Merry Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas!

It was a pretty quiet Christmas this year at my parents' house. See all those big stockings I made a few years ago that got stretched out even more with all the stuff that's usually in them? They were even stuffed this year. That's how quiet it was. In a different year like 2020, that's just how it was.

We, however, were stuffed with King Ranch casseroleOld Mexican Inn orange dip, Fiesta Grill salsa and more sweets than I've had in a year. Dad picked up a chocolate pecan pie at Collin Street Bakery (which we got into last night), and Mom made a pound cake (that didn't get touched) and no bake cookies. I had planned to make sopapilla cheesecake and almost didn't make it after all the other stuff got made, but that's what the five of us devoured.

For lunch and opening presents, it was just Mom, Dad, Brian (my brother), Amanda (my sister-in-law), and I. These are all of the really lame and borderline blurry pictures I got. Actually, I did get a couple more that were even worse. 

Mom and Dad made a "time capsule box" of items for my brother from his first jeans to an old plastic water pitcher my dad had as a kid.

Even after reading the box, mom wasn't sure what her once "surprise" present was.

Dad forgot some of the things he bought for himself, then he couldn't figure out what his one surprise present was either.

I got purple cookware and knives! It was about time I had some matching pots and pans since what I have is literally patchwork and partially hand-me-downs from my mom's wedding shower. Since she gave the big pot when I went off to college, I guess I've had it longer now than she did. 

After Brian and Amanda left, my niece, Peyton, did stop by for a visit. 

Even if your Christmas was smaller or less festive because of all things 2020, I hope it was merry. Hopefully, we'll appreciate and not take for granted more grandiose events in the future.