Checking out Jerry's World

I have to admit, the only reason I was showing my school spirit at the State Championship football game was that I wanted to see Jerry's World aka Cowboys Stadium. The Mildred Eagles should be proud for making it to the championship. Unfortunately, the East Bernard Brahmas were crazy good. As was their mascot in a Santa suit. Professional sports teams don't have mascot suits that good.

Jerry's World is still shiny and new, and pretty impressive. Goodness knows you can't ever get in there for cheaper than the $12 tickets were to the high school football championships. I'll never have seats like we had for anything I'll go to.

And when we left (shortly after half time), we had a personal escort to the swanky elevators, then on the golf cart directly to our car. That was service! And I think the staff was bored since there were less than 7000 people there verses 90,000.

Just inside the doors...

The abstract football lighting...

I'm kind of bummed I didn't get the picture of inside the elevator because it had a cool picture of Tom Landry inside.