What changes at midnight?

If I were to look outside on this New Year's Eve, I just might see the neighbors trying to pull this off in the sky. Someone around here has some legit fireworks they are shooting off. I'm trying to be nice and not call the police on them. 

It may indeed be a long night given their early start. As for me, I crawling into bed early. I am beat.

My big exciting NYE included going for an eye exam this morning where the doctor was running late it seems from the get go. I swear, if I get COVID, it's from sitting in a waiting room. 

With my eyes dilated, I did venture out to Whataburger and back home. I slept off the dilation because I couldn't do anything on the computer and really watching TV was a bit off. 

If this doesn't sound like an exciting day, just hold on to your horses!

I was expecting some packages, and I think the mail came at least three times today. When I awoke from my nap, I had an email about a delivery. Why delivery people don't knock or ring the doorbell, I don't understand. I'm always home and find out about deliveries via email. This is even true if I am at one of my computers facing the window to the street. 

 As best I can figure, here's what I can tell:

#1 Left something at the door (and didn't knock or ring).

#2 Mail and package in mailbox. (If they didn't come twice, why not leave both packages at door? The one in the mailbox was about the same size as the other, and it filled the box.)

I came inside to check tracking because there was something I was really expecting.

#3 Another package and more mail.

Come to think of it, I think this may have been #3 and #4 because I watched from the window and only saw him put in a package while I was watching, and there was more mail in there when I went to get it including something I was really looking for.

This is what 2020 and COVID has done to me. I don't venture out and have to blog about mail delivery!

In these two packages were some clothes I ordered over the weekend. I really needed to get out and get some clothes because I have an issue with pants.

Recently, I ripped the hem in my best pair of black pants on my office floor mat. Some of my pants are falling off of me because the elastic in the waist is beyond shot. Other pairs are about to have holes worn in them. 

I seriously didn't want to order pants online, but my mother kept going on about how you couldn't try on anything in a dressing room, and my father informed me that the day I wanted to go wouldn't be a good day because there would be crowds and traffic with everyone going around the day after Christmas. 

Fine, whatever, I ordered online. Upon arrival of said pants, I confirmed why I don't buy pants online. I swear a couple pair are MC Hammer cut. Baggie in the hips and thighs and more fitted below the knee. The description of the pants made me think cotton/poly blend, but no, they remind me of parachute material. Again, very Hammer-ish.

My big accomplishment of the day was purging my closet. 

I pulled out clothes that I bought on desperation shopping trips. Shirts that shrunk, especially in length because I washed them so much. Clothes I forgot I had. Clothes I never liked. There were some shirts I've had at least 10 years. Seriously. 

At least 1/3, if not 1/2 of the contents of my closet are now in the spare bedroom on the bed awaiting donation next week. 

My last meal of the year consisted of a frozen bean burrito, then I decided I had enough and was heading to bed. 

Everyone has been so excited about kicking 2020 to the curb. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but like my eye doctor and I discussed this morning, nothing changes at midnight anyway. 

Oh, how I hope COVID goes away in 2021, but it doesn't look like it's going to be soon. 

I long for regularly going to church without disrupted schedules based on the number of cases of who is sick. I want to not worry so much about wearing a mask and staying six feet away from the kids and class.

I want to go to Peyton's basketball games again. 

Oh, how I want to sit down with a friend at a restaurant and share a basket of chips and salsa. 

I can handle not going back into a grocery store, but I'm growing a little weary of forgetting certain items as soon as I pick up my curbside order. 

I'm ready for people to stop arguing over masks and vaccines. I'm tired of seeing some people go all over the place and do whatever, while I'm worried about doing anything and giving it to family. 

If I want to go to Canton, I don't want to worry about crowds. 

I want to do craft shows again. 

But, nothing changes at midnight. Except maybe my neighbors will run out of fireworks.