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All About Jesus, From A to Z - Review the Acrostic of Jesus

Click here to request a digital review copy. You may also fill out the form at the end of this post. Resurrection , because Jesus gives  life to the dead ;  Before he was risen, he gave his  life in our stead .  See, all of us will die, returning  back to the dust ; But he’ll raise us like Lazarus—we just  have to trust . Without sin, he is  righteous , born of a  virgin . By his resurrection, our salvation is  certain . Now he is  risen ,  ruling , and  reigning , Soon he’ll be  returning , to begin the final  raising !  Catechism can be fun!  The Acrostic of Jesus   is a joy to read over and over again, and a brilliant tool to help kids gain a greater understanding of Christ. Young readers will learn “Christology”—the study of Jesus. The more we learn about Jesus, the more reasons we have to love him! By giving children an alphabetical list of the names and attributes of Jesus written with a rhyming beat, Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle make   The Acrostic of Jesus   fun to read

New Family Easter Devotional from Marty Machowski

Start a new Easter season tradition with your family by reading this beautifully illustrated “upside-down” book from Marty Machowski that includes fourteen Bible stories. The first side,   Darkest Night , has seven stories that recount the events of Passion week ending with Christ’s crucifixion and burial. Flip the book over and continue by reading   Brightest Day   with seven more stories that progress from Christ’s resurrection through Pentecost.   Children are sure to remember the contrast between the darkness at the death of our Lord and the light-filled events from Christ’s resurrection onward. Machowski weaves each Gospel account together into one harmonized story and provides questions for family discussion. Focusing on the main events the week of the crucifixion,   Darkest Night   is designed for families to read one story each day, beginning on Palm Sunday. Once the week ends, they will start with   Brightest Day   on Easter Sunday. The stories for the week following Easter

Sign-ups Are Open for Janyre Tromp's Shadows in the Mind's Eye!

  Join me in launching this upcoming release from Janyre Tromp!   Sign-up now to review Shadow's in the Mind's Eye . "Tromp weaves a complex historical tale incorporating love, suspense, hurt, and healing--all the elements that keep the pages turning." --Julie Cantrell,  New York Times  and  USA TODAY  bestselling author of  Perennials This blog tour is scheduled for April 19-May 10. Books will be sent in late March/early April, and the ebook will be available in early April. (If the NetGalley is available earlier, I'll send it as soon as it's posted.) Bloggers wil

New Middle Grade Fiction from Champ Thornton

Welcome, Traveler. You are on the Serpent Quest.  To move from start to middle, Traveler, solve the riddle. What is poison to the heart? Find the answer. Make your start. Fleeing a neighborhood bully, Emmet and Nomi are pulled into an ancient quest, and now they must escape far more powerful enemies. Join them as they unlock secret riddles and follow the path of the Serpent Slayer. The Serpent Slayer and the Scroll of Riddles   is a time travel adventure with a twist—middle graders will discover theological themes as they travel through God's Word. By placing the characters into Bible events, Champ Thornton and Andrew Naselli show the Bible is far from being a boring book full of instructions. Readers will discover life-changing truths they'll never forget. (Releases February 14, 2022) About the Authors and Illustrator ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Champ Thornton, PhD, is an associate pastor at Ogletown Baptist Church in Newark, Delaware. He has pastored in South Carolina and served as d