The Bachelorette: Tayshia: Week 7 Part 2: Take Whoever's Left

How incredibly shocking can tonight's finale be? Not very in my estimation. 

Ben came back to tell her that he loved her. He's never felt like this for a woman before. 

Yet, there's a reason why Tayshia sent him home. 

Let's just pause for a moment to talk about how ludicrous it is that these people fall in love with the person they were supposed to fall in love with during this short time, especially this season. 

Back to Tayshia. She wants to know why Ben told everyone else (basically, just Chris Harrison) that he was in love but wouldn't tell her. (Actually, he told his family friend on the hometown.) She wish she had heard it sooner because she was almost there. 

Tayshia says he can come to the rose ceremony, but she's got enough on her plate. 

When seeing him on his way, she kissed him, then asks herself why she did that. 

Well, Tayshia, you see, it's because you have been kissing everyone for weeks.

The rose ceremony... Ivan arrives. 

Zack arrives.

Ben shows up and Zac rolls his eyes. Ben informs them that Tayshia invited him here. 

Tayshia arrives and starts her speech about fantasy suite week being a pivotal week, and it was. Addressing the fact that Brendan wasn't there, she just says it didn't work out. She also addresses Ben being there. She doesn't know what to do about that.

She picks up a rose, then puts it down. She asks Ivan to talk. Though they started off strong, there are some concerning things that have come up. There haven't been red flags before this week, but this week there are some things involving her morals and beliefs. From his side, religion hasn't been a parting factor for him in the past. She decides to let him go and walk him out. 

Is he Buddhist? Muslim? Atheist? Jehovah's Witness? Got me fooled! I have no idea at this point. I fully support parting ways if their religious beliefs don't align, but I don't think it has been mentioned before that there issues there. 

Tayshia comes back saying she let Ivan go. Now, she's going to let them meet her family. She gives both Zak and Ben roses. Did she just let Ben stay around because she had no other choices left? I like neither of her last two. 

The next day, her family is there. Mom, Dad and brothers are there. 

Dad asks them about where they are. There were 20. Now there are two. She tells them that she sent Ben home, and now he's back. 

Her Dad is like, "He just came back?" Yep. We're skeptical too. Dad thinks maybe Ben didn't put his best foot forward. 

Tayshia asks Ben where he went to college... Westpoint. Her dad was evidently Navy. They toast to second chances. 

Tayshia's dad takes her off to talk and asks, "Why Ben?" He was a frontrunner from the beginning. They've gone deeper. Dad likes his background, but doesn't want her to work so far to be on the same page as her. 

Mom talks to Ben. She quizzes him about if he thinks it will be a forever thing. He says he's never felt like this in his lifetime. Yes, lifetime. Odd phrasing.

Dad gets a chance to grill Ben. What does he see in Tayshia? He came back because of the way she makes him feel. His answers aren't great to be honest. He does (to both parents) profess his love for Tayshia. Dad does feel better about Ben after talking to him. 

The family goes scooter riding with Ben. She is in a long dress with a high slit and high heels. She looks ridiculous. 

She put her heart on hold when she sent Ben home, but today she started to fall in love with him all over again. 

If he proposes, I guess he'll be the first guy to propose without ever having a fantasy suite date. 

The next day, it's time for Zac. He seems pretty nervous.

Dad wants to make sure Zac fits into the family. He says that Zak "better be the real deal." 

He tries to butter the family up by talking about how Tayshia started to glow while talking about her family.

Her dad challenges Tayshia with his questions. He starts off asking, "Why Zac?" With no real answer, they move on to talk about she wants to see how he meshes with the family before saying how sure she seems about a future with him. 

Everything said so far definitely seems to point towards her telling everyone Zac is the front runner. 

He seems lame talking to her mom. He tells Mom and Dad both about his previous marriage, having gotten married 11 years ago. Dad doesn't want them to wing it to see if they can make it work. 

Zac believes in supporting each other through the tough times, and that's what he's looking forward to. Zac butters Dad up by talking about what all he gave Tayshia growing up. Zac knows he has to aim high given how important her dad is to her. He sort of does the asking permission thing.

Together, they all eat pizza. 

The next day, Tayshia knows she has to make a decision. There's a knock at the door which makes her groan, "What now?" It's her dad coming to talk to her. He asks if she is confident about the next few days.

Dad wants to tell her the consensus of the family. He wants to prevent her going down a path again since so much bad happened with her first marriage and divorce. He doesn't want her to make the biggest mistake of her life. 

I don't know what the consensus actually was. All he really did remind her of the pain of her experience. 

It's time for final dates. First up is Zac. 

The date is really somber, and Zac can tell she's having a moment. He tells her that he is ready for what's next. Finally, they decide to move on with the date. They are going to have dance lessons to learn a wedding dance routine. 

The mood seems to pick up in the process of dancing. Yet, in the back of her mind, she knows nothing can be perfect, but can't find the flaws with Zac. 

Later on, she talks about her concerns. She rattles on about what if she decides to be a stay at home mom later on after having a lot of ambition now. She wants someone to support her rather than walk away. He calms her down. 

Have I mentioned how bored I am with this tonight?

Somewhere along the way, the day went better for Tayshia and she's feeling a lot better than when she woke up that morning.

Time for Ben. He's got a feeling he will propose, and she will say yes. She woke up this morning thinking she doesn't want Ben. 

She knows what she needs to do. CALL IT OFF WITH BEN!

He thinks it's going to be a good conversation. He's wrong. She gave him a rose because she wanted to give him a second chance, but... He saw it going differently, but since he loves her, he wants her to be happy. 

Off he goes again. 

Tayshia does think Zac is her person. As usual, I don't get it. 

Neil Lane brings rings for Zac to pick out. Given the date with Brendan, I'm sure Neil can tell him which ring he needs to pick. 

It's time for the proposal. I hate these speeches. Blah, blah, the first time I met you blah, blah. Nothing has ever felt so right, yada, yada, yada. 

After his monologue, she does hers. Part way through she gives a dramatic pause. Then, she continues how she wants to spend her life with him. 

Back to him. His parents hadn't seen him as happy as he was during the "hometown" visit. 

"Will you marry me?" followed by "Will you accept this final rose?"

They "ride" off in Zak's cardboard taxi. 

In two weeks, I guess we'll take this journey on with The Bachelor. With the previews here at the end, I'm questioning my judgment as usual.