The Bachelorette: Tayshia: Week 6: Chop, Chop + Men Tell All

For the love! I forgot this week was going to be a two-nighter until about 10 minutes after the start. I could have been ready to blog on time too! Now, I've missed 15 minutes since I had to get the stupid Locast app to work on my TV since my local ABC station still can't get it together with DirecTV. If it were on the regular channel, watching the first and catching up during commercials wouldn't have been an issue.

I'll have to come back and get the first part tomorrow. 


As I join tonight's episode, Tayshia is sending Blake home. She thinks he's a good guy and has the good qualities, but she's more invested in other relationships. She is in tears as she walks him to the car to send him off. 

Blake leaves saying she has no clue how crazy he was for her. She knows it was the right thing, but it hurt. 

Some of the guys think Blake will be back. Some do not. They wonder if someone is coming in for Blake's bag, but it's Tayshia. She comes in saying they need to talk. 

She sits down and bawls. Tayshia tells the men that she sent Blake home because their relationship was not where it needed to be. She wants them to know this is really, really hard because she doesn't want to hurt anyone. She asks Riley to go out with her to talk. 

She tells him that he has the biggest growth of opening up since day 1. It's hit her that hometowns are next week, and she doesn't want to put him in that position with his family if she is not 100% certain. She doesn't want to lead him on. Riley wants to know what he's missing. She can't help where her heart is right now even though she feels like she can talk to him and he's so great. She thought they were finally breaking through the past couple of conversations, but that also started coming later in the process. The longer he sits there and listens to her and watches her, the more pain he feels, so he gets it. He's resigned that he's leaving. 

And I don't see the final goodbye because Locast wants me to pay $5 a month and feels the need to tell me that. Not going to do that. DirecTV is going up in price again, and I can't even get ABC at this point!

The next day, it's time for another rose ceremony. It went quickly from seven to five. All of a sudden, Bennett walks into the room. Whoops! Back to six?

The guys say he obviously didn't leave. Bennett tells them that he came back to tell Tayshia that he loved her. He got a note later saying his words meant a lot to her, so she wanted to see him at the rose ceremony. Evidently, it takes her some time to process things. She's been reflecting, listening to hear heart all day. 

Chris Harrison is back. He announces that a cocktail party would delay the inevitable for Tayshia, so she's going right to a rose ceremony. Two men are about to head on home. 

The ceremony is about to start, and my TV glitches again. During commercials, I'm looking into changing cable services. 

Ben already has a rose. Roses go to...

  1. Zac
  2. Ivan
  3. Brendan
Bennett and Noah are hitting the road. Since I'm late coming in tonight, I don't know what Bennett said, but it wasn't enough. She should have just let both of them go last week. 


NOW: The Men Tell All!

There's only eight guys there. Maybe just because who was still in quarantine at that time? Eazy and Chasyn


Chris Harrison starts off asking Ed what it was about Chasyn that set him off so bad. Ed said Chasyn was a fraud. Not really why that was a first question.

Next, attention goes to Noah and Bennett. Bennett again claims he didn't realize there was an issue. Stupid. Noah still tries to act completely innocent. Stupid.

Noah says he read the book that Bennett gave him and it was a shame Bennett didn't recognize himself as needing help from the book. Riley and Kenny get in on going after Noah. 

Chris tries to calm down the yelling. 

Bennett asks who else he has been condescending to. Blake says that it didn't happen to him personally, but he did sometimes cringe at what was said to others. Demar is given as an example. To close the case, Noah calls him some ugly names. 

Chris decides to bring some lightheartedness to what is going on. The date with the sexual shaman... the part not aired before.


There was a reason, not necessarily surprisingly with Blake. Moving on. 

Chris is going to show some clips of his drink with Ed. Don't really get that part either because I glitch out with Locast. 

After finally getting back on, Chris brings out Yosef and throws back to the dodgeball game with Claire  and his comments about the oldest Bachelorette ever. The men who were there say that they didn't need Yosef speak up for him. Kenny, Blake, and Demar say they didn't need him giving Claire grief like that on their behalf. Angry Jason is back now and screaming. 

After another commercial break and Locast glitch, Tayshia has joined. She is in middle of talking about not knowing what to expect coming in as a replacement. 

Chris asks about Tayshia's thoughts on Noah. Then, conversation goes to Bennett. We get a recap of what was said. Which is fortunate, I guess since I didn't see them earlier. Bennett's profession of love leaves Tayshia speechless. After being kicked off, he spent 24 hours thinking and crying. He came to the rose ceremony, didn't have a cocktail party to talk to her again, and was sent packing again. He asks Tayshia for some thoughts. She just wasn't into it.

Moving forward to Blake's exit... Nothing interesting was said. 

Onto sending Riley home. 

Mom and Dad had to go out of town today and brought me home chicken and dumplings from Cracker Barrel. I ate too many of those, I'm cold sitting on my couch and ready to go to sleep. I'm ready for this to be done so that I can go to bed early under my new heavier weighted blanket that came today. I ordered purple, but they sent teal. It's ok because it doesn't clash with my bedding and decor so much. I'm not going to try to send it back. 

Oh, back to Riley. He's very emotional watching it back. Tayshia offers a hug, and Chris invites him to sit up on stage. 

Again, Locast makes me reselect the station. I tried figuring out when my DirecTV was paid up through, but I can't figure out my AT&T password because it always glitches. 

Even the bloopers were meh. This whole night has been meh. Why did they drag this week into two nights? Who knows?