Merry Christmas Ya'll

We actually saw snow in Texas today. Up at my grandmother's house there were big, sloppy, wet snowflakes. Close to being a Christmas miracle!

It was a great day, but I gave my parents some grief over it. My dad said that regardless of when Brian and family got to come over, the three of us would open presents on Christmas morning. I got to their house, we had brunch food, then someone forgot what they said. Everyone loves getting and giving so yes I did want to open presents this morning! I made my parents open what I got them before we headed over the river and through the woods.

In a mad rush, we opened presents with 9 people simultaneously about 5 tonight. I really am not sure what everyone got quite honestly. But the girls loved their hats. I don't have a picture on my phone, but I will try to post in a day or two.

This whole month flew by, and I can't believe it is time to box up the decorations already. That is not the part I look forward to.