Survivor: Winners at War: Edge of Paranoia

Wednesdays. Before all this, they were the welcome break to the work week. Mid-week church followed by dinner with a friend. We had to skip a couple before all of this, so it's been six weeks since we've been out of routine. I really could have used that time today.

Instead, my computer kept freaking at a certain point of an email I was trying to send out and had to re-do it three times. Finally got it out and was trying to get ready to watch Survivor on time. Meanwhile, I burned my pizza to a crisp. It was a think crust and I could pick up the entire thing without it bending or anything falling off. I'm eating it anyway.

And starting Survivor twenty-six minutes late.

Here we go!
Night 21 on Koru. Michele is ticked at the blindside of Wendell. She wanted him out, and was on board with that, but she was uniformed and on the wrong side of the vote.

Nick is going to pitch a fit because he didn't know. He thinks he's next and is ready for revenge. Tony tries to talk him down.

Adam thought he was going home. However, he has a theory that there is an immunity idol behind Jeff's podium at tribal. I don't know how he thinks he's going to do it.

Out on Extinction, Natalie, Parvati and Amber are getting their yoga on.
Yul finds a message to be read when they are all together. The box contains a scroll for each of them. Part of the clue says history repeats itself, so they set out the various trails to the top of the mountain. They start looking for fire tokens.

Danni and Parvati start thinking it's not about this season, but when Aubrey found an idol on her season.

Parvati finds it. It's a 50/50 coin flipped for immunity. They have to sell it to someone though. The two of them decide maybe they should sell it to Michelle and in turn buy food.

They end up telling some of the others that they trust in a plan to split food.

It's challenge time! This time it's for reward. 

They will split into two teams of five. They will swim out to collect wooden fish. They will bring it back and work a puzzle. The prize is Chinese take-out.

Honestly, even if I were really hungry, I would be disappointed.

Kim and Jeremy were drawn to be the captains to pick teams. They divide out with different jobs. With an odd number, Denise is not chosen for a team.

The blue team is Ben, Sarah and Kim in the water with Sophie and Michele on the puzzle.

The red team is Tony, Tyson and Adam in the water with Jeremy and Nick on the puzzle.

Blue gets back to the shore first.

They have to disconnect the fish from the net, hang them on a poll and carry the pole to the puzzle mat.

Blue makes it to the puzzle mat first, followed quickly by red.

Red seems to be making progress, but is a piece away. Blue gains ground though and pulls off the reward.

Sarah asks if she can give her reward to someone. Jeff says, "Sure." She gives it to Nick because it's his birthday.

Jeff asks why he would do that. Adam thinks she made a mistake. Last time she played by blindsiding friends, and he doesn't trust her as far as he can throw her which isn't far.

Back at camp, in her interview, Sarah says she did it because Nick got blind-sided on his birthday (yesterday) and he didn't get to celebrate with his fiance, etc. She thinks you need to be human.

Tony berates her saying people are going to say she has to go for giving up a reward. Jeremy thinks it's going to bite her in the butt too. (He's been there done that.)

Nick doesn't trust Sarah, and he doesn't think he owes her anything.

As they eat their feast, everyone is checking the containers and fortune cookies for clues.

When they get back, Michelle notices something in her bag. She sneaks off to read it. This advantage costs her four fire tokens, all that she has left. She takes the advice of her fortune cookies and decides to buy the advantage.

And now for the immunity challenge...

Each must balance on a floating pyramid. They start with the bottom rung for five minutes. There's barely a hold for their toes. Michele falls quickly. Denise follows.
After 5 minutes, they get a break and can sit before the next round. They have to move one perch higher. They'll be here for 10 minutes. Tyson drops quickly. Jeremy looks like he is surfing and falls in.

As the wind picks up, Tony falls.

Six remain at the end of the 10 minutes. For the final stage, they move to the top. Basically, they have to stand on a 2x4 on top of a pyramid. Jeff counts them down, and Adam is out because he can't stand up. Nick and Sophie are right behind. Sarah goes and almost knocks Kim off.

It's between Kim and Ben. Ben loses it, and Kim wins immunity.

Tony is scared because this is what he expected. The lower profile players (the hyenas) are going to pick off the higher profile players.

As groupings start gathering, Kim is leading a group and suggests splitting between Adam and Nick. Another group wants to go Sophie. A different combo wants to go Sarah.

Tyson suspects Adam is more dangerous, so goes around trying to convince everyone Adam. He tries to start raising enough confusion to draw attention elsewhere. Sarah gets made when she finds out her name has been thrown out, so she's all about getting rid of Adam.

Adam finds out people are saying him, and goes to Ben. Ben doesn't want to talk to him.

Then everyone starts talking to everyone else again. Sarah? Nick? Adam? Plans are amok.

Adam decides he needs to go for the fleur de lis decoration he thinks is an idol at tribal council.

Time for tribal council!

Sarah talks about everyone's name coming up. Tyson confirms. Jeremy, the fireman, gives a fire analogy. Denise says she aged a few years today. Jeff asks Nick, "Why today, on day 23?"

Nick says he is ready to fight, so whispering starts among the crowd. Adam says he's just trying to pay attention. The whispers go around to everyone. People asking if they are still good or if they are changing... Nick is SCRAMBLING.

Adam and Ben argue as everyone else is whispering.

The jury is trying to figure out what is going on. They are entertained.

Tony doesn't know what is going on. You can just tell. Adam finally shuts up to ask what all the whispering is and who they are voting for. Tony asks if they should forget the paper and just vote out loud. Adam and Nick were on the same page two minutes ago, and now dam thinks Nick is voting for him. It goes literal cricket chirping silent.

Finally, it's time to vote. Adam eyes that fleur de lis again.

(Rob thinks someone is going to need a lot of therapy on Extinction.)

Jeff goes to tally the votes. "If anyone has an immunity idol..." Adam stands up, walks to the podium, grabs the fleur off the front, but it won't come off. Everyone looks at him like he's crazy.

When Adam sits back down, he said, "Guess it's not." Jeff asks, "Are you sure?" Adam says he wants to play it. "This?"
Jeff says that if it is an idol, that'd be the first time an idol was ever hidden at tribal, and it is NOT.

It's time to read the votes.


Two votes go unread.

I feel sorry for everyone on Extinction to now deal with Adam. Adam gives his one token to Denise.