The Bachelorette: Tayshia: Week 4: Stop Stirring the Pot

I can not win for losing. I sit down just in time to start The Bachelorette, and ABC is not showing on my local station via DirecTV for some stupid contract negotiation. I use the stupid app they tell me to use, and still, cannot get the channel after activating on my computer. I have tried on both TVs that said it would activate and still no luck. Meanwhile 15 minutes of the most annoying "hold" music. 

So, I'll have to come back for the first 15 minutes when I can get it somewhere online later. I'll update the post then.

I join mid-date with Zac who has the first one-on-one. 


They do a photoshoot in bridalwear. They jump on a trampoline taking ridiculous pictures. Then, they have a picnic. 

Tayshia talks about it isn't the first time she wore a wedding dress since she has been married before (for about two years). Zac says he was married before for about a year. When he acts weird, he says it's because she takes his breath away. 

Zac is a lot of the things was looking for, older, more mature, close to his family. When they get to talking, he shares that as he was graduating college, he wasn't feeling well and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. he was introduced to pain meds and drugs. He was drinking and partying and made the choice to get married. His whole life wasn't pretty. After an arrest and a DUI, his wife left. It was pretty bleak for a while. He stole a check from his dad, and a bank teller called his dad to come get him. Zac had a moment of clarity after that and was in rehab for four and a half months. Years later, he's on the board at that rehab.

Back at the house, Bennett says he needs the one-on-one because he had no time at the rose ceremony. Noah says he doesn't want the group date basically because he's beyond it because it gets too competitive and he's over it. 

The date card reads, "Spencer, Ivan, Ed, Blake, Brendan, Riley, Demar, Bennett, Ben, Noah... express yourself."

That means Eazy will get the other one-on-one. 

Back on the one-on-one, Tayshia thanks Zac for opening up and gives him the rose. There's another surprise... a Ferris wheel. You know it has to be one of those trucked in temporary ones. I will ride large ones that are permanent in various touristy cities around the country, but I'm not riding a parking lot one assembled by traveling carnies. (The closing credits have Tayshia freaking out over it too.)

The next morning, Tayshia says she went to bed on a high, but woke up nervous. She's trying to make a breakthrough with some of the guys. She wants them to get creative. They are drawing nude models.

Now all the men are afraid they will be next. Blake hopes it won't be the third time this season for him. 


The men quibble over who is sitting where, and Bennett makes sure he gets a spot next to Tayshia. This annoys Noah. 

Some of the drawings are sort of interesting. Bennett shows his and says the setting in his drawing show there is always drama going on. Some kind of poke at Noah.

Next, the blindfolds come out and clay. Bennett takes the opportunity since everyone is blindfolded to kiss Tayshia. 

The men show off their blindfolded creations made with clay. Noah created breakfast in bed with Tayshia (a stab at Bennett during a previous date).



Bennett shows his three houses with Tayshia. Noah doesn't like Bennett floating his money. Tayshia picks up on the tension and it shows on her face.

Next step is self portrait. Ben can't get going. He's nervous to tell Tayshia about his life. 


Tayhsia calls Noah's Ying-Yang-ish portrait beautiful. Brendan created a frame and his story puts Tayshia in it. 

Bennett did a needlepoint and says he did not grow up privileged like Noah made a comment about earlier. 

Ivan talks about his father and his cancer.

Blake talks about monogamous turtle doves and how he didn't have a happy family growing up.

Riley has a long story about what he sees in his life... quality time with his family and daughter to come. He too talks about wanting a family he didn't have growing up. 

Ben still doesn't know how to talk about his family. Ben has to leave the room. He comes back in wearing a robe. How stripping down to tell his story helps, I don't know. He gives a little speech that tells no details. It does earn him a peck on the cheek. 

All this gets emotional for Tayshia. She's thankful to have men that can put themselves out there. She doesn't want to pick one man for the rest of the date. She wants to spend time with all ten. 

Later that night, after the toast, Riley takes Tayshia off first. Riley goes deeper into the conversation he and his mother had -- the one he talked about earlier during the self-portrait monolgues. His parents divorced when he was young and there were some issues. 

Back at the villas, Zac and Eazy await the next date card. Eazy hopes it's romantic. When there is a knock at the door, Zac goes to catch it. "Eazy, I hope you aren't scared of falling in love."

Back with the group, as Tayshia takes turns talking to everyone, it starts to get heated between Bennett and Noah. Noah says he can only take the chirpy comments for so long. 

Ben struggles with revealing his life which is different than most. He was the fat kid until he was 15 when he discovered girls weren't into that, then had bulimia for 10 years. The only person who ever knew was his sister. 

When Tayshia comes back to the group, she picks up the rose, comments about some men such as Riley, Brendan, and Ben. She gives Ben the rose. 

There's one more thing... Noah and Bennett... she's going to get to the bottom of what's going on with those two one way or another. The men yammer on as Tayshia walks away. Noah asks Bennett about how he talks down to people. Bennett asks if he has a problem with how he calls him "Young Noah." Noah says age doesn't always equate maturity. Bennett tries to act mature, but he doesn't pull it off well. 

Eazy is ready for his one-on-one. The first night, Tayshia enjoyed her time with Eazy because he made her laugh. However, she's not really had movemet in the romance department.

For their date, they are going to a scary date. Eazy tries to find her, but she can't see. She scares him and she screams just exactly like she expected him to. They are going to go ghost hunting. As the story goes, the land the resort was built on was owned by William Morgan, and the ghosts of the Morgan family haunt the grounds today. They go in this villa they are supposed to, and he starts screaming like a girl for who knows what reason. They freak out over a doll, read a letter meant for Eazy, and hear a baby cry. From there, they head out in the deepest dark to the tennis courts where his Mrs. Morgan's body was supposedly buried. Legend has it, you can hear her crying. 

Now, they go to the haunted library. Their heat sensor goes off. 

Later on, as they recap their day, Tayshia talks about how scared Eazy was. Eazy says it was laughing. He was screaming because she was. That's how love works. 

Tayshia asks how it's going for him. It's all good as far as he is concerned. He's falling in love with her. Tayshia doesn't seem convinced.

The other men are talking, and Blake thinks Eazy is the one with the strongest connection thus far. 

Tayshia gives him a solid for always being himself and for being a good man, but she can't give him the rose because she is not where he is. She's going to send him home so he doesn't have to keep pouring himself out. As Tayshia walks him out, Eazy asks if this is real. 

The men are surprised when someone comes to get Eazy's bags. Eazy sheds a tear as he rides away. 

The day, the men are waiting for word about the cocktail party. They're still in regular clothes, so don't know why they are talking about it being late. You can tell from the windows that it is still bright outside. 

JoJo Fletcher comes in playing the role of Chris Harrison. She asks about the Bennett/Noah drama. Bennett says he doesn't have a problem. Lie. 


JoJo says it has become clear to Tayshia she can't keep both, so before the cocktail party, she will talk to the two of them first. Bennett gets dressed and prepares a gift. 


Noah isn't worried. He thinks he has something with Tayshia, but believes Bennett will cause hell on the way out. 

The gift is not for Tayshia -- it's for Noah. Supposedly {insert eye roll}, if he had known there was tension, he would have nipped it in the bud sooner. 

Bennett says he will explain the gift. He brings out the friendship gift -- a red bandana as he hopes there is no bad blood between them. Second, he offers moustache socks. Finally, he gives him a book on emotional intelligence. He goes on to explain the four parts of emotional intelligence. Bennett thinks Noah is deficient in three of four. Bennett says he didn't have emotional intelligence at Noah's age. 

How many seasons has emotional intelligence come up? It always comes out in between the two bickering parties. 

If anyone had intelligence of any form or fashion, they would know not to stir the pot. MYOB and don't target anyone else. You look like a fool either way. 

Bennett is smug. Noah obviously does not appreciate this. He says Bennett wouldn't say this in front of Tayshia, and if he did, Bennett would be going home.

Tayshia finally comes in. She likes both of them. Has feelings for both for many reasons, but they frustrate her. She's over the pettiness of the drama. Noah, playing the innocent also wants to get to the bottom. Bennett says he has no ill will towards Noah. 

Noah brings up a previous conversation, and Bennett, pleading innocent, asks for specifics. Tayshia says the way they are going on sounds like teenage boy drama. Tayshia asks Bennett, you do get that you are questioning my integrity, don't you...

Tayshia then sees the box and asks what's in it. That's the end of the episode.