I made it out alive!

Tonight I made it through my 7th straight Mildred Elementary Christmas program, thankful that they only go through 3rd grade due to space. Peyton is in 3rd grade.

Of course, Layton starts kindergarten next year. We'll have to talk about that later.

I will post dancing video tomorrow. Poor Peyton would have benefited from suspenders for her jeans that were rolled up 8 inches.

Watching the attendees is an interesting observation on society and human behavior. Like why this one guy didn't have the good sense not to wear his grimey-est tank top showing off his naked woman tattoo in a gym full of children. (And I have watched enough Ink Master to tell you how badly done it was.) Or my mom commenting on how old one of my former classmates looked in the face.

And every year I am still surprised to see how some people are able to find people to marry.

Each year is a reminder of how old I am getting, right along with my greying classmates, and that Christmas is somehow just days away.