I need to stop having really great ideas

After the Mondayest Wednesday ever, I had a great idea.

Side trip before getting to my point. Everyone on Facebook seemed to have the Mondayest Wednesday ever. Why? I don't think it was a full moon. Could have been, I actually have no idea where we are in the moon phases, but so it goes.

So, I was looking up a meme of Mondayest Wednesday ever (which, of course, I found), and it was part of an initial spark of an idea.

An awesome online idea I want to start without advertising I am a part of it, at least for now. It requires a website and social media accounts.

The problem is, I can't manage to keep my blog, crafty website, or any of my social media accounts updated well. I update other people's social media for a living, not mine obviously.

Oh, but it's a great idea. Such a great idea.

But, I need to fix the graphics for our craft trailer so we can it done...

I need to get out in the craft room...

I need to stop working past prime time TV hours...