Why I need to rearrange my office... again

Back when I worked in an actual office years ago, I was kind of known for rearranging my office. Then I would move it back to the way I had it because it just didn't work.

When my job situation changed back in March, I decided I needed to try something new and rearrange my set-up. I needed in the room I spend more time (waking hours especially) than any other room in the house to change with the transition. That worked for a few months... until it didn't.

So, I put my office (at least my desks - not everything) back the way it was because of a computer situation. It still isn't working for me, so I've been looking and looking for a computer desk, scratch that desks plural so that I can spread out and not have tables at four different levels because I have all these tables pushed together.

I need to order because I keep wasting time looking! I can't tell you how much time I have looked online! I've finally settled on two L-Shaped desks that will configure a couple of different ways. I know my productivity will increase by not being distracted by Walmart, Wayfair, Target, Office Depot, Amazon and other furniture ads popping up EVERYWHERE online! 😄

I cannot wait to get a better set-up where I'm not always reaching for the wrong mouse when I am working on one of computers because it's set up by another.

However, before I get more furniture, I need to sell some pieces I want to get rid of. Partly for the money, partly because I don't have room to keep everything! I guess I'm going to have to post on the local buy, sell, trade Facebook groups which I know will have me chasing my tail in circles. I'll not get anything done for answering Facebook messages. The vicious circle, you know!

Always an excuse not to "Get it done!" Always!

(UPDATE: I sold three pieces of furniture quickly, have some money in hand, and have ordered my desks.)