So glad I'm not blogging on Bachelor in Paradise

Have you caught Bachelor in Paradise this week? 

I'm so glad I decided not to blog about it. I've been watching, but it is the most nutty mess of an attempt at relationship building. 

First of all, the men and women both are the most outlandish, overacting group of cast-offs, amped up and cued up to be even more over the top. It's all the people I never liked in the first place. Why do I want to cheer them on now? There are a few that I barely remember, but it's mostly Arie and Becca's seasons. 

Secondly, most of the women are so desperate for love, they believe this is the one and only way to happiness. If they aren't overacting, they need a therapist in the worst way. They are so pathetic.

Then, it's fruit basket turnover about every thirty minutes as they switch from one person to another. I can't keep up watching it, much less trying to keep up in a way anyone reading could understand it. 

So, I'm watching, but watching to see everyone cry themselves silly and escape from long work days. Even with all drama, I'm doing the drowsy nods in my chair counting down time until I can call it a night and go to sleep.