My OCD on overdrive

After working on it three nights, Tuesday about midnight (guess that makes it actually Wednesday), I finally finished my Christmas decorating.

I don't even think I'm having a party this year, so I hope someone stops by to see it. Feels like such a waste just me seeing it.

Yes, it's OCD on overdrive. All my ornaments are in a box with dividers, organized by color/shape. I take all the identical ornaments and space them around the tree. Then the next ones, then the next ones.

There are 9 strings of lights on the tree alone. I have issues.

I've done just Disney trees, Wizard of Oz, a blue theme with both mixed in, a red tree, a just purple tree, a just orange tree, then decided to do purple and teal with the orange mixed in. The orange was for Peyton because she got mad that I had a purple tree and that was Paige's favorite color too.