The Bachelorette: Tayshia: Week 6/Night 2: The "Hometowns"

Alright, here we go. I'm trying to finish cooking dinner and starting to blog at the same time. 

It's "Hometown" week, but due to quarantine, they've had to bring in some of their family to the resort instead of travel around the country. The men will be responsible for creating a date that would most reflect what their hometown would be.

Brendan will be up first. 

His brother, sister-in-law and niece are here to represent for him. His older brother was the closest thing he had to a dad after his father died. His brother is the most important person in his life. They may know him better than he knows himself. 

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Ok, so Brendan. He was her first one-on-one, so it's appropriate he would be her first "hometown." or so Tayshia thinks. 

So, Brendan created a carnival for Tayshia. Along with the two of them for their date is his niece. She's like 12, I guess. They play ring toss, do a basketball game, milk bottles... you know because they had all these props there at the resort for Brendan to choose from. 

Wait. Why am I trying to watch this on Surely, I won't have this issue on Hulu. What am I thinking? I'm sleep deprived today.

So, this date and dancing with his niece makes her think he would be a great father. 

That night, Tayshia meets Brendan's older brother and sister-in-law. They recap the day as well as some of previous dates, including the lie detector test. They asked what he lied about. Tayshia defends Brendan saying that it was inconclusive, not false when they talked about meeting families. 

Brendan and his brother talk about hesitancy post-divorce. His sister-in-law talks to Tayshia about getting married at 25 and divorced about two years later. 

Brendan talks to his brother about wanting a family like he has. This is getting real for Brendan. 

Tayshia talks to the brother next. He asks if Brendan is ready for marriage. A couple of years ago, no. Today, yes.

No deep grilling seems to go on. After they part ways, Tayshia says she could see Brendan being her husband.

Next up is Zac. He has some New York things planned. He wants them to hail a cab NYC style first. 

They "drive" a cardboard taxi to a "bagel shop." She wants a blueberry bagel. That's not NY enough for him. They then stop for NY pizza. They head off to "Central Park" complete with fake backdrop. 

She's nervous about meeting parents. His parents stuck with him through drugs and rehab. Their opinions mean a lot to him. 

After some chit chat, they go to the fountain they made a wish in on the first night. Then, they make out in the fountain. It's weird. 

After drying off, they go to see Zac's parents and brother. They recap some of their time together before brother takes Tayshia off to talk. He's a skeptic. He asks the tough question of where she is with Zac compared to the other three. She says she's falling in love with Zac, but does not answer the comparison question. He then asks if Zac has been asking about the other relationships. This guy doesn't watch the show to know she can't answer. 

Next up is Dad. He's comfortable with her, but not comfortable having this kind of conversation. Tayshia asks what he thinks about the interaction between herself and his son. Dad says there is a big difference in Zac's smile. 

Zac talks to his mom. He's happy and smiling and that hasn't happened in a long time. He'd been lying about not wanting children. He wants kids--a family. 

Tayshia and Mom have a moment. Dad wants the evening to continue, but alas, they must say their goodbyes. 

Ivan is up next. Only one person has ever met his family. 

Before they meet family, they will cook. They are going to cook some Pilipino food. He has a video from his 4 1/2 year old niece who is teaching them out to cook. He is so happy watching this, it really makes Tayshia happy. Their dates are something they'd very much do in the real world, or so she says. 

He was hoping his brother and niece could make it, but it's just going to be his parents. His dad has had health issues so he has to be especially careful with COVID. 

Since she is on the second girl he's ever had meet his parents, Tayshia is nervous. He's not though. 

He usually talks to them every day, so it's odd for them to have not talked to him for this past month. 

Mom takes Tayshia off first. She's admittedly a big skeptic because it's all so fast. Tayshia talks about how mature Ivan is, especially for his age. Tayshia thinks mom's walls are up.

Dad asks Tayshia what she learned from being married before (he was married before too). They talk about being married too young the first time. He encourages Tayshia to take time to reflect. Dad is impressed with Tayshia and her confidence. He does think he could be a good match for his son. 

Ivan tells his mom that he is not prepared for an engagement yet, but could see the path to that. But know if he does, it will be something he would have thought out. 

Ivan's brother surprises him by walking in the room. Ivan calls his brother the most influential person in his life. I'm wondering if the brother's face tats are prison tats. He spent some time there. The brothers take some time to talk. His brother thinks the two of them glow together. 

Brother talks to Tayshia too. They talk about the qualities she sees in Ivan. Gabe says he thinks Ivan and Tayshia look like they would do good together. 

They get a few more minutes together before she leaves. The night went better than Ivan thought it would. 

Ben has the last date. Though he grew up in Indiana, home to him is Venice Beach. They are going to skate like on the boardwalk.

They drink some really gross wellness shots. Since there isn't a beach in the resort, they have to make do by the pool. Tayshia asks who she will meet. It will be a family friend, Antonia, and his sister, Madeline. There are evidently a lot of strong women in his life. Tayshia reminds him a lot of this family friend.

His parents can't make it as his father is a doctor and with all things COVID.

Tayshia is the most pleasant surprise Ben has had in his life. 

Tayshia is falling for Ben, but until Ben says something... Ben hopes Tayshia can learn more about him through his sister and friend. 

Tayshia is so eager to talk to Ben's sister. She wants to dig in for dirt. She's been hesitant because he is so guarded. His sister says he isn't hiding anything, it's just the wall hasn't been broken down yet. He is a sensitive guy, and doesn't want to get hurt. 

Antonia looks familiar for some reason. She gets Ben to spill. 

Antonia says Ben loves Tayshia. Ben says he isn't sure. Antonia is. She gets him to say it. She says he needs to tell Tayshia that. He didn't realize it was love until Antonia called him out on it. 

By the way, my laptop battery is going to die before the episode ends unless I go to the office to plug in.

Tayshia tries to get him to talk about how he feels. He talks about feeling good about all of this, but can't get his words out. She says goodnight and walks off, He watches and won't tell her. 

The next evening, the rose ceremony weighs heavy. She had a good week. They are all four amazing in her eyes, but she can't be with all four.

Chris Harrison greets each man. Ben tells Chris that he is in love with Tayshia. Chris asks if she knows. Ben replies, "Not yet."

When Tayshia arrives, he asks her if she knows how the men feel about her. Hint, hint.

Tayshia gives her speech about it being hard now because it's not just letting them down, it's their families too.

First rose goes to Ivan. 

Second rose goes to Zac. 

Final rose goes to Brendan. 

If only Ben had told her how he felt. 

She walks him out and asks him to talk. She thinks he's great, and he has taught her so much. He says a bunch of nothing other than reciprocating that he cares about her too. She gives him every chance to speak up. What he says is, "I'll be alright. I'm always alright." He goes on to mumble some stuff, but not say anything. "I'm heartbroken, but I'll be alright." She's visably frustrated that he can't/won't say much else. 

After putting him in the car, she can't tell if the past few weeks meant anything to him because he showed no emotion. No anger. No sadness. She can't pull emotion out of him every single time. She sits down on a bench and cries. 

In the car, Ben said he wanted to marry her. He says he should have told her how he felt. He realizes that maybe she loved him, but didn't think he loved her back.


And there are two nights left next week.