The Love/Hate Relationship of Christmas Decorations

I love it when my house is decorated for Christmas.

But I sure hate the process!

Reshaping the branches.

Adding the lights.

Putting on beads.

Then adding all the decorations. I have tons, but this is the easiest part.

Oh, and all the vacuuming to pick up all the green fake needles all over the place. All. Over. The. Place. And I don't like vacuuming to begin with. Those fake needles are the gift that keeps on giving year round.

For the past few years, I have put up one big tree, and a couple of smaller ones. In the other place I lived, the smaller trees were in the bedrooms, so I was spread out. Last year, there was a forest in my dining area.

This year, just the big one and the staircase are being decorated.

Thanksgiving came so late this year that I normally would have decorated the actual week of instead of after. However, I've been doing crafts, you know. (And they didn't sale this past weekend, so I have another show coming up this one.)

Sunday night I got it assembled. Last night about 9:00 I started with the lights.

Please, oh, please let me finish tonight!

Normally they come down the day after Christmas. At that point, I am done. However, I think they need to be up a full month to make it worth it, so this year, they may well be up until New Year's.

If it doesn't get decorated tonight... MLK Day.