Going to give EveryPlate a try

I don't enjoy cooking.

I can't say that I ever have. Yet, I have done more cooking the past three months under "Stay at Home," "Safer at Home," "Quarantine," or whatever it is we are calling it than I have as a poor college student who rarely went out to eat. 

At first the first of all this lockdown mess, my parents or I would go pick up something on Sundays after doing livestream of church. Then, we backed off that. Seeing the ins and outs of employees without masks at some places was cringe-worthy. Also, the food we've gotten just hasn't been that good. 

As far as ordering groceries, I can only handle so many chicken strips, baked potatoes and breakfast for supper. I don't order groceries well, I get stuff, then I don't want to cook it, or if I do cook, I end up with so much food I have to eat it so many days in a row.

So, I decided to try meal delivery. I'll only have to eat whatever I cook twice (instead of four times or something like that), I'll eat more vegetables/healthier food, I'll make myself cook better, and it will help on shopping since meat and some other items are harder to come by. 

I got my first delivery today. At a trial of $2.99 per serving per meal, you can't beat trying this. This is the unboxing, and I'll share what I cook next week.  

The box 
The recipes

The ingredients

The meat

The couscous --- never had it before.

The vegetables -- I have never cooked with fresh garlic or ginger.

The spices and such. See these itty bitty packages?

Want to try EveryPlate and get $20 off your first box?