to see if Chasen make up the term. 

It's a new day. Chris Harrison comes in with the date card.

"Eazy, Brendan, Joe, Jordan, Spencer, Ben, Ed, Chasen... I am looking for my perfect match." 

Someone thinks they know what the date is. Someone lamely says, "Puzzles." Someone else, "Wrestling." This idea amuses Eazy. Everyone knows it will be Ed vs. Chasen. 

Sure enough, wrestling. Tayshia thinks this will help with the tension. Badly scripted show. With the help of two female pro wrestlers, they will get some coaching. 

Tayshia thinks Chasen and Ed need to stay in their lanes. Joe is worried about the ex-NFL player (Eazy), the collegiate baseketball players... Joe was just all-conference volleyball in high school.

Chris comes out ringing his bell. Enough warm-ups. It's time to go prime time in front of an audience tonight. The winner of it all will win time with Tayshia. 

Oh, I forgot to mention in between all of Chasen's smokeshow references, he also references himself as the Wolverine.

He's going to take Ed out. 

How many people quarantined at this resort? Wells (the bartender from BIP) is there to commentate with Chris. 

Before they get started, the men have to oil up. 

First round... Eazy vs. Joe. The NFL player Joe was scared of. Eazy wins.

Brendan vs. Jordan. Nerd round. Jordan wins.

Spencer vs. Ben. It gets pretty rough. It is called a draw. Ben is bleeding and has to be tended to before the big round.

Chasen vs. Ed... because this whole show is scripted. Ed wants to talk to Chris first. His shoulders dislocate easily, and he doesn't want to end up in the hospital, so wants to back out of this match. Chasen hopes Tayshia sees that Ed is scared. Uh. 

Chris asks if any of the other guys want to fight for Tayshia. Noah jumps the fence and gets oiled up. Wells too thinks that Noah's moustache is ridiculous. Chasen looks like he's throwing punches, not wrestling. Chasen is uber aggressive. The referrees call Chasen the winner. 

Chasen is deemed winner of the night. Chris sends the men not on the date home. He was going to send Noah home, but Tayshia asks Noah to join them. 

A few men aren't so pleased about Noah crashing the party. Even more so when he takes Tayshia away first. He asks what she thought when he jumped the fence. She said it was bold. He's going to be himself. If it works out, great, if not, it's not meant to be. Tayshia says there's one thing... He answers, "You don't like moustaches?" She tells him to shave it. She wants to see what he looks like without it. Off he goes to do it. 

The rest of the guys muse how they don't think Noah is a threat. Ben's plan is to go last and take her a fresh drink for a nightcap.

Brendan talks to her about dating again post-divorce. Snooze. Tayshia kisses him to make him stop rambling. Her word. 

After a while, Chasen wonders where Noah is. Did he get sent home?

Ben is still waiting to be last. He thinks he has a better chance of getting the rose being a fresh memory. 

Every man goes off. One by one. 

Noah does come back and interrupt, then has Tayshia shave the moustache off for him. Tayshia thinks the kissing is much better now. 

Once Tayshia goes back to the group, she's ready to call it a night and hand out the rose. This is when Ben decides he wants time. Too late. Tayshia says she's done. Then she gives the rose to Noah. This really makes everyone mad as in my opinion they should be for the date crasher. 

That is where we end the night.

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About the Author


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What do you pray when you don’t know what to say?

Part 2 of an Interview Stacey Thacker,

Author of Threadbare Prayer

What do you pray when the words just won’t come? When you’ve been on your knees in prayer and your jeans start to show wear, what else can you possibly say? Sometimes we can be worn to the point we simply don’t have the words to express our pain, worry or fears. Those are our threadbare prayers.

Stacey Thacker started writing her own threadbare prayers in her journal during her Bible study time. The prayers were very personal, but as she began to share them on her blog and social media, her friends and readers encouraged her to turn them into her next book. Throughout the pages of Threadbare Prayer: Prayers for Hearts that Feel Hidden, Hurt, or Hopeless (Abingdon Press), readers will see glimpses of some of the authors most threadbare moments. Through these 100 short but heartfelt devotions readers will find inspiration and words to pray during difficult times.

Q: How is it possible to pray when you don’t have words?

One of my favorite verses is found in Romans 8:26 and it says that “...the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.” The Spirit knows our hearts, and we can trust Him to “tell the Father” on our behalf. That gives me freedom to know if I can’t call up the words, He is not speechless. The threadbare prayer in this verse, “Lord, I don’t know what to pray, but you do,” says it all.

Q: Threadbare prayer happens in the wilderness. Is there any way to prepare for those wilderness times?

I think the best way to prepare is to be in the Word, pray, and find deep fellowship with other believers. I have also learned that nothing prepares you for the wilderness like the “other” wilderness times.

When I lost my dad, God was preparing me to walk through the valley of the shadow of death with my husband. So even when we are threadbare, we need to take those wilderness times and listen to what the Lord is saying to our threadbare hearts.

Q: What are some of your favorite Bible verses that spoke to you during times spent in the wilderness?

Psalm 23:1 – “Lord you are my shepherd and I lack nothing” was the first.

2 Chronicles 20:12 – “Lord, I don’t know what to do but my eyes are on you” is one I say over and over.

Psalm 116:2 – “Because he bends down to listen I will pray as long as I have breath.” (Lord I will breathe out constant prayers, because you are listening.)

Psalm 91:1 – “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the LORD, ‘My refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.’” (Lord, you are my secret dwelling place.)

Q: How is the best way to minister to a friend or family member while they are going through a threadbare time? Is it better to try to offer encouragement or simply a listening ear? 

Prayer and presence are so encouraging when possible. You don’t have to say anything really. Just pray, lend the strength of your presence, and do simple things for them. Bring them a coffee, a meal, watch their kids, send a note. I also think this is the type of book you can give to a friend who is hurting. You can mark a prayer and say, “I’m praying this for you.” It will mean so much.

Q: Could you say a prayer for someone reading this interview to help them find the words they need?

Psalm 68:19 says, “Praise the Lord; praise God our savior! For each day he carries us in his arms.” Lord, in the midst of all that comes against us, remind us that your power and your promises persist as well.

We may be:



battle weary.

You are:




Lord help us to remember that when we need shelter you cover us. When we need daily bread you are able to rain it down from heaven. If we need a defender, you come quickly to protect us. It doesn’t matter what we need, you can provide it. It is amazing to think that you do all of this while you tenderly carry us in your arms.

Focusing on your daily care is such a comfort to our threadbare hearts because nobody cares for us like you do, Jesus.

So we will praise you Lord, because you carry us every single day.


Visit Stacey Thacker online at staceythacker.com. She can also be found on Facebook (@OfficialStaceyThacker), Twitter (@staceythacker), and Instagram (@staceythacker).

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The Bachelorette: Tayshia: Week 1: Let's Start All Over Again

This post is actually a day late because I wasn't home to blog when The Bachelorette was home. It's after 9 PM now, and I was ready for bed an hour ago, so let's see if I make it through this mess tonight. (I'm also sidetracked with updating some things on The Crafty Dad and Daughter site because it hasn't been updated in a while, so it's like 10:15 after only watching about 10 minutes of the show.)

The men are wondering who is next up now that Clare is off the scene. 

The men all rise as Tayshia enters the room. Eazy has to pick his jaw up off the ground. Some of the men definitely have no issue with this change whatsoever. 

Tayshia says a week ago she never would have imagined being there, but you know she was quarantined longer than that. 

There are 16 men who have stuck around...

Ivan is who we see Tayshia taking off first. Do we know Ivan? I don't really recall Ivan because he's not Dale. I think Ivan is definitely more into Tayshia than Clare. 

Riley is ready for his turn. He too seems to be more into Tayshia. A lot of these guys are younger, so the age is a better fit. There are also more men of color left around than usual, especially at this point. Just the diversity of the cast, seems a little stacked in a way that seems Tayshia and her preferences may have been cast. 

Blake who was really upset about Clare's exit is feeling more connection in meeting Tayshia once than Clare in four meetings.

Jason had feelings for Clare, but he knows he's still there for the right reasons. 

Tayshia talks to a few more men before Chris Harrison comes and interrupts, taking Tayshia away. Chris breaks the news that she's not just going to meet 16 guys tonight. There's more coming in the limo pulling up.

The guys that have been through the Clare ordeal are deflated to say the least. Kenny is full of rude comments and angst. If Clare had paid any attention to him, she'd have kicked him off already. He's a jerk. 

Given how they were quarantining, you have to be stupid to not think this was all planned from the get go. 

Doing this intro part just means a lot of pausing and unpausing, adding to the time spent on tonight's blog. Sigh. Finishing this tonight doesn't look good.

Spencer - 30 - Water Treatment Engineer - La Jolla, CA -- I don't mind looking at him. Maybe this isn't so bad. Tayshia thinks he's hot. He walks awkwardly in the room. He asks which one of them scared off Clare. Obviously, he hasn't gotten the 411 on what happened before he arrived.

Montel - 30 - Gym Owner, Boston, MA -- He keeps saying, "Nice to meet you." 

Peter - 32 - Real Estate Agent - Framington, MA -- Just a hello before he pops inside.

Noah - 25 - Registered Travel Nurse - Tulsa, OK -- The guys inside aren't worried about him for some reason. He pulls out a stethoscope and has her listen to where his heart is from the start.

Tayshia comes back in. Is that it? The four new guys are going to have a tough time meshing in. The old guys are annoyed that she's getting time and intros to the new guys coming in given they have been there. 

Spencer of the new group pulls Tayshia off next. 

Chris Harrison pops in to leave a first impression rose. 

Now back to some of the other guys talking to her. Who knows anything about some of these guys? She finds Zac C. interesting. I don't know why. 

Peter is one of 11 kids and has a twin brother. 

Another guy dances with her, someone plays corn hole.

It is time for the rose. Tayshia pulls Spencer away and tells him that her heart skipped a beat when he came out of the limo. Oh goodness, here we go again. SERIOUSLY? That's how it started with Dale!

There's about to be a rose ceremony. This is going to stink for some people. Oh wait! Change of plans! No rose ceremony. She's going to cancel it. She sent Chris Harrison packing. I bet that was planned all along too. 

We now interrupt Tayshia's journey to find love so that Chris Harrison can sit down with Clare and Dale to get the real scoop on how the two fell in love in two weeks, or did they have contact before the show started? Chris is going to get answers. 

Chris is going to talk to Clare first. It's been a dream come true for her. 

They go back to the first night when Dale came out of the limo. It was love at first sight. 

Thankfully the chat is short (because it's boring) before Dale comes out. Chris asks Dale if it was love at first sight. He says it was for him too. Though they didn't know it, they were on the same page all along the way. How many times they can say "Show up for me" I don't know. It's overkill. 

So, let's get down to the question about previous interaction... had they communicated before filming started. Oh, my. It hurts Clare to be questioned. It hurts to her core. She denies lying to Bachelor Nation. Dale agrees they never texted, messaged, anything. He never had her number until after they were engaged and he was going back to him home. 

Clare said she followed a lot of guys on social media to see what they did in their down times. Dale was the one being strong, open, and vulnerable on his Instagram or at least according to Clare.

What is coming up? Clare says, "Baaaabiiiiiiieeees." 

Now, back to Tayshia. 

Tayshia is a little concerned some of the guys are still hung up on Clare. 

The men are awaiting the date card. Chris brings it. The good ness to start... everyone is getting dates.

"Blake, Riley, Zac, Jordan, Noah, Peter, Kenny, Jay, Eazy, Spencer -- Here's to a second shot at love."

Tayshia emerges from the pool in that signature move that's been in the commercials. The men take off their shirts to dive in. Kenny evidently can't figure out how to remove a shirt without being awkward. 

Chris comes back out to announce a competition. He divides the men into two teams and sends them to locker rooms to get dressed. Speedos. Here we go again. I'm sure Blake isn't pleased. 

It's Splashball time! basically water basketball. 

Riley elbows Spencer when the game gets intense. Riley doesn't like Spencer's attitude, and he tried to make out like it was accidental, but it wasn't. 

The blue team of Spencer, Eazy, Zac, Noah, and Jay (I think that's right) get to have a BBQ with Tayshia. 

Blake does the walk of shame back home with his green team (along with Kenny and Riley). They miss the BBQ, but will come back later for more time with Tayshia. 

Meanwhile on the other side of the resort, Jason tells Joe that he's not sure how much fight he has in him because he had feelings for Clare. He fears the one-on-one.

The rest of the the guys await the next date card. A knock. Here it is.

"Brendan - Let's start our journey to fall in love."

Back to the date. 

Eazy tells Tayshia she makes him nervous. He uses the line that he feels like he may have just met his wife as corny as it sounds. 

Tayshia is really into Zac C. Loud smacky kisses. I don't see it, like I didn't see the Dale thing. 

She and Riley talk about how many kids they want. 

Spencer and Riley get into it a little bit about their confrontation during the game and cracked ribs.

Kenny calls Spencer out for being obnoxious.

Some of the other men agree. 

When it's Spencer's turn, she gives him an ice pack for his lip. She asks if there is some animosity with Riley.

Time for the rose... Comments to Spencer, Zac, and Eazy. She gives it to Eazy. 

After the date, Jason decides he's done. Zac tells him he's a stronger man walking out than he was walking in. Jason goes to find Tayshia and tell her. 

Jason tells her that he is happy she is there. He let his walls down, and he fell for Clare. She deserves someone amazing and all in, and he just can't do it anymore. 

She tells him this is a fear of hers. Probably more than really caring if he leaves, Tayshia probably wonders what the other guys think. Jason assures him the other 19 are there for the long haul. 

The next morning, Tayshia comes in on one horse and guiding another along for Brendan. 

He tells Tayshia her look, her style, her energy is right up her alley. Kiss up much? Oh, and he can't wait to kiss her. 

It's a small, small quarantined world, so they run into Chris Harrison who serves them margaritas for their ride. 

Chris then runs off to the other side of the resort to interrupt them again and again. What else is there to do? 

After a while on the horses, to the pool they go. Pool makeout time, of course.

Onto fake dinner. Brendan needs to tell her he has been married. It was his early 20s, it was his high school sweetheart he'd known since childhood. There wasn't any cheating, but it counseling didn't work. She thought children weren't really in their future, but he wanted kids.

Randomness here... A few weeks ago, I was trying to figure out who this guy was at a rose ceremony. Early in the season, I refer back to the cast page on the Bachelorette website. This guy, in his promo picture has mop hair which he does now too, but in his cast photo, he has bright blue eyes. His photo looks very different from the other guys. This guy sitting her talking, eating fake dinner most definitely has brown eyes. Other than a version of moppy hair, he doesn't really look like his photo at all. 

Now, carrying on. Tayshia wants to know if he wants to know what she thinks. She's more understanding than he may think. She also got married at a young age. They met in college, but there were issues. So, she's not going to kick him out the door for it. She felt like she wasn't alone. They had a bonding moment. She does want kids (5 in fact) in the future. She gives him the rose and they watch fireworks. 

She calls her day magical. 

The men are jealous about the fireworks even though they can see them from where they are. ;)

No rose ceremony at the end of the episode. I don't recall when we had one last. 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

The Bachelorette: Clare: Week 4: Let's Move On

I hope these two hours fly by tonight because, I am ready to go to bed. I don't know why a one hour fall back time change feels like three. I am ready for sleep. 

The day after the non-rose group date, the men date are bummed. Kenny leads a discussion with some of the men that they are all wasting their time because Clare is only into Dale. 

Over in Clare's cabana, she's thinking of... Dale. Their connection... How it feels like she's known him forever... There's a thin line between respecting the process and going for what she wants. She wants Dale. 

Chris Harrison comes over and drags up a chair to talk to Clare.

She didn't know he was coming. He says they need to talk. Right now the guys in the house are unhappy and confused. They are smart men and know what is going on. Chris says they can't continue down this path. 

Clare respects the process, and there are some amazing guys here. Chris tells her to cut to the chase. She says that she is so head over heels for Dale. 

When they were shut down for COVID, she looked up everyone's social media. She was drawn to Dale's account and what was going on with him and related to him. She felt they were parallel. 

Chris asks Clare to be honest and not **** him. Did the two of them talk beforehand? She said not at all. She knows what she wants. She feels like Dale is her match. 

Chris almost gets teary eyed as she talks about him being the one. 

Anyone else wonder along the way if he feels that way about her or if he's just been playing along? I don't really have an opinion one way or the other, but I do wonder. 

Clare asks what to do next. She doesn't want to waste the guys' times. Chris says they have to reinvent what happens next. Clare wants to let Dale know how she feels and spend as much time with him as possible. In her mind, this is over. That's when Chris says the line that has been teased for weeks. 

"Congratulations. You've just blown up The Bachelorette."

The men are sitting around talking. Eazy wants to ask Clare some things to figure out what is going on. Kenny wants some clarity too. Every man is getting fed up of their limited time focusing on one person. They are talking about what they plan for tonight at the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. 

Chris Harrison shows up. He asks how they are doing. He just talked to Clare. There's not going to be a cocktail party tonight. There's also not going to be a rose ceremony. He will see all of them tomorrow. 

Then, Chris asks to talk to Dale outside. When they walk out, the men all want to know what's going on. They are confused. Kenny wants to know if there's any point to this. 

Chris tells Dale that Clare wants to spend time with him tonight. 

Clare is breathing heavy on her dog as she contemplates if Dale feels the same thing for her. I feel bad for the dog.

Clare has a date with Dale. She's putting a lot on the line not knowing what he is going to say tonight and if the feelings are mutual. 

Clare she picked the spot for this date. When Clare asks how he is, he pauses, speechless. Clare says she knows what she wants and is doing this the way she wanted to do this. She said she couldn't give out a rose the night before because she was thinking about him. Even though they have not had a one-on-one date, she feels like she knows him. She feels like he's the man she's prayed for... the one that's like her dad. He looks a bit stunned. He says he has wanted to know more about her family. 

So the story goes, after Claire's dad met her mom one night, three weeks later, he hitchhiked to propose after meeting once. Three years later, they were married. 

Dale's dad hitchhiked to see his mom too. His whole family was lost after his mom died. He didn't want to feel for two years. Clare says she went through the same thing when her dad died. Clare asks how he's emotionally mature today. 

He goes on to share how he was blown away when Clare was announced as The Bachelorette, and he started having feelings again.

Clare is worried about what Dale is going to say when she tells him how she feels. 

Meanwhile... No one has seen Dale since Chris pulled him out of the room. The angry guy Clare dated last week is ready to go off. Blake, the closest thing to #2 on the totem pole thinks it's too early for her to be into just one guy.

Clare is trying to get out her thoughts and feelings. She talks about how early it is in the process. He agrees. Clare tells him that every time she wakes up and goes to sleep she thinks about him. At first, he has no reaction. Then he smiles. Then he almost looks scared when she says that she's fallen in love with him. 

Dale says his heart is open, and he's falling in love with her.

Clare says she couldn't to through one more rose ceremony without talking to him about this. Then, there is some loud, smacky kissing.

Oh, gag. A personal concert. The singers: Chris & Bri from that stupid Bachelor finding love and music mini season thing that aired at the beginning of quarantine. The show I couldn't deal with even though I was literally not leaving the house or doing anything. I remember doing a jigsaw puzzle while trying to listen. 

After the awkward concert moment, they go back to her room. 


Ok, so Clare and Dale did the fantasy suite thing, and now they don't want to join the real world. 

Neither thought they'd wake up this morning where they are. {Insert eye roll.}

What does Dale think is going to happen next? Clare tells him he needs to think about it. This has been a game changer. She's mumbling on something about feeling what she's feeling. 

Clare thinks they should "lie detector it" since no one believes either of them when it comes talking before this whole thing. 

Clare then does a producer interview monologue where she says, "Dale is the kind of guy you get when you refuse to settle. He is strong and sensitive, kind and compassionate, makes her feel protected. Dale is everything."

She supposedly genuinely wanted to get to know the other guys, but she could most definitely, gladly spend the rest of her life with Dale. 

Gag. Enough about Dale. 

The next day, the men still wonder where Dale is. They assume he is on a one-on-one overnight date. Someone (don't know his name because who are these other guys?) doesn't think she would do that so soon. 

Chris Harrison comes over to see Clare again. He asked how last night was. She needed that time so bad. He was even better than she expected after the cameras turned off. Yes, she told Dale that she loved him. He said the same to her. "He's my person," Clare declares. 

Chris is like, "You broke every record for this show."

Chris says the next step is proposal. Clare wants to know when they are doing this. Chris says tonight. Hmmm. Wonder if Dale is really ready for this. Can't they just go off and whatever? Why engagement? 

Chris says, "I can't believe what you are doing to us. 

So, if you've read any of the articles or spoilers, the producers saw this coming because Clare was googoogahgah over Dale before she even met him thanks to social stalking. They knew she was going to be stuck on him. 

Oh, goodness, Clare's talk drives me nuts. "He's the reason I haven't settled." She's not going to pretend this isn't happening. 

The men need to know what is going on. They've been sitting there for days now. Guys are checking out, and that's not a good thing, according to Blake at least. No sooner do they say Clare needs to talk to all of them than Clare shows up. 

It's been an interesting last couple of days for her, but she 100% wanted to come talk to them about it. She says they are all amazing... She came here to find the love of her life... She thinks she found what she came here for, and it's with Dale. The guys stare in disbelief. She tells them she's a woman that goes for what she wants, and she's going for it. She has too much respect for them to lead them on. She claims she was present while she was with them. (NOT!) No one really says anything for a hot minute. 

Finally, someone speaks up that they didn't get enough time. Blake says that he's scared she's going to get hurt. He doesn't know how she can know this quick. Kenny asks if she and Dale communicated beforehand. She denies it.

Kenny says she needs to apologize to the group. Clare asks, "What should I apologize for?" He said that when they talked it was obvious that she wasn't into it. She needs to apologize for faking it because she was in love with Dale since the first night. 

Clare says she will apologize if she wasted her time or hurt them, but she won't apologize for love. 

Some of the men thank her for her courage and standing up to say these things. She asks if she can hug some of them because she will miss them. 

Clare cries on the shoulders of the crew. 

The men sure have a lot to say after Clare leaves. Someone estimates that Clare spent a whole two hours with Dale before this. Blake bought a book on dementia to try to understand Clare's mother. He's the one that really believes she knows nothing about Dale. 

The men are waiting to find out what happens next. 

Chris Harrison calls up Neil Lane to see if he can get a ring today. Hopefully, there will be a proposal today. 

It's time for Chris to go break the news to Dale. He goes over to Dale's cabana, sits down and asks Dale where his head and heart are. Dale does want to explore things further, and he is in love with her. 

Chris tells Dale that Clare broke up with all the other guys today. Dale laughs. Chris says, "This is it. No more steps. Clare is going to be waiting for you. She's going to be waiting for a proposal." 

The guys wonder if Dale is scrambling. Is he on the same pace? They think she's ready for a wedding, but is he at the moment?

The producers talk to Clare. Clare knows she's ready, but isn't sure if he's at the same place. Chris comes to check on her. Clare says she's used to showing up and the other person doesn't. She's scared now. Chris tells her she needs to trust herself. 

Clare monologues about falling in love with Dale "this entire time."

This entire time = less than two weeks.

Clare steps out and gets ready. Chris says, "I need to tell you something..."

Flash to Kenny and Blake talking about how Dale probably is not ready for this so soon."

Chris just wanted to tell Clare how proud of her "they" are. Whoever "they" are.

When asked, Dale doesn't seem so ready for tonight. 

Clare is going to tell him what she has been feeling "this entire time." 

Seriously though. Even if he is into her, this is super duper fast and lots of pressure. 

Clare starts her proposal speech. He has to be wigging as she talks about she knew when she met him that she had met her husband. Comparisons to her dad... He's everything... He would never runaway or leave her. He keeps showing up for her. 

It's been 11 days. People have to stay under strict quarantine after a positive COVID test for longer than what these two have known each other. I've had milk expired in my fridge longer than this this relationship.

"Yeah, it's a while ride, right?" is his response. 

He does find something to say. He talks about what his mother would have thought about her. 

Dale does go down on one knee to propose. She gives the final rose. 

This is the most ridiculous season ever. 

To add to the ridiculousness, he says, "When you know, you know." That's her line. 

Dale tells Clare that she's going to hurt her wrist due the ginormous diamond he just gave her. He carries her off. 

The rest of the men guess it's time for them to pack it up to head home. They've been hanging around for a few days now. 

Riley didn't expect things to be cut short. Well, dude, who did? 

Kenny is ticked. They went through a lot of trouble to be in the bubble. 

Some guy (I literally don't know his name and neither does the people doing the captions because they never show it) feels like there is some unfinished business. "There's more love to give and more to be received."

Chris comes in and says he's sorry it's turned out like it has for them. Interrupting Chris, Kenny asks what Chris' opinion is of Clare having researched Dale before arrival. Chris says that Clare promises they didn't speak. He continues that Dale proposed and that he and Clare have left the resort and the bubble. 

Chris says he feels like the guys were cheated, so they are going to do something historic. He is there to tell them their journey is not over. Each needs to make a decision... where their head is, where their heart is, where their relationship was with Clare. Can they move on? 

C'mon, who has had more than five minutes with her in the past two weeks? 

If they decide they can't get past this and have had enough, they can walk away. 

Jason wants to know how much time they are getting because he opened up to Clare.

Chris says they have until tonight to decide. If they want to move on, they need to be dressed and ready tonight. 

Blake's mind is blown. He has to clear his mind. 

Jordan is wondering if it is going to be one woman or a Paradise situation. Riley has been thinking about Clare for months in quarantine. Can he think about anything else?

Bennett says he wasn't invested. Clean slate. He's ready for whatever is next. 

Blake did talk to Clare beforehand. He put a lot into Clare. He doesn't know if he wants to do it all again. 

The guy whose name I cannot figure out is excited. Again. No caption like the others.

Jason says it sucks... opening up like he did. 

There are 16 men left. How many will stay? The men gather again.

Zac C. That is the nameless guy. Finally, they show his name. Or wait, is it Jay. They look alike. They could have been alternating back and forth all night. I don't know!

Blake is going to stick around. He came here to find something he hasn't found yet. 

Everyone wondered if Jason was going to show up. He finally does. 

Chris arrives and gives a speech. Everyone decided to stick it out. The journey is about to continue if they take a leap of faith. Chris tells them that their new Bachelorette is on the way. They are about to start this all over again. He's about to go out and bring her in.

Chris heads out to meet the limo. 

Tayshia steps out to make her first appearance. 

Meanwhile, the men are all talking about how they are nervous to start again and ready to see where this leads.

And the episode ends with "To be continued..."

Next week, we get a "Tell All" with Clare and Dale.

(Final side note... GIPHY is letting me down tonight. There aren't any from tonight's episode! Tweets from @BacheloretteABC it is.)