Down to the wire

It's not at all unusual for me to finish a project for a family member the day before Christmas. One year I was working on something until 5 minutes before family arrived.

I never should have made that particular item. Long story. I don't know if the gift was ever unfolded.

Anyway... This is the scarf Peyton wanted me to make her along with her requested headband. I made 3 flowers that are all interchangeable.

Usually, my parents and I go to a movie on Christmas Eve, then go out to dinner. There weren't any movies we cared to see, so we just went out to eat at Applebee's because while there is one in town, we don't go there often. I splurged on steak and shrimp. It was so good.

Since we couldn't find a movie to go to, we rented one on DirecTV Pay Per View. While watching the movie, I made the scarf below for someone I'd made a headband for. The teal, purple and pink are ribbon colors for thyroid cancer awareness. Just worked out that some of my favorite yarn fit what the lady I made it for wanted.

While we were watching The Good Lie, Dad asked how far along I was, and it was almost done.

I posted the picture on Facebook, and when I did, the buyer decided she needed it immediately - at 9:30 PM on Christmas Eve. :)

This is her headband.

In case you aren't familiar with The Good Lie, it is the story of some of the Lost Boys of Sudan. It was good, but really sad. We'd wanted to see it back several months ago when it came out in theaters.