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Does 2020 have you worn thin?

Part 1 of an Interview Stacey Thacker, Author of Threadbare Prayer Life sometimes brings difficult situations or circumstances that can leave us feeling run-down, drained, worn-out, and threadbare. Illness, the death of a family member, the loss of a job, natural disasters, a pandemic. The events of this year have left us struggling in ways we cannot articulate. These are the times we most desperately need prayer, but they can also be the times we simply don’t have the words to form a prayer. How do you pray when you can’t find the words? In  Threadbare Prayer: Prayers for Hearts that Feel Hidden, Hurt, or Hopeless (Abingdon Press) , Stacey Thacker presents 100 simple yet heartfelt devotions to guide readers on the days they don’t know what to pray. Each entry in this attractive, gift-worthy devotional contains a Bible verse, a brief thought, and a simple, concise prayer to encourage the reader’s heart. Q: What is a threadbare prayer? A threadbare prayer is a simple prayer

Love ...

I had a craft order to do this week!  COVID means no craft shows this year -- all of our regulars cancelled this year -- but I had reason to get out in the craft room. These are 12 x 18 inch wood signs for a wedding. I'd done another set a couple of years ago, but someone asked if I could do these after seeing them on Pinterest.   

The Bachelorette: Clare: Week 3: Is this the week it falls apart?

I was throwing a hissy fit 45 minutes ago that I didn't want to cook dinner, that I wanted Mexican food. However, I made myself cook because I needed to make my last recipe before my next box comes tomorrow.  I did accomplish setting off my smoke detector in the process tonight. I'm probably going to smell burned something all night. I actually didn't burn anything, I just made smoke.  So... dinner is cooling off beside me as tonight's episode starts. Picking up where we left off with last episode, they are in middle of the cocktail party before the rose ceremony. We didn't have a rose ceremony last week.  All the men want to make sure to get their time.  Yosef is hung up on Clare being the oldest Bachelorette in history and supposedly the most mature. He's not into the raunchy humor that was the dodgeball game. He wouldn't have participated if he had been on that group date. Good for him, the father. Kudos. But do you really think that Clare came up with th


I taught today and forgot to get a video! I'm too out of practice! I'm going to try to remember to get a few on Wednesday night.  Sanctuary By John W. Thompson; © Kruger Organisation Used by permission. CCLI # 1132191 (girls echo) Oh Lord prepare me, to be a sanctuary Pure and holy, tried and true. With thanksgiving, I’ll be a living Sanctuary for You. It was you Lord, who sent the Savior Heart and soul Lord, to every man. It is you Lord, who knows my weakness, You refine me with Your own hand. Lead me on Lord, through my temptations You refine me from within Fill our hearts with the Holy Spirit, And take all our sins away. Lord teach Your children, t o stop the fighting, And start uniting, all as one. Let’s get together, loving forever Sanctuary, for You. And when He comes with shouts of glory And our work on earth is done O, how I long to hear Him saying, “Faithful servant well done.”

Refocusing Christmas

Start a New Christmas Tradition Centered on Giving The Giving Manger teaches children to look  for opportunities to love and serve others The true spirit of Christmas often gets lost in busyness of the season. As the events of 2020 have made us slow down and shift some of our priorities, this year is the perfect time to refocus on the joy of giving and honor the real reason for Christmas: Jesus’ birth. With The Giving Manger ( WorthyKids/October 13, 2020/ISBN: 9781546034223/$39.99), creators and sisters Allison Hottinger and Lisa Kalberer offer a faith-based interactive family tradition that encourages acts of kindness. Each Giving Manger box set contains a hardcover picture book, a wooden manger, a bundle of straw, and a sturdy Baby Jesus figure—everything a family needs to start the tradition in their own home. The included book, The Giving Manger , uses a story to introduce families to how the tradition works and gets c

The Bachelorette: Clare: Week 2: Who is writing this season?

Let's just jump right into tonight's episode of The Bachelorette . It's the morning after the first night, supposedly. Everyone knows that lasted way into the morning because it was daylight when the roses were handed out, so we're a day or two out. Claire's going on about Dale with all the heart eye emojis. 😍 Chris has a morning pow-wow talking to them about being able to talk to people without masks, etc. since they have been quarantined. He tells them that Claire has said her husband is in this room. Chris reveals the first date card: "Riley, Jordan, Yosef, Ivan, Ben, Bennett, Zack C., Zack J. and Dale... I'm looking for a guy who speaks to my heart." They follow the path of hearts to wherever on the resort Claire is and give her hugs. Dale picks her up to twirl her around.  Claire put Dale on the group date because she couldn't wait to see him again. They are going to figure out their love languages. They are going to speak to Claire's he

Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man

Throwing back again! Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man Zacchaeus was a wee, little man, And a wee, little man was he. He climbed up in a sycamore tree, For the Lord he wanted to see And as the Savior came passing by, He looked up in the tree And he said, “Zacchaeus, you come down!” For I’m going to your house today. For I’m going to your house today. Zacchaeus was a very little man, But a happy man was he, For he had seen the Lord that day And a happy man was he; And a very happy man was he.

More fall signs -- get them now!

I have more fall signs to share with you! I'll ship these anywhere in the US. First up are mini pumpkins -- $10 each. They are 7-8" wide. These next pumpkins are larger. These and the leaves are all $15 each.  See something you like? Let me know! Just message me through the blog!

Fall craft sale!

I'm going to share some of our Crafty Dad and Daughter products since we won't have craft shows this fall. (Another reason to hate COVID.) If you are interested in anything you see, I'll ship anywhere in the US for whatever the USPS cost of shipping is. With this pumpkin sign, we have you covered with both Halloween and Thanksgiving! This 2-sided sign gives you twice the bang for the buck! $25 each (plus tax in Texas). If you are interested in one of these, let me know quick! I have the blanks ready, but they aren't lettered yet. Halloween side: 1) Trick or Treat 2) Happy Halloween Thanksgiving side: 1) Give Thanks 2) Happy Thanksgiving 3) Let us come before him with thanksgiving. 4) Gobble 'til you wobble These acorns are already made up. They are super cute in person. They are also $25 each. I was trying to take pictures at night in my entry hall, and the photos are not great. This is a big leaf that can be personalized with a family name or have something like &q

The Bachelorette: Clare: Week 1: It's too early for man-to-man issues

Here we go again! I really don't know why I torture myself blogging like this, but I really need to get back into a regular blogging routine, so maybe that's why. I've been off whack for a year because I'm just been so busy, and let me tell you, I've not slowed down during the past 7 months of COVID.  I may not have had reason to get out of the house, and I haven't been doing craft stuff either, but I have been putting in a lot of work hours and I'm feeling it. I'm not sure if blogging for two hours on The Bachelorette is going to be a wind down or wind up. But, here we go.  I can't say that I'm a fan of Clare Crawley, but I am a fan of an older Bachelorette. At 39, she's just four years younger than I am, so I can relate more than a someone 24 in some way. I have a stupid and pointless hope that an older contestant might bring about more maturity and be a bit more relatable. I know it won't happen, but one could wish.  For one thing, th