Taking Bets on When I Put the Furniture Back Where it Was

This seems like a really minor thing, but after I got my Christmas tree put away, I arranged my built-ins. So what? 

Well, from the time I moved in last year until right before Christmas, these shelves mostly housed Reader's Digest books for craft purposes, and quite frankly, I was tired of it. 

We've sold so many now that last year we didn't move as many blanks out of our stockpile as we had hoped, then without doing any craft shows whatsoever this year, I sure didn't move any. 

I did pull some off for dad to cut in the summer, just in case, but well, that was really just to give him something to do. 

I put these into a closet, and pulled the paperbacks stored in the closet and put in my other bookshelves in the living room.

I also rearranged the furniture in the living room, and my bet is that I move it back like it was really soon. 

When I moved in, I couldn't quite figure out how to arrange the room, so I put my couch diagonally in the room, parallel to the fireplace and the TV up on the mantle.

That also meant I put the love seat straight across from it and blocked the fireplace which I really have no intentions of ever using anyway. 

The couch and love seat arranged this way are just to straight.

While I never sat on the love seat where it was, now I'll probably never sit in the chair. At least I'll wear my furniture more evenly (MAYBE) like this. I didn't sit on my love seat much at my other house because you needed to sit to the side to watch TV. I thought the love seat needed some "love."

Sitting on my couch now, I can look down the hall to the front door. I'm not sure I like that either. I guess I'll figure out if the sun comes in too much that way when I take a nap on Sunday. If the light hits me then, that will seal the deal on when I rearrange it back like it was!

Before I moved here, there was only one way to ever move the furniture in the living room. It was so small, it only fit one way. In the duplex before that, I always arranged furniture then moved it back like it was. I don't want to be a creature of habit, but that's just the way it goes. 

How about you? Are you a furniture rearranger?

The real trick in the duplex wasn't the living room. That furniture was light compared to when I would rearrange the bedroom! I did that a couple of times!