A Saturday escape

I have been holed up in my house a lot lately, even on the weekends. So, instead of getting in the craft room, I felt the need to go on a shopping excursion.

Two goals: Clothes and an L-shaped desk so I'll have one piece of furniture instead of three or four and be able to better set up the mission control that is my current desk, especially since it's where I spend most of my waking hours.

It's a good thing my first stop (which I expected to be the least productive one) was the best one. I loaded up on new shirts because I never go shopping and need new ones, if even just for video conferences. I am told on the new conference screen my head is two foot by three foot. Everything I have is pathetic. I bought everything I tried on, ten in all!

I also got a couple of pairs of shoes. Not exactly what I set out for, but they will work.

Then, a trip to Ikea was an absolute waste. My mom bought a 99 cent trash can and I bought some bag clips (think for chips and such) for $2.49, so we dug up the change out of our purses to pay for our items.

For one thing, I want keyboard trays. Ikea doesn't believe in keyboard trays. Cluttering my desk with keyboards doesn't help solve the problem I have. So, that was pointless, pointless, pointless. I did see what would be a dream craft table with lighted drawers complete with organizers. However, I don't need that.

I also got my Cracker Barrel chicken and dumplings, so that was a bonus.

At some point, I have to get back out in the studio and do something more than mark books to be cut. October will be here really soon!