Survivor: Winners at War: The Merge

It is Wednesday. It is Survivor night. I've been messed up on what day of the week it is all week. Ever since we've been told to stay in, I've worked six days a week, and I don't know one day from the other anymore.

On Day 19 at Edge of Extinction, the castaways receive information that the time has come to spend their fire tokens and get ready to fight to re-enter the game.

Natalie is going to buy an idol. Amber gives Rob her token so he can buy a challenge advantage and an idol. He is convinced he can win the game if he can win this challenge.

They head to the boat to go to a challenge.

The tribes assemble on the beach and are told to drop their buffs. It's time for the merge. There are 11 of them now, but there are about to be 12. The voted off players from Extinction arrive.

Jeff talks to the voted off members and asks them about enduring extinction. Tyson talks about how tough it has been. He misses his daughters. Jeff asks Rob and Amber if there was anything romantic about getting back to their Survivor roots. Rob says not on extinction. He also points out how the people who voted off Amber are all there and maybe did it to get at him.
It's time for a mega obstacle course for the eight members trying to get back in the game. Those who worked for fire tokens to get an advantage are Natalie, Danni, Ethan, Tyson and Rob. They don't have to dig at one of the stations. Pavarti, Amber and Yul will.

Everyone else sits on the Sandra bench to watch.

On a net ladder, they have to untie three bags. Tyson and Rob finish the first part before the others. Some have to dig for the bag of string in the sand.

Next, they have to tie sticks together to reach out and get a key. Rob gets his key and unlocks his door first. Tyson and Natalie follow.

Rob is the first to get his ball and try to navigate it up a snake track. Rob drops. Tyson drops. Natalie had progress, but dropped. Everyone gets through to the ball portion except Amber whose stick breaks.

Tyson gets a lead. Yul was getting close, but drops. It's up to Rob and Tyson. They are dead even as they get to the final inches. Tyson wins by a hair.

And I'm practically heartbroken.

The rest of them head back to Extinction where they will have one final chance to get back in. They will also start going to Tribal Council as the first seven members of the jury.

The tribes merge on the Sele beach. When they arrive at the beach, the menu of items they can buy with tokens has gone up. 

As they sit down to eat, Sarah muses that it's like a bowl of spaghetti trying to figure out all the connections. Sarah asks what happens with Sandra. Denise tells how it all went down, that she was the mastermind.

Tyson is quiet. He's the only old school player here. He played three times before any of these others did. He's going to find a crack though and grow some roots.

Wendell and Jeremy talk about who they might want to work with. Jeremy wants to get rid of Nick to be Wendell's right hand man.

Ben says he is glad Tyson is back. They talk about big targets. Ben goes talking to Tony and Jeremy talking about picking some people off. Get rid of the low profile players or sleepers.

The tribe now known is Koru must endure a heavy rain. It's bad. "How long until someone talks about buying a tarp?" Tyson asks.

It's raining, and there are teeth chattering as they had to their immunity challenge. Sophie is SHAKING from the cold.
This challenge is the classic hug the pole challenge. There are two immunity idols up for grabs - one man and one woman.

The pole is wet and they start sliding early.

Michelle falls from high up and takes a hard landing.

Tyson has one this challenge in the past, but comes way down the pole early, but he's still in for now

Adam drops.

Sarah drops.

Tyson gives it up.

Wendell goes out.

Tony is out.

Sophie chooses to come out.

Denise was doing really well. She starts sliding way down, but Kim beats her to the bottom. Denise gets the idol for the women.

Ben drops leaving Jeremy and Nick fighting for the men. Jeremy is able to pull it off.

Each of the winners also gets a fire token.

Jeremy wants to get rid of Nick, but he doesn't want anyone know he's trying to drive something. 

Nick roams camp trying to listen in on everyone's conversations. It gets under Ben's skin.

Nick leads the "Let's Vote Out Adam Club." Sophie prefers getting Wendell out. Sophie also sees that Jeremy is taking the lead.

I don't know who made Sophie the new queen, but since she's leaning Wendell, opinion starts to sway. Since Wendell and Nick want Adam, Jeremy starts to lean that way. Tony and Michele are willing to go that way.

Denise says she can go with Adam, even though they have been together from day one.

Adam starts freaking out.
It's time for tribal...

Jeff asks if there was any talk of getting Tyson off his first vote back. Tony said the dynamics of the game have changed since he was voted off the first time, so he's not on the chopping block.

The chatter goes on a bit. Everyone seems to be going with the tide, but no one knows where that's going, at least that is how Jeff describes it.

Time to vote.

We see that Nick votes Adam. Adam votes Wendell.

No idols to be played.


With seven votes, that's enough. Two votes are left unread.

Nick and Michele compares notes that neither knew. Those are the two that Wendell bequeaths his fire tokens to.