The Bachelorette: Tayshia: Week 5: The Producer's Pick

I got the app set up to watch The Bachelorette up and going on my TV just in time to watch, but it's a little spastic. 

So Tayshia is tired of the teenage boy drama, and Bennett still denies that he knew there was an issue. Tayshia asks what's in the box. My TV blanked for a second. Tayshia asks Bennett if she wants to go out and talk. He says he doesn't know where to begin, so she decides she wants to.


She thinks there might be something there, but wants to know if Bennett has ever questioned her integrity. He denies, but says he did say that he told Noah there was no chance of him being there at the end. Tayshia says everyone is there for a reason and what he said does question who she is keeping around. 

Bennett just points out that drama seems to follow Noah. He asks if he can better explain where the 0% chance comes from. He starts in on EQ (emotional quotient/emotional intelligence) and speaks to Noah's deficiencies. Bennett reiterates why he is there. 

I didn't mind him at first, but now I think he's a snob.

Tayshia goes to Noah and talks to him about their roller coaster. She thought there was something, but the drama... Noah says Bennett talks to people in ways he shouldn't and talks down to people. He tells Tayshia about everything in the box and how Bennett went on about his emotional intelligence. Tayshia says none of this should have been this big of a deal. 

Tayshia wants to think about everything. 

While she's gone, Noah tells Bennett that he is surprised that he brings up EQ because Noah doesn't think his EQ meets his IQ. Bennett says he knows he is different than everyone else in the house and is self-aware contrary to what Noah believes. 

Tayshia comes back out. She picks up the rose on the table. Bennett has made her feel heard and special. She's enjoyed getting to know him. It does worry her that he is condescending and questions her intentions. As for Noah, he has enjoyed getting to know him. However, she doesn't think he is ready for marriage at the end of all of this. 

She tells Bennett she can't give him the rose. Then the TV pauses, goes black and loops. I miss the convo as she walks Bennett to the car. It wasn't the goodbye she expected, and it didn't feel right. 

Noah stands up and smiles when Tayshia comes back in. She tells him not to smile and it wasn't a victory for him by any means. She said she didn't want to do this tonight. She's not going to give him the rose right now either as she doesn't know how she feels. Noah feels like their relationship has gone backwards. 

Noah is disappointed at what Tayshia said because he thinks he is a suitable potential husband. 

The rest of the men come into the room. This is the beginning of the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party.

Tayshia comes in to say hello. 

Riley is the first to pull Tayshia away. He says it is their one week anniversary of being boyfriend and girlfriend. He has a piece of cake for them. 

Zac brings her a framed photo from their last date which reminds me that I never went back and watched the first of their date last week. You know what? I don't care!

Noah is still being obnoxious. He needs to get some time in with her in order to get a rose. She has to finish making out with Ben though first. And Brendan. 

JoJo, filling in for Chris Harrison, comes on the scene to announce it's time for roses. 

Zac and Ben already have roses. There are only five roses left to give out, and three men will be going home.

It's been a draining week for Tayshia, but she's excited. 

  1. Brendan
  2. Riley
  3. Blake
  4. Ivan
  5. Noah - like NO-AH-WAY!
Producer pick, obviously. Going home: Demar, Ed and Spencer. 

And then there were seven. There's one week before "hometowns" or at least until Tayshia meets their families. 

JoJo brings a date card, but I don't know what it says because my Locast telecast of this show keeps bugging out. 

Whatever it said, it's a one-on-one date with Ben. 

JoJo has set up a date... an oasis... but they have to ride scooters around following the clues to find it. 

First, to the tennis courts, then to a fountain (Ben has to take off his pants to get the clue). Then, they have to find a clue in a pinata.

One of many. They end up at the spa. 

Tayshia isn't quite sure about Ben and who he really is yet. On the way to "dinner," he compliments her shoes talking about how they are always on pointe. 

Tayshia tells him eh is almost too perfect because of how he presents himself, etc. However, she thinks that he is holding back and that there's some hurt there. 

He grew up in a house where everything was supposed to be perfect. He wants her to as specific questions about what she wants to know. Tayshia asks and still the answers are slow in coming. His sister has helped save his life. In 2018, he had to leave the Army. He had broken his back, and at 26 could barely walk. He only confided how dark things were with his sister. He tried to commit suicide twice, but his sister didn't know that until she watches this. His sister did help him through it though she didn't realize it. (It was also his sister that helped him with his eating disorder.) 

She has to give him the rose. Has to. So she does. After their private concert, Tayshia thinks Ben could be the one. My how quickly things change. 

Time for the next date card...

"Zac, Brendan, Ivan, Noah, Riley... The truth is that I'm falling in love."

That means Blake will get the other one-on-one. He was just telling Noah that he didn't want a group date even if he got the date rose because he needs the one-on-one prior to "hometowns."

On the date, Tayshia is going to put the men to the test to see how truthful they are. 

JoJo and Tayshia are going to hook the guys to the polygraph. Lie. Detector. 

Before the men, Tayshia is getting tested with JoJo asking.

Are you falling in love?


Are you falling in love with more than one person?


Do you regret sending anyone home?

No. (This is supposedly a lie.)

Do you think your husband is in the remaining group of men. 


Ivan is the first man up. It goes ok for him. 

Noah has some less than full truths. 

Brendan is nervous for his turn. He gets some orange lights. Those are answers they can't tell are true or not. 

Zac gets himself in trouble with admitting he's cheated in the past. 

Tayshia asks Riley if he has ever done this before with his clients. He says these are not always accurate. He has a hard time answering the questions. His name came up untrue. #strugglebus

Some things didn't set well with her. She'll talk to them later tonight in the cocktail party portion of the date. 

Riley knows he has some 'splainin' to do in regards to the lie about his name. 

Tayshia wants to take Zac off first. She believes once a cheater, always a cheater. It doesn't sit well with her. It was the main reason her marriage ended. He asks if he can explain. The story involves cheating on his first girlfriend in 6th grade at a bowlarama where he French kissed another girl. Now, he doesn't claim that was the only time he'd ever cheated, but Tayshia buys the story and kissy time ensues. 

Noah makes Tayshia smile. Ewwww.

Ivan hesitated on a proposal question. However, he makes her feel very secure. 

Brendan's lie detector was inconclusive about them meeting each other's families. His previous proposal, marriage, and divorce make him want to be sure this is for real before bringing his family in. 

Riley is dreading his conversation. Things came up on the lie detector that rarely come up. There are things he and his family have been through. He is crying at the thought of talking about it. 

Thanks to my glitchy connection, I miss the first part of the conversation. Riley changed his name because he was named after his father, and after a bad situation, he did not want that. He had a not so good relationship with his mom too. 

When it's time to hand out the rose, she says she didn't think one conversation was better than another. She doesn't want to hand out a rose just to hand out a rose. She wants more time to decide who she wants to give it to. She's just going to wait until the next rose ceremony. 

She heads back to her place when she runs into Bennett. He is back and wants to talk. He would do anything in the world to be back. She wasn't planning on saying goodbye to him the night she did. He just wanted her to know how he felt. 

Tayshia wants the night to think about it. I'm not sure that I caught the end thanks to the glitchiness of Locast. My local ABC station and DirecTV need to get it together. There's two nights of this ridiculousness next week, including a Men Tell All with Noah, so we know he's on the way out. Bennett is going to be back in though.