Holidays are for game playing

Christmas Eve was about as uneventful as it could get. Not even a photo to share. 

After some morning chores and straightening my hair which has kind of become a special occasion, I headed over to my parents' house by noon. 

In years past, there would have normally been a discussion about if anything was on at the movies. Dad asked a day or two ago if I knew what was on, but I said I wasn't so sure the theater was even open in town. When I drove by one night, it looked closed. We're not eating out in restaurants currently, so there was no going anywhere after discussing who was and wasn't open until what time. 

We did go to Golden Chick for fried chicken. Unless you call corn nuggets festive...

What I did do was dig out a couple of decks of cards and made my dad play Canasta. He doesn't exactly love to play, but since he normally spends his days playing some form or another of solitaire on the computer, he played. The way I beat him, he may not play with me again. 

Sadly, it seems it has to be a holiday to play a game. Shouldn't be that way this year especially. Normally, it's 42 on Christmas Day.

Though there's certainly nothing to complain about, I am really hoping things will be different next year where we'll be more open to the possibility of getting out of the house. Low key can be nice, but it's getting monotonous.